I am not very fond of online shopping. That means I can not buy something I have not seen and have not touched. Of course, I do not buy much from Instagram. Maybe I once bought a T-shirt, not so expensive, but I bought it from a friend or family member. I mean, I trusted an Instagram business with the words of someone I knew.

But I can easily click on the Instagram links and go to the site that has been introduced. No harm. I will go and take a look at that site, especially if the site is content or news. There have been times when I have been looking for a class or workshop and found it on Instagram. I mean, I had followed a reputable person in that field and he had introduced the educational collections on his page. Because I trusted that credible person, I trusted that collection.

Influencer Marketing is a powerful tool for this very reason. Influenced by what a reputable person says or writes, people not only buy from a business, but also spend time clicking on a link and entering a website. Of course, in recent years, more or less everyone has realized the importance of influencer marketing in digital marketing and increasing the sales of businesses. But influencer marketing is also a very powerful SEO tool.

The importance and benefits of influencer marketing for SEO is an issue that is perhaps less addressed, and in this article I am going to talk about it in detail. First I will define influencer marketing and then in answer to the question “Why is influencer marketing important in SEO?”, I will tell you its 4 advantages (importance) in SEO.

Influencer Marketing on SEO

First of all, an important question must be answered: What is the connection between SEO and influencer marketing? This is a very logical question. Because, as mentioned, businesses and brands use influencer marketing for advertising campaigns and increase sales.

What are the important things in SEO? Search engines, especially Google, need to see that your site satisfies the user and gives them what they are looking for. The number of credible and valuable backlinks given to your site is one of the most important criteria for search engines to understand how much users like and find your site useful. For this reason, building reputable backlinks (ie, real and natural backlinks, not those that have been purchased) is very important and challenging in SEO.

Add influencer marketing as a powerful tactic to your SEO toolbox.

Where do you find a net where real users can easily share their photos, videos and comments with the world? Yes, that’s right, social media. Search engines at first did not want to pay attention to social networks because they did not trust the data obtained from them. But in the end, they could not resist, and for some time now, they have been paying attention to the number of Like, Comment & Share. Therefore, social signal is effective on SEO.

I think now the connection between SEO and influencer marketing is clear. This connection can be summarized as influencer marketing, which means social signal and free and valid backlinks for SEO. Of course, there are other benefits that I will discuss later, after defining the exact meaning of influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

What exactly do we mean by influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing, instead of focusing on getting your brand message to the target market, delivers that message to a specific group of influencers in your field. Those influencers also bring your brand voice to the appropriate audience (user / customer) and interested in your product. Influencers convey your business message to the audience in a louder and more creative way. So the influencer is the intermediary between you and the part of the market that you know is ready to buy your product, because they are following that influencer. For example, fashion bloggers are a great option for introducing clothing brands to fashion enthusiasts.

Why is influencer marketing important in SEO?

Influencer marketing is important in SEO because:

1. Influencer Marketing builds backlinks for SEO

Influencer marketing should not be limited to Instagram. Influencer may have its own blog or website, as well as other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, influencer marketing should not be limited to advertising for a specific product or content or even a business brand.

Imagine you have a training package that works just to teach life skills to teens. You also know a very famous and reputable social reporter. Ask her to write a tweet about the need to teach life skills to teens. Finally, bring the link to the main page of your site as one of the pioneers in this field. This backlink from a reputable person is very valuable in content related to your site. Recently, others who are reading this tweet may share it or introduce you to others.

2. Influencer Marketing directs the user to your site

In SEO, the more site traffic, the better. A lot of visitors means a lot of traffic. SEO experts even use click-through ads to increase site traffic. But there is a better way. Imagine you have a store site like Amazon. Books and cultural products are also offered on this site. Amazon can easily ask a few translators, writers, and literary critics, even lesser-known ones and a large number of followers, to write reviews or reviews for a few books on the site and publish them on social media or on their personal blogs. It is natural that at the end of the introduction, there is a link to the page of that book (product). Clearly, this means that you and I are going to visit the Amazon site instead of the publisher site and buy the book.

3. Influencer marketing engages the user with your brand and your site

Imagine you just opened an online florist. You offer fancy and rare flowers with modern designs. Definitely the most important thing in the beginning is for people to get to know your brand. For example, your brand name is Orangency Flower. If a user searches on Google for Orangency Flowers instead of “Buy Fantasy Flowers”, Google understands this because it shows the strength of your brand and the user’s trust in your brand. This is why for SEO, users who enter the site from Google by searching for a brand name or site name are very, very important and valuable.

Now how do we introduce the brand name to the user so that he remembers it and goes to Google it or introduces it to a few other people? One way is for the Orangency flower to ask a few influencers, for example in the field of fashion and beauty, or even those who specialize in flower plants, to share photos of its bouquets and introduce such Orangency flowers:
“It’s a special business where some flowers can only be found in bites.”

4. Influencer marketing forces users to produce content for your site

Interactive and fresh content, content that real users produce for your site; It is extremely valuable in SEO and for your reputation. Basically in SEO any comment that a user writes about the site or content is important. In this case, not only can the influencer be asked to introduce your brand or site with very creative content, he can be asked to force his followers to produce content for your site, brand or product. This is exactly what someone does on their Instagram page when they ask you to comment on your experience of a certain product or brand. Hashtags are very useful here.

If you have an educational website, you might want to ask an influencer in a field related to training courses and with a large number of followers to start a campaign. He / she can ask his / her followers to send him / her comments about your courses that he / she recorded in one-minute videos to share. It is clear that the SEO expert of the educational website easily republishes these videos on all social networks of the collection as well as its site.

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