Is there a connection between SEO and content marketing? Is the content strategy for SEO related to the content marketing strategy? Should these two strategies be coordinated? Why?

The fastest and most beautiful website in the world is worthless without content. Basically, sites are designed to include content and display it to users. Store sites are built to show users photos and videos of products, introductions and reviews, conditions and rules for purchasing and returning goods, as well as advertising campaigns and discounts.

But the point is that the fastest and most beautiful store site with the best and most attractive products and content without store site SEO and digital marketing has no chance to compete in the world of online businesses. The story about other websites is the same. We live in the era of e-commerce, online businesses and social commerce. That is, the era of Google and internet shopping and shopping from social networks.

Competing and staying in today’s market has its own characteristics and tools. Digital marketing, site SEO and content marketing are among those tools. But if a business thinks that those tools are separate from each other, it is very wrong. Do you know why? Read the answer to this question and the questions that were raised in the beginning in this content.

SEO + Content Marketing (SEO Content Marketing Strategy)

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses the Internet and online technologies and platforms to advertise goods and services. The possibilities and opportunities that the Internet provides to businesses and marketers are very wide. So, digital marketing is a wide field and it is divided into different sub-branches. SEO is one of the most important sub-branches of digital marketing.

SEO is a set of actions that optimize the website for search engines. That is, if the site and the contents of the site are in accordance with the standards of search engines (such as Google); When a user searches for a word and needs something, the SEO site that can meet the user’s need will be displayed before other sites in the search results.

How can the site respond to the user’s needs? It is the content of the site that leads the user to what he wants. Search engines have set very high standards for website content. Google fights against poor quality content by creating a concept called E-A-T. So, if the content of the site is not good and high-quality and does not give what the user wants, the site is not optimized. That is, SEO of the site, one of the most important parts of digital marketing, is tied to content.

In the SEO of the site, in addition to producing high-quality content tailored to the user’s needs, there is another determining factor. If users don’t understand that a website has what they’re looking for, creating valuable and original content won’t do much good for SEO. Because the site does not find visitors to see and read the contents. Therefore, the produced content should be delivered to the user who needs that content.

Content marketing does the same thing. That is, first, it checks what the user of a site (customer) is looking for and what questions he has, secondly, he produces high-quality content for that user and answers his questions, and thirdly, he promotes and distributes the content on other platforms and social media so that the user Get to know the site and visit it.

Website SEO strategy

All websites are not the same and are not created with the same purpose and function. Even store sites are different from each other. Because the goods that are offered and sold in them are not the same. So, each site’s SEO is different from another. For this reason, the first thing an SEO expert does is to research and develop an SEO strategy.

What does an SEO expert research? That is, what defines the SEO strategy? SEO starts with keyword research. First of all, the SEO expert must understand what words and phrases users use to search for what they are looking for (that is, what the site offers) in search engines.

Let me give an example. I want to learn SEO. I open Google. I may search for one of these terms: SEO course, SEO training, SEO class, site SEO course in Canada, comprehensive site SEO course. But not all users are the same and some may not be sure if they want to learn SEO or not. So, what might terms like SEO be? Or search for a roadmap for learning SEO, or the income of an SEO expert or…

The SEO expert of the educational website that conducts various courses must research each and every training course and understand what words users use to search and what information they need about the topics and training courses. Then, based on those words, the needs of users (customers of that business) as well as the needs of the business will design the site’s SEO strategy. That is, it designs a program that produces content for the site with those keywords in accordance with search engine standards so that the site gets a good rank in the search results and the user visits it.

Content marketing strategy

Karan Sharma, an e-commerce expert, has expressed the relationship between SEO strategy and content and content marketing very clearly and precisely with the following sentence.

“SEO is actually strategized around content marketing since every website needs words, articles, substance, keywords, etc. In order to be successful, both must go hand in hand.”

How to get the name of the internet business (brand) to the ears of the target audience (that group of the market that has the most interest and need for the brand’s products and services)? How to introduce the brand to the target audience? How to convey the brand’s voice and brand values ​​to the target audience and customers? What should the brand do so that customers do not forget it? How to give credibility to the brand in the minds of target users and customers? The short and summary answer that can be given to those questions is: by constantly creating attractive, engaging and value-creating content and delivering it to the target audience.

Content marketing is also a part of digital marketing. For content marketing, just like SEO, you must first know and understand the user and his needs. That is, content marketing starts with the research of key words and phrases. In addition, the content marketer must know the brand properly and analyze the competitors carefully. When the investigation is over,

“The content marketer produces various contents with the words that the user wants and needs to hear, as well as the words that the business wants to use to introduce itself to the market, and publishes them on the most appropriate online platforms where the target audience is present.”

SEO content marketing strategy

In content marketing, the main goal is to produce and distribute attractive and engaging content, content that places the brand in the mind of the viewer or listener. In SEO, the main goal is that the content of the site is produced in accordance with the standards of search engines and answers the questions of the users. If an attractive and engaging content that introduces the brand and its values ​​and responds to the user’s needs is produced in accordance with Google’s standards, it means that both the site’s SEO and content marketing have been helped. So, the digital marketing team has hit two birds with one stone.

When all the contents that are produced for the business have been for the sum of those two goals together, the business announces its presence in the market with all its strength and continues. The target audience sees the brand wherever they are and whenever they are online, whether it is on the Google results page or on social media or on other sites when they read an article (ad report).


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