Maybe a few years ago, if you asked a teenager what his favorite job was, the answer he would have given would have been the usual jobs like medicine, engineering, piloting, etc. that we all dreamed of as children. But in recent years, the jobs that teenagers and young people who want to enter the labor market are looking for, are no longer these jobs. Maybe if you ask them now, most of them will say that they want to become content producers.

The life of content production in today’s sense may be less than a decade. But we can safely say that content production is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with more than 50 million independent content producers and a value of more than 2.104 billion dollars.

With the increase in the number of people who want to turn to content production, the competition is also heavy. Although the heavy competition has made the market very attractive, it should not be denied that the work of content producers has become much more difficult than before. Because among the huge flood of content that we face everywhere, producing attractive content that attracts the attention of a large number of people is not an easy task.

This is what we want to talk about in this article: how to be a successful content producer?

What is content production?

Before going to the main point, it is better to reach a common definition of content creation. Maybe the definition of basic content production is different from what you have in mind about content production or what you see on social networks or websites.

A content creator is someone who creates educational or entertaining content. Content producers usually work in a specific field or niche. For example, fitness, fashion, flowers or anything you can think of.

Content creators may become influencers who gain a large following by publishing content on websites, social media, and video sharing.

Content production is a full-fledged job

Many people believe that creating content is for fun and cannot be counted on for income. This may be difficult for many people to understand, especially those who are not familiar with the digital world. But it is not. Content creation is a job, a job with unique conditions and benefits.

You don’t need a special university degree to be a content creator. You can create content and earn money at any age and wherever you live. You do not have specific working hours and your work schedule is in your hands. So you can work whenever you have patience, time and energy, and don’t work whenever you are tired. In a word, you are your own boss for content creation.

Career benefits of content creation

  • Content production at any time, and from anywhere in the world.
  • without the need for a degree,
  • without any age limit,
  • without the need for high initial capital,
  • Unlimited earning opportunities.

How to be a successful content producer?

If your decision to start working in the field of content production is serious, or if you have been active in this field for some time but you have not received the expected result from this work; by considering the following, you will have a strong start and become a successful and strong content producer.

Specify the field of activity

First of all, you need to determine the field in which you want to operate. You are supposed to do content production on topics in which you have the necessary knowledge and information. Otherwise, your content will not be reliable for the audience. You must have sufficient knowledge of the field you choose. Be aware of the trending topics of that field and produce content about it earlier than others. You should also find topics in that area that no one has written about yet.

Select the activity channel

Next, you need to choose the platform you will operate on and acquire the necessary skills to operate in that channel. For example, someone who decides to work on YouTube must also learn video editing skills. If he is interested in producing textual content on websites and blogs, he must know the principles and factors of SEO content for search engines.

Knowing the persona of the audience

Know your target community. You need to know who the majority of your audience and people who see your content are, what topics they are most interested in, what age range they are, what gender they have and what their lifestyle is. There is no doubt that by knowing these things, the writing of audience personas and the path of content production will be much clearer for you.

Maintaining the continuity of content production

Content creation is an ongoing activity. Content producers, especially those who operate on social networks such as Instagram or YouTube, must maintain their relationship with the audience. In other words, content production must be continuous. Of course, you should not overdo it. Excessive activity in social networks can be detrimental to the content producer. So the middle limit should be respected.

Types of content production methods

Content creation is broad and not limited to a specific method. There are various ways to create content:

  • producing article-based content and publishing it on a personal website,
  • Production of video content and publication on Instagram,
  • content production in educational webinars,
  • Production of electronic book content (E-Book),
  • Creating video content for publication on YouTube.
  • Create short and fun video content to publish on TikTok.
  • Production of audio content and podcast recording,
  • Production of graphic content such as infographics for publishing on social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Where does the content producer’s income come from?

Earning high income through content creation and creating value for your audience is a full-time job. Creating content is not just holding a phone and taking pictures and videos from around. Content is something behind which there must be a detailed plan, clear goals and a clear strategy. And if the audience understands this, they will follow you and welcome your content.

As a result, the amount of income that a content producer can have depends on many parameters. For example, the number of audiences and their interaction rate with your content. A person working on Tik Tok must have 100,000 followers to earn $200 per month. Or in the podcast industry, which happens to be very growing, only 1% of podcast producers achieve high income.

In general, a content creator can earn money through sponsorship, affiliate marketing, advertising, or even content creation for his own business by producing content and showing it to his audience.

Content production is a part of content marketing, which is a subset of digital marketing. The purpose of creating content is to introduce a specific product or service directly or indirectly to the audience.

The main philosophy of making money from content production is:

Since many businesses see content as a smooth way to market their products and services, as a result, they need independent content producers or influencers who have a high impact by producing special and attractive content. In other words, businesses need the creativity of content producers in their marketing process to introduce their products and services to potential customers. For this reason, they are willing to pay high wages to content producers for this purpose.

But creating content is not just for advertising, affiliate marketing, etc. Many people have jobs other than content creation. But with the help of creating content on social networks or their website, they introduce their services and products in creative ways and in this way they get high income. Like a doctor who does marketing for personal branding by producing attractive and special content on his Instagram account.

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