The similarities and differences between the E-Commerce Website and the corporate website are further clarified by enumerating the advantages and disadvantages of these two groups:

The benefits of an E-Commerce website

Today, with the development of website builders, designing an E-Commerce site will be possible in a short time and with the lowest costs.

  • One of the most important benefits of store websites is the ability to shop around the clock.
  • By examining the buying process of customers, it is possible to be informed of the major demand of visitors and thus grow their business intelligently.
  • Direct communication with real customers and elimination of intermediaries in these stores allows products to be sent to customers at more reasonable prices.
  • By observing principles such as ease in buying and fast delivery of products, it will attract customers’ satisfaction and trust and will increase sales.

Disadvantages of the  E-Commerce website

In addition to all the advantages that can be listed for online stores, their disadvantages should also be noted:

  • Not seeing or touching the product is a new experience that many users still do not trust.
  • The possibility of comparing prices on different sites makes the owners of these sites have to reduce prices and reduce their profits.
  • The need for the Internet restricts the ability to buy from these stores for people who do not have access to the Internet.
  • Shopping sites are constantly threatened by cybercriminals and cyber thieves. Therefore, if the security of the site is low, there is a possibility of stealing your banking information and losing capital.
  • Internet businesses have complete confidence in their websites. While only a few minutes or a few disruptions in the Internet space lead to customer distrust and loss of revenue.

Benefits of the corporate website

Compared to a store site, corporate sites also have their own advantages:

  • The first and most important advantage of corporate websites is access to a wider audience regardless of border restrictions. Customers you may never have had the opportunity to interact with without the company site.
  • People often visit the company site before visiting or contacting your company. So having a professionally designed website encourages customers to connect with your company.
  • The availability of the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will lead to a better introduction of your business among its specific audience.
  • With a web platform, you can easily publish your business information. This way users will connect to you with just a few clicks.
  • By using these sites, it is possible to update information and advertisements for unlimited jobs. The cost of advertising in this space is very small compared to large banner ads.
  • Registering a corporate website is not just about making money; It will be a great way to protect your brand and your business.
  • The cost of having a corporate site is very small. But its return will be very significant for the company.
  • Linking to other sites and using viral marketing is an effective idea to promote your brand among users.

Disadvantages of the corporate website

Owners of corporate sites in order to promote their web design should also be aware of the disadvantages of these sites:

  • It is very important that the information on these sites is up to date. If this information is outdated, you will lose the user trust.
  • A website that is constantly broken or unavailable is a serious detriment to your business.
  • Due to the presence of massive jobs in the internet space, there are always strong competitors in the market for you.
  • If a customer is dissatisfied with the quality of your services or products, it can lead to misleading ads and a drop in your search engine ranking.

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