Today we want to talk about two of these things, which are content and backlinks; Which one has a higher impact and importance, and focus on which option will lead to more traffic.

Quality of content or backlinks

There are always different discussions among SEOs about the factors influencing website optimization. Today we want to talk about two of these things, which are content and backlinks; Which one has a higher impact and importance, and focus on which option will lead to more traffic.

If we want to answer this statement in one sentence, the quality of the content can be considered before the quality or quantity of backlinks. Many people will probably disagree with this answer.

But if you examine the whole issue, you will see that if your goal is to receive high-quality backlinks, first of all, it is necessary to provide a strong user experience for your website audience, which is a significant part of this process, having quality content.

But if you choose the opposite strategy and focus on getting hundreds of backlinks, the resulting traffic will be of poor quality if the content of your website does not meet the needs of the audience.

Of course, backlinks are important because they help your website build trust and increase its authority in search engines. Also, quality backlinks will attract new customers, readers, and leads through relevant sources such as media, magazines, and specialized blogs.

But what is the use of having many backlinks if the user experience of your website is poor and your bounce rate is on the rise?

This is the reason that proves that the quality of the content will be more important than the backlinks (apart from its quality).

But what can the content include? Content can be divided into several categories:

  • Content: page texts, structuring categories,
  • Image: in the text itself or the background
  • the video
  • Page layout
  • In some cases, your product also plays a decisive role in the content.

Of course, as we know, SEO is not the whole story and it is only one of the solutions to introduce your website to the audience. Although with the help of SEO, you can attract targeted traffic and increase brand awareness, it is the quality of the content that improves factors such as conversion rates, affiliates, and incoming traffic from social networks.

The quality of the content will also help you outrank your competitors in the “category of keywords where having backlinks is not the main factor in ranking”.

Under no circumstances should your business and company rely on only one channel, for example, SEO, to generate revenue.

Another argument that can be made in choosing between content and backlinks is that without having quality content, there will be no reason to get quality backlinks for your website.

Even if you buy backlinks while you have low-quality content, search engines will quickly become aware of this process, and your website may be penalized for going through an unnatural linking process.

To get quality backlinks, it is necessary to publish valuable content on your website so that your website is recognized as a reference and receives links from others.

But if you make hundreds of backlinks, if you have low-quality content that you have not taken the necessary care to produce, then your efforts will be fruitless and you will cause inevitable damage to your brand.

On the other hand, if you work on your content production, you will bring a good user experience to the audience so that your brand stays in their minds.

In the next step, you should note that receiving traffic has no benefit unless we can convert it into leads, sales, followers, or, at the very least, page views. Visits with a high bounce rate will only take up your server space and will also waste a lot of your advertising budget (if they come through ads).

In addition, ranking a website with strong content is an easier process than ranking a website with many backlinks.

After the website starts to be ranked first, it usually receives backlinks naturally and by receiving the first links, the process to continue this path is facilitated and we can expect more quality links from reliable sources such as In short, to get good backlinks, you need to provide a solid user experience for the audience, and if you plan to build many links without the support of strong content, be sure that you will not be able to satisfy the audience’s needs. You will get useless traffic.

As a result, quality content production can be considered before link building.

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