Most of the articles on Google ranking factors are very long and boring.
These articles focus on topics that are as clear as day; And it does not elaborate on issues that are perhaps more important in this respect. These things not only directly, but also indirectly affect your ranking in different keywords by Google.
Therefore, in this article, I will take a new approach and instead of talking about more than 200 important factors, I will talk about 10 very important things that affect your website‘s SEO. After that I will review each of them in detail.
This list includes the most important factors that directly or indirectly affect the ranking and SEO of your site.
None of these cases has precedence over the other; Because everyone just wants to improve in Google ranking and they are not looking for popularity, user convenience and meeting the needs of the audience in a good way, so observe all these things in your site’s SEO.
Now, without wasting time, let’s go to these things:

1) External links

External links are perhaps the most important factor for Google, external links are the cornerstone of site valuation, and at the same time, it is the most important factor for Google’s algorithm and page rank.
Before you think that PageRank is not an important indicator and criterion at all, I must say that Gary Ellis, a Google employee, emphasized in 2008 that PageRank is still one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking.

Although not all backlinks have the same value, research on more than 1 billion pages has shown that there is a close relationship between external links and site traffic. There are many factors for valuing external links, the most important of which is the credibility and relevance of the linking site to the topic of the site and our field of activity.

Relevance of the site

Suppose you are looking for a unique restaurant in Toronto for an important date; For this, you want to get help from one of your two close friends.
One of your friends is a chef and the other is a doctor, whose opinion is more reliable for you?

Probably the one who is the chef; Because this is part of his profession and he definitely has more information in this field. Now, if God forbid you look for a good hospital, your source will definitely be against the first case. This scenario applies exactly to the web space as well. Getting links from related pages and sites is very valuable.

Site credibility

Getting backlinks from powerful and reliable sites adds to the power and credibility of your site. You can see the validity of the site and domain using sites such as Moz, Ahref, etc.

2) Freshness of content

The freshness of the content is another important factor that indirectly affects the rank of your site.
For example, you want to search for the latest dollar price. Google initially displays the site that has published the latest price or news related to the currency. Google does this because it knows that people want to see the latest news.
For other subjects, the importance of novelty is less; But it is certainly not ineffective. Let’s follow this section with an example. For example, for the word best wireless headphones:
Since companies release wireless headphones every few months, the best recommendation 1 month ago is probably still the best. The Google robot often understands this issue and considers this issue in providing results.

Another example: for the method of tying a tie, the method 1 month ago is not that different from 10 years ago. So Google shows both new and old content to users with the same credit (from this point of view).

A great solution

Look at the search results to assess the relevance of content recency for your target keywords.
If freshness is an important topic, update the page regularly or publish new articles on the topic regularly so that Google will give you more importance in demand.
If freshness is important but not critical, check your page regularly and update your content as it ranks in Google.
If freshness is of little importance, focus all your efforts on creating the best guide on a single topic.

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3) Topical Authority

Topical Authority is the opposite of Keyword Optimization.
A page with Topical Authority in a field, instead of ranking only for certain keywords, has authority and rank in a range of concepts. A keyword is a specific statement of a general concept. However, a wide range of words are related to that concept.

Suppose you have a website that sells accessories for smart products. You probably have created a screen saver page in it. In this case, you probably want users to refer to this page for various items such as phone cases, matte glasses, 3D glasses, book frames, etc. Such a concept can be very amazing to improve the ranking of the site.

We are always looking for ways to find the right keywords. The keywords that users search in Google, if chosen and applied correctly, will bring us closer to higher ranks in the search results. In the meantime, using Topical Authority can be a good way to develop the scope of a website’s capabilities to offer to users.

What is the best way to increase this Topical Authority?

The best way is to cover all four corners of our field of work in such a way that there is no word in my specialty; Unless I have addressed it on my website page. This is one of the factors analyzed by Google’s hummingbird algorithm and indirectly has a significant impact on your ranking by Google.

4) The purpose of the search

Google lists and shows sites based on the needs of the audience, not keywords!
For example, I am looking for buying children’s clothes and I search for the word “buying children’s clothes”. For me, Google prioritizes shopping pages over blog pages; Now, if I look for a new model in folding the hem of my jeans, Google will show me a list of blog content, not shopping pages!

Google bot analysis for classification and display is based on 4 general methods, which we will discuss below:

Content style

Content style is often defined for blog or video pages. For example, if you search for the word unboxing an iPhone, all the first 10 results will be shown to you in the form of a video. If you want to grow in this word, look for making and optimizing a good video, not a blog post!

Type of content

The type of content generally falls into 4 specific categories: blog content, shopping page content, product category content, landing page content.
For example: if you search for buying a smartphone, all the results will be in the field of digital products, but for the word buying an iPhone, the shopping page will be suggested to you, you can try.

Content format

The format of the content is usually related to the content that gives us information about a specific topic. Educational content, articles and various news are all examples of common formats. For example, when you search the word speed reading methods, all kinds of fast reading methods will be displayed for you.

Content angle

The content angle is the fulcrum of the sales lever, which is often displayed in the search results.
For example, basketball training for beginners
The angle of reliance of this search will be beginners and Google will take this point into consideration and show you the results accordingly. So try to tailor your content to search intent.

5) Content depth

Google pays more attention to the most complete content about a specific topic or word.
So, when you start creating content around a topic, try to cover all the sub-categories of that topic, but that doesn’t mean writing too long and having more words!
Writing too long is a double-edged sword. If you can’t detail an article well, you’ll lose your user.

For example, you want to know the top 10 watch brands. Well, if you do this research in English, you will see that the first 10 sites all talk about Rolex watches
Because we all know the Rolex watch as a special and precious watch, so it should be talked about even if it is not one of the top 10 brands!

The price, special features, brand history, etc. are also discussed in these sites, so if you want to write a new article in this field, you should cover all these materials; Because the rest of your competitors have done this and then you add something new to it. This is exactly your winning card, in this particular example, my suggestion is how to maintain these watches well, introducing centers and sales agents, etc.

Now, if we want to create content about another topic, what should we add?

Get help from Google! Use Google’s suggestions that are shown to you after the last search and use it as a topic and a new need of the audience in your content.

This was the first part of our article, which ended with 5 important points. In the second part of the article, which will be published soon, we will discuss 5 more points and at the end, with a summary and useful practical tips, we will guide you in achieving the desired result of SEO and site optimization.

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