How is a SEO contract set up? What points should the SEO expert pay attention to before concluding the contract? What should be mentioned in the text of the contract and why? Basically, why is a website SEO contract important?

An SEO expert just doesn’t need to know about On-page or Off-page SEO. But also the issues related to the labor market and the relationship with the employer are very important. The SEO expert commits to a specific job for the employer and receives a certain salary. He needs to know how to set up a financial and business relationship with an employer who may be a large company.

The SEO contract is used all over the world to regulate this relationship, just like any other relationship between employee and employer, and has its own characteristics. Whether you are a freelance SEO expert or you work for a company, you need to be well acquainted with the SEO contract. This contract is about your job and directly related to what you are going to deliver to the employer.

In this article, the most important and practical points that SEO experts should pay attention to in their contract are mentioned.

Website SEO contract and important and practical points in setting it up

Maybe when someone hears the name of SEO site, a relationship with two parties, ie SEO expert and search engine, comes to mind. But there is actually another side to this: the site owner or the employer. The site owner has a legal and financial relationship with the expert and has nothing to do with the search engine. The employer only wants the result from the expert. Only if the SEO expert wants to SEO the site that belongs to him, the employer discussion will no longer be discussed.

When an SEO expert is offered a project, he or she should review it, listen to the employer’s requests, and, after preliminary negotiations, write and sign a written contract based on what has been agreed upon. The SEO contract becomes the basis of a transparent and principled relationship between the expert and the site owner. Finally, the SEO expert must deliver to the site owner what is written in the contract. For this reason, the SEO contract must be carefully and completely adjusted so that there are no problems or disputes. The following tips will help the SEO expert to conclude a strong and good contract with the employer.

1. The SEO proposal is as important as the SEO contract

The employer does not know anything about SEO and search engine and Google updates. He also knows nothing about the difficulty of keywords and the factors that affect SEO. He just wants to get his site to the forefront and make a profit. He wants SEO to make more profit and sell. So the most important task of an SEO expert before signing a contract is to inform the employer to some extent. The expert does this with the SEO proposal. That is, the site examines the keywords and competitors, writes the time of the project or the site in the keywords of the employer’s goal and the work to be done and presents to the employer. That proposal is an integral part of the contract. The SEO expert has to spend a lot of time writing the proposal.

2. Website SEO contract should be realistic

The employer asks you to bring certain keywords (target) to the first line. But perhaps his keywords are so tough and competitive that they cannot be brought to the forefront. It may be, but it is very costly and time consuming. Therefore, the SEO expert should carefully examine the employer’s keywords and determine how difficult they are. In the proposal, the keywords must be divided into three categories: hard, medium and easy. The conditions and time period for each category to be selected must also be specified separately.

For example, if your employer owns a wooden cabinet factory and his keyword is to buy a wooden cabinet; You must first see if another factory sells online (site). If your employer is the only producer who has a site, your job is easy because there is no competitor. But imagine if the employer’s keyword is a word like mobile shopping, you have a very difficult task ahead of you because you have to beat a competitor like Amazon.

3. The costs that the employer has to pay must be mentioned in the SEO contract

SEO is costly. It also has different costs: site design and site speed must be optimized; The site must have very good and reliable hosting; The site must be secure; It may be necessary for some keywords to go ad reporting and so on. The harder the keywords, the higher the cost of advertising. The SEO expert should note that in addition to the payment of costs in detail in the employer’s duties, the contract should also state that “the payment of all necessary costs for the SEO site is the responsibility of the employer.” Note that these costs are separate from the salary of the SEO expert. But the cost of producing content is with the expert. That is, if he does not produce the content himself and asks another person to write the content, he should be paid by the expert himself.

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