You have your own small business. You’re just starting out and can’t afford to pay for advertising. What are some ways you can market yourself? You will definitely go for digital marketing. Of course, the part of digital marketing that you can do yourself is social media marketing.

You create an Instagram page for the restaurant. You post photos and tell about your services. But you know that growing without influencer marketing or advertising in social media is hard and time-consuming. You need to make people know you, trust you and introduce you to others. What are you doing? You go to Twitter Marketing and start a campaign for yourself.

How many people on Twitter trust and order from your restaurant. Then they share the photos with the name of your restaurant. The stream you wanted will start. You will be seen. Then they come on the same Twitter and ask you if you cook for companies too? Then someone like me who doesn’t have Twitter will hear about you and trust you and place an order.

This content is about Twitter Marketing. And it helps you use the power of Twitter to benefit your business or product.

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing or marketing in the social network Twitter is also like Instagram marketing and LinkedIn marketing. Twitter marketing means targeted business use of Twitter for marketing and sales (raising brand awareness, strengthening and distributing content, increasing site traffic, etc.). Of course, like Instagram, Twitter is not the choice of all businesses for marketing.

Every business has its own strategy for digital marketing and social media marketing. In the same strategy, he specifies in which social media he wants to operate. In general, the secret of social network marketing success is for businesses and product owners to pay attention to the fact that each social network has its own world, its own audience, and its own content production.

Twitter is a powerful tool for marketing because

  • It’s free;
  • It can be seen as a search engine (hashtags) that brings users/customers to the brand and business;
  • In the Twitter search engine, campaigns and activities of people and competitors can also be monitored;
  • It is possible to communicate directly with users/customers, discuss and hear their opinions;
  • He gave the latest information or updates or announcement about the products very concise and useful to the customers and even provided support and after sales service on the same twitter.

Which business and how should take advantage of Twitter for marketing? These are two important questions that must be answered for Twitter marketing and before anything else. It means that first you have to have a strategy for marketing on Twitter.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

How to market on Twitter? By developing a Twitter marketing strategy. To develop that digital marketing team, every business, according to its macro digital marketing strategy, should answer the following questions:

  • Why Twitter Marketing? Are business audiences (customers) Twitter users?
  • What is the purpose of Twitter marketing that cannot be achieved with Instagram or LinkedIn marketing? Remember that generating viral content is not the goal of Twitter marketing.
  • Are your main competitors active on Twitter? If yes, what do they do and what goals do they use Twitter to achieve? Were they successful in achieving those goals?
  • Does the business have the necessary financial and human resources for Twitter marketing? How much does it want to spend on Twitter marketing and Twitter advertising? In Twitter, like other social networks, you should regularly create content and respond to users as quickly as possible. Therefore, having sufficient human resources is decisive.
  • Has the business marketed on Twitter before? If yes, what results did he get and why did he stop it? What mistakes did he make and what should be changed?

Data-oriented answers should be given to the above questions. Businesses operate in the era of data-driven marketing, which means that all decisions are made based on the data collected and analyzed. If, after reading and analyzing the data, the digital marketing team of the business decides to market on Twitter as well, it is better to proceed with the following rules for success.

3 rules for successful Twitter marketing

What points should be paid attention to in order to create an account on Twitter? How to create content on Twitter? How to use Twitter hashtags? How to make a stream on Twitter? The 3 rules that are introduced below are an answer to those questions and very briefly tell you the dos and don’ts of Twitter marketing.

1. Create Twitter account for brief and useful business introduction and user guidance

Everything on Twitter should be concise and useful. It is only necessary to give the necessary information to the user. It is better to have the name of the user account, cover page and profile picture of the business name and its logo and slogan. These are enough for the user. Let the user see your logo, name and slogan clearly.

Another opportunity for the brand to introduce itself in the user account is Bio, which must be written in 160 words. Look at the images below and see how BBC used those 160 words to introduce themselves to Twitter users. In the Twitter account, it is possible to add the website address (this means attracting visitors to the site), the location of the business, as well as the date of joining Twitter.

2. Produce content with a unique, short and varied voice

Content production for Twitter Marketing is more or less similar to content production for other social networks: content production and publication must be regular, content must be attractive and engaging, content must be diverse (photos, videos, motion graphics, infographics, etc.) and appropriate to User needs and business goals. It should also be added that on Twitter, the business needs to have its own tone and voice. (In my opinion, Mr. Twitter is the master of producing concise and useful content.)

Try to produce honest and original content. Perhaps creativity is not as important for creating content on Twitter as it is on Instagram. For a Twitter user, creating value and caring is more important. Get help from appropriate hashtags related to the field of business activity. If possible, you have a specific hashtag (for example, a brand name or the name of one of the brand’s famous products or the name of an important event related to your brand) for your business.

With the help of that particular hashtag, users can create content (UGC) for the brand in advertising campaigns. The best example for this is what Apple did on Twitter for the iPhone 14 unveiling event. The special hashtag for this event was #AppleEvent. Just search for that hashtag on Twitter to see what content users have created for Apple.

Twitter announces trending topics (hashtags) in the right column of the page. Keep a close eye on them. If a hashtag or topic is related to your business or brand, create content and tweet about it. Don’t forget to create content in line with the trends, because you can link those contents to the posts of the blog site or Instagram or LinkedIn of the business.

“The Twitter user wants only the most essential information, in the fewest and most precise words, and sometimes with a little humor. This is the golden rule of creating content for Twitter.”

3. Use all of Twitter’s features to market to your advantage and engage your audience

Like other social networks, Twitter has become a tool for marketing. It is the duty of the digital marketer and the marketing team to use all the tools and facilities of Twitter so that the Twitter marketing strategy of the business and its goals are realized on Twitter. Among the most important features of Twitter for attracting, communicating with the audience and increasing the traffic of the business site are the following (I will not mention the discussion of Twitter Ads and only review the free features of Twitter for marketing):

Twitter List

Don’t miss an opportunity to build a community on Twitter. Creating a list is a way to organize and categorize tweets. Each user account (even individuals) can create a list for himself. The list is an opportunity for the business to put the user accounts of others (for example, influencers and important people in the field of business, accounts of business employees, etc.) that are similar to each other in a category. Anyone who opens the list will only see tweets from accounts on that list.

Take a look at the list of Twitter accounts. (If you open the circle with three dots inside and next to the black Follow button, the third option is View Lists and the fourth is View Moments.) If the user wants to find accounts that tweet about advertising on Twitter, it is enough to first open the group in the list.

Twitter Moments

Lists were for grouping user accounts and Moments were for grouping selected and featured tweets or tweets that were all about the same topic.

Twitter Poll

Businesses can ask for opinions from their users for various reasons. This is one of those places where creativity plays a role in Twitter marketing. Surveys can be used to collect data and engage users with user accounts.

Twitter Chat

Chat on Twitter has the same functionality as Live on Instagram. And it is a way to communicate directly with users/customers and hear from them. The business should closely monitor competitors’ chats and the topics they choose to talk about and user feedback. Twitter chats take place in rooms called Spaces.

Of course, accounts with more than 600 followers can host the chat. To host a chat, the topic, hashtag, date and time must be specified in advance and announced on Twitter, website or other social networks. If the chat has a guest or a famous person is going to host it, this should also be announced. Chats are a great opportunity to have expert discussions with influencers and experts in a field.


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