Do you want to improve your website’s SEO? I must assure you that for this you must take the first step, which is to have a proper title, correctly. One of the most common and also important aspects of Google and users to improve the site’s SEO and attract free traffic to the website is to observe the important points of title writing. In this article, I am trying to help you to significantly increase the click rate by teaching you how to write titles and also providing a list of ideas that you can use for writing titles. This article is presented to you from the series of SEO training articles, I hope you will benefit from reading this article.

What is the title or title tag?

You may have heard the title or content tag as website title or html title.

The title of the page is what is shown to us when we search for a site or a name in the Google search engine. You can use the <title> tag in html to set the title of your page.

<head><title>My Title</title></head>

Most content management systems like WordPress have forms where you can easily define the title or the name of the page or post, so don’t worry too much about it.

Why are titles important?

Titles show the subject of the content to users and search engines. These titles, with related keywords, tell users how similar what they want is to the content hidden under this title. The reason for choosing an attractive title that includes content keywords is significantly effective in increasing our click rate.

Where are the titles shown to us?

In addition to your website, titles are visible to the audience in several other cases that you should be aware of.

1) Tab or search bar (browser tab)

As you may have already noticed, the title is also displayed in the user’s search bar, your title should convey the content of the page to the audience in a simple and effective way.

2) Search results page (SERP)

The page title also appears on the results page after being checked by search engines. In the Google search engine, the title tag is the same blue text link that you can click on to enter the site.

3) External websites

Note: External websites mean sites that introduce your site or post on their page. Most websites and social networks introduce your content and website with its title and use it as an anchor text link.

Tips on writing proper titles to improve SEO

1) What is the effect of titles on site SEO?

Titles have a direct impact on the CTR of your page, because the title is the first thing that the audience encounters and in a short period of time decides whether to enter your site or not. Writing a title in a standard form is an important step in your site’s SEO, because it must attract the user’s opinion while getting the qualification from the search engine. The most important point in writing the title is to stimulate the audience’s feelings and make him think.

A good title has three important features: the use of numbers, question words, and simplicity!

2) Choosing words to improve the click rate

Using question words like; why, how, how, etc. has two important benefits: it helps the reader to find the answer to his question more easily, basically we use the search engine when we want to know the answer to a question, so the presence of these user words very encouraging to click. On the other hand, the existence of these question words, even if we are not looking for the why of something, arouses a sense of curiosity in us. words with feelings; It creates love, fear, greed and pride in the audience.

3) Using the company name and brand

You might be surprised, but you shouldn’t always mention your brand or company name in the title, actually it depends on how you use it. For example, if you have a habit of combining titles with only your brand name, you should know that this will harm your site’s CTR. In principle, it is recommended to use the brand name for homepages. For service pages, product sales, etc., the best practice is to add your brand name after the dash and at the end of the title.

4) How many characters should the title be?

Google truncates titles longer than 60 characters and does not display them completely in the SERP, also Google has a width limit of 600 pixels.
Note: You can see a preview of the title, meta description, address, etc. using Yoast SEO plugin of WordPress content management system; But in general, it is recommended to use the SERPsim tool for this purpose.

Common mistakes in captioning

The use of very long titles that the search engine cannot fully show to the user is considered a weakness. Also, the use of very short titles cannot provide complete and useful information to Google and the audience. In addition, the use of repetitive titles It can mislead search engines and cause trouble in the ranking and SEO of your relevant content.

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