On September 12, 2022, Google announced that it has released another kernel update. This update has been released shortly after the Helpful Content update that was announced on September 9. According to Google, this update will last for two weeks.

Google core updates usually cause big changes in the Google search results page (SERP), which is felt by almost all websites. But it is still too early to check the exact impact of this update on different types of websites.

As you know, Google has focused on useful content for the user in its recent updates. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Relations Officer, announced in his recent tweet:

“Perhaps the signal of useful content alone is not enough to make a change in the specific position of websites, for this reason it is necessary to pay attention to other factors in addition to useful content by performing other updates such as (core and product review).”

Although this statement is very general, from this tweet you can see that focusing on useful content is always important in Google updates. Even if other components besides the content are also monitored.

What approach should SEO professionals have towards the September 2022 update?

The basic question that arises for most SEO and digital marketing professionals is what to do with these updates? Does creating more content, linking more and updating old content improve the site’s ranking during the Google core update?

Google’s core update may cause some sites to grow and others to decline. Whether or not the website faces growth at the time of Google’s update is the result of the strategy taken by SEO experts before Google’s update. As a result, it is suggested to continue the SEO of the site with the same process as you were doing at the time of Google update. Only SEOs who use black hat SEO should stop. It is also better to be more careful with link building methods that are done in Canada (such as guest posts).

In general, all SEO parts of the site, including content creation, updating old content, link building, etc., are things that must be done continuously so that good things happen to the website in future updates.

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