When people move away from traditional business and intend to enter the world of digital marketing, they need to design a site or work on social networks at the beginning of their work. But the challenge that arises for these people is the issue of being in the top ranks of Google to be seen; A process that is very time-consuming and requires doing processes that can help your site rank. According to statistics published by Statista, in 2021, more than 70 million articles will be published monthly on WordPress sites. Many times it has happened that you write content of several thousand words, but it is not seen on the site, and this is where many people may no longer start creating content for the site. In this article, we want to teach 0 to 100 text content SEO so that you can produce content that is attractive to both users and Google. The top of Google and ultimately increase the traffic of your site and users.

What is SEO content?

The meaning of producing SEO content is content that can be placed in Google results. When checking a site, Google’s algorithms first examine its content, which can indicate the importance of following SEO principles to produce optimal content. SEO or site optimization is a set of processes that help to improve the ranking and position of the site. The more the principles of SEO are observed in the production of content, the more visits to the site will increase. It is important to pay attention to the fact that content production should not be just for filling your site and should be produced to meet the needs of users and educate them, generating potential customers, gain rank, etc.; So understanding why you want to create content can help.

Benefits of Content Optimization and SEO

If you just write content for your site without considering SEO principles, not only will it not be seen by search engines, but users will not be able to use your content. Therefore, following SEO principles to produce optimized content can increase your site traffic. In the following, we will get to know some of the benefits of text content SEO.

  • Increase site ranking
  • Increase site traffic
  • Create a sense of trust in the audience
  • Creating dynamic content (the same as continuous optimization of content) can make you always be at the top of Google.

What are the different types of textual content SEO?

SEO and content optimization can be divided into two general parts:

  • On-Page SEO and Technical SEO

Content SEO includes different steps; Among the issues that will make you rank in the top ranks of Google is paying attention to the internal linking of the content. These techniques have finally made your content appear in Google results and many users visit it. In this section, if your goal is only to follow SEO tips, you will not be able to satisfy users and they will easily leave your site.

  • Creating quality content and finally presenting it to the user

After you have decided to produce text content for your site, you must be familiar with the principles of text content production to improve your content. The readability of the text, the appropriate length of the article, the complete coverage of the desired topic, and the correct use of images and video, can help to optimize your writing and will prevent users from getting tired. In this section, unlike the previous section, if you only think about creating content for the user and forget SEO tips to optimize the text, the content generated by users will not be reviewed.

Complete text content SEO checklist

As we said, content can play a significant role in the success of your business, but to produce effective content, we must pay attention to various parameters. Creating content will improve the performance of your site when it is unique, and creative, according to the interest and according to the needs of the target audience; Otherwise, it will not be seen in Google. Therefore, to create content, you must take steps that we will examine in the following complete SEO checklist of textual content.

Creating content about the most important issues

Before following the principles of SEO to create optimized content, it is better to ask yourself who the content you are going to publish is useful for and which people will use this article. Creating content based on SEO principles is one of the important issues in improving the performance of your site; The most important issue is to produce content that solves the problem of the audience and responds to their needs. Many people, after designing a website, are only looking to fill their site with content, if this will not only help your site rank, but your website will not be able to be a source of information. As a result, it is better to maintain a balance between optimization for search engines and optimization for users.

Targeted keyword selection

One of the tasks that should be taken into consideration in SEO textual content production is the selection of targeted keywords. Targeted keywords allow you to create content that your audience is looking for. To find keywords suitable for the content you are going to produce, there are different tools, including the Google Keyword Planner tool, which displays words suitable for what you want; You can also use the Moz Keyword Explorer tool to determine the keywords that users are searching for. By researching keywords, you can consider a plan to produce your content and produce content accordingly. When doing keyword research, try to focus on long words. Long tail keywords are less competitive than other keywords and make what the user searched for match what is on your site.

Correct use of key phrases in the content text

Before we saw Google’s algorithms becoming smarter day by day, if you repeated your key phrases many times in the text, in a way that did not have the desired shape, you could easily be in the top ranks of Google. However according to the updates made in Google’s algorithms, using this technique cannot be efficient. For your content to be optimal, we suggest you use key phrases optimally. The meaning of optimal use of keywords is:

  • Try to use keywords in the headers and avoid repeating key phrases in the text; Also, due to the importance of the title of the article, using the keyword in the title is one of the principles of SEO to produce optimized content.
  • Using synonyms of keywords in the text or LSIs can help improve the SEO of your content.
  • Using keywords in the alternative text of the image (Alt images) can help to rank the content.
  • Using keywords in the first paragraph can help the SEO of your content.

Using the right URL to create content

One of the principles of SEO for creating optimized content is to use the right URL. URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator, is the site address that the audience can use to access the desired content. Therefore, the short address of the pages and the presence of keywords in them can help to improve the ranking of your site; Also, the optimal and short address of the pages makes it easier for the audience to have you in their mind. Using the target keyword in the URL is one of the obligations of the SEO principles for content creation;

Meta description for optimal content creation

Meta description helps to make what you have written in your article more specific and the user understands the purpose of writing the article, which will increase the click rate. Meta descriptions are the part of your content that will be displayed on the search engine results page. If you don’t explain this part, Google will put a part of your content in the meta description by default. The use of keywords in meta descriptions should not be used as tags and it is better to write meaningful meta descriptions. Be aware that the number of words in the meta description should not exceed 160 characters because the extra part will not be seen.

Optimum content length

Another textual content SEO technique is paying attention to the length of the desired content. Naturally, when you use more words to create content, you can address more issues. Many think that if the length of the content is short but its quality is high, it can improve the ranking of your site; In this case, the quality of the content is indeed important, but in a text of 200 words, the keyword density is less compared to a text of 2000 words.

Optimizing images in content production

According to surveys conducted by marketers, users stop on content that uses photos, usually more than content that consists of only text. The production of visual and video content in the text has increased the time spent by users on your site, which will make your site more efficient. If we want to analyze the optimization of images from the point of view of search engines, this means that users stop more on the content that uses photos and videos; Also, using keywords in images can help improve your site’s SEO ranking.

The use of LSI in the production of optimized content

Before the emergence of different algorithms for the produced content, most of the focus of search engines was on the density of keywords, but with the update of Google algorithms and the emergence of Panda and Hummingbird algorithms, this sensitivity of Google disappeared and today It is recommended to use words that have a semantic connection with the main keyword. Using the semantic relationship of keywords or LSIs (abbreviation of Latent Semantic Indexing) can help improve your site’s SEO.

Optimum content production with linking

One of the activities that should be taken into account in the SEO of textual content production is link building, which is done in two ways, internal and external link building. Internal linking helps the user flow on your site and makes him spend more time on your site. In external link building, you will add credit to your site and the audience can more easily understand the connection between your site and the destination site.

Updating old content

If the content published on your site gets a good rank after being indexed and many users enter your site using the keywords of the relevant article, you can update the content. Updating the content helps you to keep your content up-to-date and users consider it as a reference for information. Therefore, checking published articles and updating them can help increase your site traffic.

Content editing

In content writing, one of the principles that you should pay attention to is re-editing the written content. Considering that you may not notice the mistakes in the article the first time, for this reason, it is suggested to review your article once more to find possible errors. Also, one of the important issues in content production is adding new content to the content; By doing this, you update your content and add more recent information to it.

Internal and external linking

Linking from one content to another within the site shows that you have followed Google’s algorithms and are looking to create content that is optimal for Google search engines in addition to users. The number of internal or external links you use in your article is not fixed and depends on the length of your content. One of the tricks you can use in creating external links so that users do not leave your site is to open external links in a new window; This has made users spend more time on your site.

Page speed in text content SEO

Another SEO principle for creating optimized content is page loading speed. The high loading speed of the site pages can reduce the visitors of your site because few audiences will wait to see your content and most of them will leave your page easily when they cannot enter your site.

Content length in SEO site

The length of the content can play a significant role in the SEO of the site because the length of the content can show how much you have created textual content based on the needs of users and SEO principles. As you know, the main goal of an SEO site in Toronto or other cities is to attract more audiences to the target site. Therefore, when the audience is looking for specialized and quality content, the content should generally be long and professional; On the other hand, if you create content without considering the strategy, you will not get a good result. What the exact length of the produced content should be is completely experimental and it is not possible to definitively say the exact number of words to produce textual content, but according to the reviews conducted by Moz and Backlinko, content with a length of 1800 to 2500 is suitable. Another point is that if you are writing about a difficult keyword in which there is a lot of competition, you should pay attention to the fact that writing comprehensive content can help your content rank.

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