Social networks are among the most powerful business tools that business owners can use. How you use social media can affect your overall success and business growth.

With the passage of time and the increasing influence of the media, teaching how to use social networks has become one of the most important challenges for business owners. In this article, we have collected the opinions of 15 members of the Council of Young Entrepreneurs in the world’s digital marketing companies based on their work experiences. Stay with us to know the most important tips and achieve success in your business.

Ways of using social media

Today, without having a social network and a website, new businesses will not be able to grow and be known. Social media is one of the best tools for introducing a brand and communicating usefully with the audience, turning them into customers and then into brand ambassadors. All these works are possible through the implementation of the following methods:

Embrace the stories!

In marketing, some people believe that every platform came out of the heart of a fictional character, which this character is still very valuable! It might take less than 30 seconds to pick up your phone and record a short video. Next, you can publish extensive information on a specific topic piece by piece to your target audience on one platform. In other words, we mean to create short and quick stories so that you can have a lasting and intimate connection with the audience.

Use social media for customer support.

New business and brand owners should recognize social media as one of the most important platforms for conducting customer support activities. Delivering a brand message on social networks is very simple. People can respond to your message and enter into a useful relationship with you through these social networks. On the other hand, by being on social networks and responding to customers, you will help them and gain their trust.

Be consistent and consistent with the conditions!

In today’s digital world, the most important key to sustainability is consistency. You should not neglect to create content for your social networks even on busy days. The content you produce should match the current mood of your audience. Create relevant content to attract more and keep your audience happy. For example, if something unpleasant happened in the city or country and upset many of your audience, sympathize with them in the form of a post or story; Do the same for happiness and good events. The goal of your audience is to trust you and become your customers; your business is like a close member of their house, so be sure to pay attention to the wishes of the audience and their mood.

Offer special offers to your customers

Social media marketers must plan how to present an offer to leads who have not yet converted. Some social networks design special tools for the convenience of marketers. For example, Facebook Dynamic Ads give marketers tremendous freedom and flexibility to create a comprehensive marketing plan. If you want to expand your business through social networks, you must first know your audience and then reach the sectors in which they are active.

Engage with your customers.

The purpose of social networks is not only to create content. Most users have learned how to create content on social networks, but they have forgotten the most important purpose and aspect of these networks: social activities!

The most important thing is to reply to your messages and comments. Find your ideal customer or customers and enter into a useful, intimate and friendly relationship with them. If you don’t have time to answer messages or communicate with customers yourself, you can entrust this task to a team member who has high public relations.

Create more and more contests

In 2021, business owners should hold more contests to promote their businesses. Contests are a simple way to introduce a brand in social networks by increasing followers. Ads and contests will drive traffic to your business page and content. Contests can spread the brand name to a large number of people on social networks before the official introduction.

Determine your brand’s purpose.

Today’s audience is fully aware of the ethical and social issues that brands support. Communicating what is important to your company can instill trust and emotion in your audience. For example, supporting racial equality or combating violence will introduce customers and even employees to the purpose of the brand and bring us more respect.

Set clear and measurable goals.

If you are creating campaigns for your social media in 2021, make sure to set clear and measurable goals for it. First of all, know what you want your campaign to achieve? What results do you want to see clearly in your business? If you don’t set a goal for yourself, it’s natural to get lost in the weeds. What is a social network? A tool to grow your business. If you don’t have a purpose in your business, you can’t grow. By determining the primary goal and with the help of social networks, you can focus on the goal and make the path to reach it smoother.

Be authentic, vulnerable and honest!

Authenticity, vulnerability and honesty have never been more necessary than today. Social media has been making a lot of noise with filters and unique posts being shared. What resonates with online audiences today is our focus on the ability to express vulnerability in leadership. Although this issue is very challenging, it is one of the essential principles in today’s digital world.

Use social media to boost your content strategy.

Brand owners in all industries should use business social media accounts to power their content strategy. To increase the number of your followers, you can make creative decisions that will increase according to the traffic and visits of your website and social networks. For example, if you add your social network address at the end of your website, many people will be interested in your activities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. With this, you can increase the followers and visits of the site and social networks.

Focus on the quality of activity across channels, not the quantity

Our advice is to think about diversity in the use of social networks. If you do not currently have a specialized social media management team, it is better to choose only two social platforms for activity. To get started, two platforms, Twitter and LinkedIn, can help you a lot. If you want to be active in all social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., the quality of your content and social relationships will decrease. Until you have a specialized team, focus on the quality of your work, not its quantity!

Ask users to generate content for you!

As a brand owner, understand the power of user-generated content (UGC). A consumer who doesn’t know you well yet wants to see how others use your products. By adding UGC to your social media content strategy, you can dramatically increase your social presence, email list, and ultimately your sales.

Invest in the young generation

Brands should start learning from the younger generation. Today’s young audience will be the buyers of the future. Study the behavior of this generation of social network users; See what types of posts and content they follow. Today, short videos, informative tips and humor in some posts or funny and fun posts are popular elements of social networks. Seek inspiration from the younger generation and build meaningful relationships with them.

Remember that your content should be promotional.

In all digital marketing training, our emphasis is always on creating valuable content. It is true that you can organically attract the audience to your business by spending energy and producing useful content, but do not neglect the power of advertising. Advertising alone for a page with worthless content is not worth it, just as creating valuable content alone is not a good way to achieve a goal because it can be very time-consuming. Using paid ads in your content strategy can increase your traffic and traffic.

Tell an interesting story

Use the art of storytelling to communicate with the audience. Communicating products, services, and brands is much more difficult than communicating a story. Remember that stories inspire ideas and enrich interactions.

If you are the owner of a new business and want to increase your growth through social networks; We recommend that you include these 15 items in your strategies.

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