What can we do so that potential customers see our website sooner than others and our brand name reaches all of them sooner? Is it not possible to succeed in this field and reach that goal by just relying on online advertising, influencer marketing, and Instagram marketing? Is it really necessary to pay for website SEO? Why should you spend money on creating SEO content when you can easily and cheaply write content for the website with artificial intelligence tools?

Finding the right and reliable answers to the questions posed and thousands of other related and similar questions is critical to the success of online businesses and SEO experts and managers. The world of digital marketing and website SEO is constantly changing and various and sometimes contradictory claims are making noise in it. Some people announce the death of SEO and others that its importance and role in profitability for online stores is diminishing.

If you are an online business owner and doubt that you should spend money on website SEO and hiring an SEO expert, or if you are a novice SEO expert looking for reliable and low-cost ways to grow organic website traffic, read this article until the end. Next, we will explain the answers to the questions and 4 SEO techniques to grow organic traffic for any website.

SEO techniques to grow organic website traffic

Before introducing those 4 techniques, it is better to talk a little about the importance of SEO for different websites, especially store websites. If you are a business owner or want to start an online business; You should note that to succeed in today’s world and in the future, having a website that has certain characteristics is vital for your business/brand.

You and your competitors operate in the world of electronic commerce. In this world, a customer searches for what he wants on Google or searches for a brand. If you have a website, but the website and its pages and contents are not optimized for search engines (the most important of which is Google), it means that your website is not SEO and customers will not find you to buy your product.

SEO site or website optimization for search engines is the most cost-effective way to see a brand’s business and products on the Internet.

Spending on online and offline advertising for any brand attracts users to the website and is profitable. But site SEO always and in the long run puts the name of a business and its products in front of the customer’s eyes before the names and products of competitors and draws them to the website. This is exactly what is called organic traffic on a website.

The higher the organic traffic of a website or the number of users/visitors who enter the website by clicking on the link of your website that is not advertising and is among the results displayed on Google; Google trusts that business more and assigns it a better position in search results.

Attracting more organic traffic for a website is not an easy task at all and is considered one of the biggest and most important challenges for SEO experts. As mentioned, paying for temporary ad links helps grow site traffic. However, the SEO techniques that will be introduced in the future are less expensive and continuously increase the organic traffic of the website.

1. Constantly check the SEO strategy of your main competitors

Optimizing the website is done based on the site’s SEO strategy. This strategy has different parts and includes planning to find keywords, content production, internal and external linking, etc. No website SEO expert can be successful without developing an SEO strategy.

The best way to formulate and improve the SEO strategy of any website is to monitor and constantly review the SEO strategy of the website’s main competitors.

Therefore, SEO experts should not think that they will only develop a strategy once and not have anything to do with it. If they don’t reach the set goals, they should revise the planned strategy.

Check out your competitors’ content. See what topics and keywords they produce content for. Check the reaction of users to the content produced. Of course, remember that you are not going to copy your competitors. You should get ideas from them so that you can formulate a more accurate SEO strategy and not repeat their mistakes.

2. Do not leave the old content of the website

The content that is produced and published in a website blog or magazine can bring visitors (potential customers) to the website for a long time. Investing in the production of basic SEO content is nothing but investing in the growth of organic website traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on content production and updating every content produced.

Do not drop any content. careful planning to regularly review old content, and update or delete information that is no longer correct or relevant; should be a part of the SEO site strategy and content production of every SEO expert.

3. Get help from Google’s “People Also Ask” section

Google needs to give the best and most accurate and up-to-date answers to users’ questions. For this reason, the concepts, topics, and questions related to the searched word or phrase and the concepts, topics, and questions that other users searched about it are also displayed every time you search for something in Google.

4. Improve the user experience of the website as much as possible

A website that cannot provide a satisfactory User Experience or UX to its users cannot gain the trust of search engines and Google. For Google, user satisfaction is important, and a good user experience is the most important factor that provides user satisfaction from interacting with the website.

If the content of the website is not loaded quickly and completely, if the user cannot find what he wants in it, if the website is not designed responsively, and if users who enter it with a mobile phone or tablet cannot see the photos and content in full and in the appropriate size. to see the screen of their device, the website loses the satisfaction and trust of users and Google.

Don’t forget that the importance of user experience in website SEO is increasing every day.

This is why Core Web Vitals is considered one of the most important site SEO metrics. It is a set of criteria to evaluate the user experience of the website in the first interaction of the user with it. If you want to learn more about those criteria and how to optimize your website for them, be sure to read Google’s guide.

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