Hello dear users. Today we will talk about cooking and we want to tell you about one of the delicious cakes, with the difference that this cake just can not be eaten and must be worked with. As you all know, the topic we are discussing today is the CakePHP framework. CakePHP Framework is an open source framework for web applications.

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open source framework with rapid deployment for PHP that follows general application patterns such as Active, Front Controller, and more. This framework is based on the MVC architecture model. This framework is licensed by MIT. The latest version of this framework is version 2.4.2. The feature of this framework, according to the manufacturer, is the rapid birth of the program with the least amount of code writing. CakePHP enables PHP users at any level to be able to deploy web applications quickly without compromising on their flexibility.

MVC architecture in the CakePHP framework

As mentioned, the CakePHP framework is based on the MVC architecture. Now let’s examine the function of the three layers Model, View, Controller in this framework.


Model is the active representation of database tables. Model is used in CakePHP applications for data access purposes. Model usually represents a database table that is used to access any data such as files, iCal records, LDAPs or rows stored in a CSV file, and Controllers must also be used for logic.


The display of the contents of the files in a format and categorized to the user, variables, arrays and any objects used in the view is recorded through a controller. The facade does not contain complex logic. View provides the control structures needed to perform specific operations (such as repeating data collected through a structure such as the Foreach loop).


The controller contains the logic of the program, and in the program, every request that is sent to the controller, the controller logic decides on its response and creates it, and sends the response and output to the view.

Rapid web development

The integration of design patterns in CakePHP means that other developers and programmers will not have to deal with the problems that typically arise when implementing web design projects. Because all of these issues have already been resolved in CakePHP, and developers have focused only on business logic or mainstream software in their own web application, their work will move faster and faster.

Why Cake?

The most important reason for using the CakePHP framework is the lack of need to learn and use complex programming commands, arrays and functions by developers. In fact, it can be said that to implement web applications, you only need the general structure of the database and the relationships and the creation of models, pages and controllers, all based on the questions asked by the user, easily and without interference.

CakePHP Features

This framework, like other frameworks, has its own special features. Community friendly, code flexibility, structured application, short and custom URL distribution requests, ACL flexibility, localization, faster web development, open source and free, modified code structures and template support Common Design Patterns are among the highlights of this framework.

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