According to the report of eMarketer, by 2023, the number of sales of products from B2C e-commerce will reach more than 29 trillion dollars. When we attribute this number to the number of retailers in the business space; this amount of capital production is unprecedented and astonishing.

eMarketer also announced in its recent publication that between 12 and 24 million e-commerce retailers are operating worldwide. According to these statistics, B2C e-commerce marketers must optimize their strategies to be at the top of the revenue stream.

Let’s take a look at five B2C marketing strategies that play a prominent role in today’s business, and also discuss what strategies will increase the efficiency of our business.

1) Launching competition campaigns to attract ideas

Frito Lay’s marketing team became famous by investing in creative contests. One of their campaigns called Do Us a Flavor is a great sign of their success.

In this competitive campaign, this company, which operates in the field of snacks and snacks, asked users to send them new ideas for food flavorings such as potatoes, cereals, etc. Try million dollars.

The result was unique, in one year about 4 million different ideas for flavoring products were sent to them.

This strategy is mentioned as one of the most successful programs for B2C businesses, because it not only provided them with very creative and interesting ideas, but also increased the relationship between the brand and consumers, and customer importance is the most important principle in It is to improve the customer experience and increase his life cycle.

2) Retargeting programs

Nordstrom has always been at the forefront of providing unique ideas to create a great customer experience. They often use this set of ideas in developing retargeting programs and bring it to the realm of digital marketing.


According to research, users are usually easily distracted when shopping through digital channels and are constantly disturbed by interruptions such as phone calls, pop-ups, texts, emails, Windows chat, etc., these interruptions lead to several Too many shopping carts being abandoned.

Marketers of B2C businesses have come up with a means to control these interruptions by offering excellent marketing strategies.

Nordstrom prevents the abandonment of shopping carts by providing advertising campaigns that read users’ activity, based on cookies and injecting them into users’ social network channels. You can take a look at their website for a better understanding of this issue.

3) Membership programs

Sephora, one of the leading beauty and cosmetics retailers in the industry, has some of their ideas that are among the best examples of B2C marketing strategies. Sephora has a very useful and interesting membership program called Beauty Insider.

This membership program divides consumers into the following three levels based on their merit:

  • Beauty Insider
  • VIB
  • VIB Rouge

Each of these groups is subject to certain benefits. One of the reasons why this strategy is unique is that every customer must increase their points by a certain amount every year to be able to climb to a higher category.

The highest level reward, or VIB Rouge, is so attractive to consumers that they prefer to spend more to reach it and break the price threshold.

4) Social networks

According to studies, on average, users see more than 4,000 advertising messages per day. Most TV viewers turn to their mobile phones when their favorite program is interrupted by commercials. Consumers certainly don’t want to see advertising messages on Twitter, but that’s where online B2C retailers like NastyGal come into play.

The advertising messages of this company, which operates in the field of clothing sales, are very diverse and include many references to different topics. These messages are completely planned and sent in the direction of the thinking of the audience. The reason for this success is that extensive research has been done on the target community by the digital marketers of this company. It is interesting to know that since the establishment of their brand, they have been able to increase their sales by an average of more than 500% compared to the previous year.

5) Ambassador programs

On the Lululemon brand ambassador page, so far more than 600 athletes have been introduced as a source of inspiration for other members of the brand’s target community, and they include a wide range of demographics of all ages, nationalities, genders, etc.

More clearly, this brand has gathered an army from all over the world to promote its business slogan, their main philosophy is that it can always innovate in its activity process, products, and social effects to make the world a better place to live.

Through this ambassador program, Lululemon was able to save its company from bankruptcy, although Wall Street planned to exit this brand in 2015, the company’s marketers saved the company by developing these strategies, and now we see that They are expanding their business with strength.

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