One of the most important issues that students usually face in the process of learning a skill is the lack of access to an acceptable community of experts in that field for discussion, networking, solving various problems, etc. If you have just started learning programming, data science, etc., or you have several years of experience in this field and can provide valuable advice to others, this article is written for you.

Having a suitable community to inspire and support you in your learning journey is a topic that fortunately is receiving more attention now than in the past, and the reason is the existence of countless free learning resources.

In the fields of programming, although there are good websites such as; kaggle, stackoverflow, etc. are present, and in the classification of social networks, workspaces like slack have provided a very suitable space for this exchange of knowledge, but there are still many objections and criticisms to these forums.

Therefore, even if you are not a student of a particular institution, you definitely deserve to be a member of a reputable forum to learn more and fix your problems.

In relation to this issue, one of the most popular and reliable channels available to communicate between experts in various fields is Discord. For this purpose, in the continuation of this article, I intend to provide you with the best Discord servers for experts along with their membership addresses, in order to take a small step in the path of gaining free knowledge for everyone.

1) Mathematics

For sure, the most important prerequisite for entering the discussion of Python programming, data science and machine learning is familiarity with basic mathematical concepts, especially in algebra and probability theories.

Mathematics is sometimes one of the most important reasons that discourage students from learning a programming language!

But the reality is that the mathematics of programming and data science is very simple, provided you have the necessary support and can ask your problems without hesitation.

The first Discord server that I introduce to you in this article is mathematics. This server currently has more than 4700 members and is active in different sub-branches of mathematics.

Note: I advise you to take #prealg-algebra, #linear-algebra, #computing-softwear, #probability-statistics channels seriously in this section!

2) Let’s code together!

If you also think that these numbers are the main tellers of our story and the goal is to reach a predictable pattern and trend, I recommend you take programming very seriously in whatever job you are.

In order for you to be able to improve your projects, especially in the field of data science, you can use any programming language that you are most comfortable with. (Although the Python programming language is far superior to other languages ​​for many reasons!)

The code together Discord server will provide you with everything you need in the field of programming! You can share the most basic questions to the most complex problems and modeling with others on this server or help others if you wish.

3) Microsoft python

Let’s say you plan to get a general knowledge of programming and then start learning a specific programming language. For this purpose, the previous server will be a very good choice for you, but if you plan to only use Python programming (which helps you more in machine learning and data science than other programming languages ​​and is easier to learn) Focus. My advice to you is to join the Microsoft python server.

This server, which is supported by Microsoft, has multiple channels for examining various issues in the field of Python programming, and apart from all the above, it includes a separate channel for training and testing data science projects.

4) Python

Microsoft Server has a high focus on public Python and those parts of this programming language that are supported by the great Microsoft Company.

Apart from these things, if you want to learn about all aspects of the Python programming language, such as security, game dev, data science, ML, etc. Increase your knowledge or work specifically on projects that need a community of more experts for several reasons, I recommend you to join the python server.

This server has one of the largest programming communities in Discord and has about 185 thousand active members! Therefore, wherever you are in any time zone in the world, probably several thousand people are ready to talk and solve your problems at that moment!

5) Data version control

When I was learning the basics of software development, version control was perhaps one of the parts that took the most time and energy from me!

If you are looking for a solution for version control of your projects, especially in the field of data science, you should use DVC. DVC is a tool that synchronizes all your project files with Git and supports various storage programs.

This tool also has an excellent Discord server for its users, so if you, like me, like to ask your questions in this field with other experts or share your knowledge with others, I recommend you on the server Become a DVC member.

6) r/DatalsBeautiful

If they ask me, what is the most beautiful part of the learning machine? I will answer the doubt: imaging and image processing

This part is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and interesting parts of data science and machine learning because a small mistake in this direction can completely question the validity of your project.

For this reason, the presence of an active association of data science experts and scientists who work in this field can significantly remove you from trial and error and reach your goal faster.

The server r/DatalsBeautiful with about 17 thousand active members is one of the best and most quality forums for discussion and questions and answers in this field; so I recommend you to definitely join it.

7) Artificial intelligence

Data science is a very broad field with many sub-fields. Data science is generally used to describe any technology that is related to data, and one of its most important branches is artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the main technology of many big technologies such as automatic translator, self-driving cars, facial recognition systems, etc.

The artificial intelligence Discord server is a very suitable place for discussions in the field of artificial intelligence. I advise you, even if you do not work in this field, do not deprive yourself of the flow of questions and creative projects that are being done in this field!


Although this server is active on the topics of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, similar to the previous servers, but due to the smaller number of members, people’s questions and challenges are generally investigated with more participation and depth.

Discord DS/ML/Ai server provides various activities including; The Kegel website covers the competitions, discussions about the latest findings of machine learning, discussions about artificial intelligence projects, etc., and therefore it is a very suitable space for you to learn more.

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