Affiliate marketing; a combination that you have heard more these days with the spread of digital marketing and the spread of Corona. Affiliate marketing or sales cooperation is a process in which you receive your commission by offering the services and products of a company. This work is one of the low-trouble and high-income marketing methods.

One of the reasons for the expansion of affiliate marketing these days is the spread of the Corona virus, because many people have chosen this job to earn more money and work remotely, and at the same time, they have signed cooperation agreements with several companies in the sale of products and services. .

It is interesting to know that 81% of brands and 84% of publishers use affiliate marketing. This statistic increases every year as affiliate marketing costs increase. Also, 16% of all online orders are influenced by affiliate marketing.

If you are one of those people who like to stay at home and prefer not to go out, this method is perfect for you. You can launch campaigns and earn money by introducing store sites and products offered by sellers; but the important thing in this way is how to use affiliate marketing and knowing the factors of its improvement and expansion. In this article, we are going to review effective methods in improving and improving affiliate marketing, so stay with us.

Effective factors in the improvement and progress of affiliate marketing

As we said before, in affiliate marketing, we need methods so that we can achieve more profit and improve our business, in the following we explain some examples of these factors:

1. Before marketing any product or service, check it out.

The first thing you should pay attention to is what product or service you intend to promote and sell. Is this product attractive to your audience? In this method, trust must be formed between the intermediary and the buyer. You should advertise a product that has few defects or no defects at all. In addition, you must fully believe in it and be able to convey this feeling to your audience. Try to always provide valuable products and make sure that your audience is satisfied with them. If you introduce good products from top brands, you will get a significant conversion rate and this will improve and improve affiliate marketing.

Introduce the product and its benefits through the various channels at your disposal. You can even compare these products with other similar products to increase your effectiveness. These actions increase the conversion rate. Never directly encourage your audience to buy a product. Just introduce the products and let them decide for themselves. The better and more useful your presentation is and the more quality products and services you introduce, the more likely people will buy through your links. So try to choose campaigns carefully.

2. Know the trends of the day and keep up with the users’ interests.

In the field of affiliate marketing, there is serious competition. To be sure of winning this competition, you must always be up-to-date and adapt to the needs of the audience and the trends of the day. Use new marketing methods and follow new news about internet marketing, Google algorithms and social networks.

3. Always look for new and different content.

Content is the basic principle in any advertisement and the stronger you appear in this field, the more users you will attract. Many new content writers usually copy content promoted by other bloggers. Copying other people’s content is unprofessional and has no value for users.

Try to find new and interesting content to advertise. Try to be the first one to introduce that product with a new expression. The stronger the content, the more your credibility and reputation will increase.

Your credit will be one of the useful tools to earn money online. Trusting a reliable and reputable person will make you more likely to buy and introduce you to other users. If your audience trusts you and the content you provide them, it will be easier for them to trust the products you sell or direct them to the link to buy those products.

If you don’t want to sell a product yourself, you can direct your audience to other sites selling products and earn money simply by directing them, but be careful of your credibility. Always be sure that you have directed your audience to a valid site.

Before promoting a product related to another site, you can test the product yourself and write about it. Writing about how and how to use the product or the impact it has had on your life will make your audience trust you more. You can also answer all the questions of your audience about that product by putting posts and videos in your blog, website or social networks. Because this method is also a type of content production.

The important thing that should be paid full attention to when writing content is competitor analysis, choosing keywords, analyzing them, and content SEO. In this way, you can use SEO tools such as semrush, moz, etc. Using these tools, you can find your competitors’ top content and monitor keyword rankings.

Aside from creating content for a website, you can also start an affiliate blog that talks about relevant topics and targets the right keywords. In addition, you can add links to it, which will definitely improve SEO and improve affiliate marketing.

4. Always test and optimize your conversion rate.

You should always check your number of followers, people who are added to your pages, website entries, number of clicks and ultimately sales to see if your conversion rate is increasing or not. For example, you may currently have 5,000 visits and 100 sales in a month. So your conversion rate is 2%. To increase sales you can increase your visitors and followers and change your strategy to get more sales. You can use landing page optimization, attractive CTA buttons and useful strategies to optimize the conversion rate. You will get great results by testing and optimizing your site. Advertising to increase followers can also be useful. There are various other methods to increase the conversion rate, here we have mentioned two of the most important of these methods:

Use of pop-up: Pop-up is an advertisement that suddenly appears when visiting sites, which will increase the number of clicks on your affiliate link.

Using a table: Using a table is one of the easy ways to get more clicks on your affiliate links. Especially, if you are building a list, you can add an impressive table at the top of your articles and get more clicks.

5. Do not ignore the role of bloggers in affiliate marketing.

As you know, nowadays, a large part of buyers’ needs are met from virtual space and social networks, and the use of bloggers strengthens and improves the sales cooperation system. Bloggers, bloggers and content producers active in social networks are in a good position for advertising because of their good ability in search engine optimization and content creation. They do comprehensive reviews on products and services and write about them on their blog, website or social media. Of course, they should provide the link to enter the site and online store to the users. Bloggers sometimes advertise and get paid for selling products.

6. Always use email marketing in affiliate marketing.

Email marketing has a long history, but it is still used today. It is interesting to know that this method is also used in affiliate marketing. Some affiliates have email lists that they use to promote the seller’s products. Others may use email newsletters and charge a fee after a customer makes a purchase. One of the ways to collect an email list is that the affiliate company collects emails from different marketing campaigns and then advertises the products with email marketing. Email marketing has an effective role in the expansion and introduction of affiliate marketing and has had a significant impact on this process in recent years.

7. Use occasions, events and seasons to improve your affiliate marketing conditions.

One of the ways to increase affiliate marketing income is to use events. Sometimes in the year, interest in online shopping and e-commerce generally increases. These include changing seasons and occasions. Such as Nowruz, Christmas, Halloween, the arrival of the summer season, and also interesting events of people’s interest, such as the World Cup of Football, the Olympics, graduating from university, etc.

For example, Nowruz is the right time to earn more money by investing in affiliate marketing and content creation and selling products for the celebration. You can also do more on social media to give your brand a New Year vibe. This will encourage people to participate in your marketing and thus increase revenue.

If you want to have a good seasonal and special income, start promoting and introducing before the event and don’t stop it until the last minute. As that date approaches, there will be a lot of competition. So being in the center of attention can increase your sales.

8. Make podcasts and videos.

One of the ways to increase affiliate marketing income is to produce a podcast. Podcasts are audio files on various topics that are uploaded to the Internet or certain programs.

Believe it or not, the popularity of podcasts is increasing day by day. With a microphone and some great ideas, you can create your own podcast. Think about the types of topics that your audience is interested in, and create a podcast to fascinate them.

Podcasts can give you an opportunity to talk about a product in an incredible way, and your audience will feel like you’re sitting next to them and chatting with them about that product. This provides a lot of information in a fun way to your audience and makes them more excited to buy through your affiliate links.

The number of visits to online videos is also increasing; Because Internet users are constantly watching social videos on the web. Users spend a large part of their time watching online video and this number is expected to reach 100 minutes by 2021. This represents an average growth rate of 32% in digital video viewing from 2013 to 2018.

9. Offer special offers to your users.

Ask your audience to use your special offers link in their posts, articles and videos. One of the best ways to do this is to use viral marketing. The goal of viral marketing is to encourage your audience to spread your marketing message. This is done by holding competitions or offering attractive offers and special discounts. To implement this method, affiliates give special discounts to users in exchange for tagging their friends or leaving comments and stories, or hold a lottery among people participating in this challenge. The prize may be a free sample of the product, a special discount for the purchase of the product, or a cash prize.

10. Sometimes ask affiliates affiliated with your company.

Survey your audience about your affiliate marketing products and campaigns. Audience comments will help improve your affiliate program. You can improve your affiliate marketing strategy by using these suggestions. The more effective the affiliate marketing strategy is, the more sales will increase.

11. Use affiliate marketing tools.

Sometimes promoting products becomes a chore. The difficulty of doing the work is one of the reasons for the underperformance of affiliate marketers. In general, people do activities that are easy and do not have any particular complexity better than difficult and time-consuming tasks. Using affiliate marketing tools makes the work of exhibitors easier. Provide your affiliates with tools such as images, videos, templates or ready-made posts. By doing this, you will significantly increase the productivity of your affiliates and you will see more and faster sales and exploitation of your affiliate marketing campaign.

12. Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

You can use paid advertising to promote your affiliate marketing programs and increase your growth. In particular, you can use these ads to promote your posts and promote webinars or YouTube videos.

Simply put, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a way for search engines to drive highly targeted traffic to a specific landing page.

In the PPC advertising model, you do not pay to place your ad on the search results page, but pay per click.

PPC is the art of optimizing the right ads for given phrases. For example, when search engine users type certain keywords into the search bar, your keywords and your ad will appear on one of several search results pages on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Google also evaluates the quality of ads. Advertisements that are written more creatively and are more attractive to users are naturally displayed at the top of the Google results page and get more clicks.

13. Use chatbots.

Did you know that a simple chatbot can increase sales by over 66%? It is often assumed that there are no advantages to using a chatbot, but often the opposite is true. Modern consumers are impatient, and chatbots direct them to relevant information within seconds, answer user questions, and direct them to a purchase link.

Don’t forget the FAQ section. When you create answers to frequently asked questions, you can program a chatbot to identify solutions to users’ problems. FAQs are great optimization opportunities because you can include keywords and links.

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