Advertising graphics is an attractive combination of text and image that plays an important role in the advertising industry. Advertising graphics are prepared in different formats and using different tools, all of which must ultimately lead to a goal, which we will discuss in full detail below.

What is advertising graphics?

Advertising graphics is the creation of works of art for the purpose of using them in advertising and mostly refers to products and services. The commonality of marketing and design creates advertising graphics, so its creators are not only proficient in the creative design of works of art, but also know the science of marketing and how to introduce products and services through visual communication. The purpose of advertising graphics is Sales or actions that ultimately lead to sales.

Why are graphics effective in advertising?

Advertising plays a very important role in maintaining and developing a business. You can use advertising to increase your customers and also attract the attention of your old customers to your products and services.

Graphics help in advertising to visually combine words and art together with the audience

To attract

  • Advertising graphics make your brand image last in the audience’s mind.
  • Appropriate graphics can easily convey your intended message to your audience.
  • Appropriate advertising graphics create a competitive advantage.
  • It causes action and interaction.
  • Appropriate advertising graphics create a professional image of you.
  • Increases sales and profits.
  • It causes return of capital.
  • Describes your proposed solution to meet their needs.
  • Encourages target customers to buy.
  • Advertising graphic along with brand or organization logo introduces your product and service.

Questions that we must answer before starting the advertising graphic design

To design an effective advertising graphic, you need to answer these questions:

What is your brand identity?

To start graphic design, your brand needs an identity. If your brand doesn’t have a personality to present, first create an identity and then design a marketing strategy and include advertising and advertising graphics in your program.

Your brand is the result of your relationship with the customer and the experience he has of you.

Who are your audience personas?

Before any action for advertising, you should know who you intend to attract with what characteristics (economic characteristics, geographical location, etc.). Basically, you need to define the persona of your customers and their expectations in order to have effective advertising graphics with a high return on investment. Knowing your persona accurately, like a road map, will determine your path.

If you are going to make people buy something or do something, you must know their language;

The language they use every day, the language they think with.

David Egilvy

What is your product worth?

In addition to the persona of the audience, to design a good ad, you must know exactly what your desired product is. What are you offering? And what value does your product and service add to the audience? How does your product or service increase the quality of life of the audience? What is the advantage of your product over competitors?

Various formats suitable for advertising graphics

Choosing the right format for advertising is an essential principle and requires extensive research and monitoring of competitors and audiences. If you haven’t chosen the right platform for your ads, you’ve just wasted your time and money.

Social media advertising

The first and most important step to start advertising on social networks is to find the right social network for your audience. In these networks, you can easily become aware of the characteristics of your persona and design more targeted and effective advertisements. In addition to the more cost-effective advertising in these networks, each network also provides you with different possibilities for advertising.

Email advertising

The biggest advantage of this type of advertising is its very low cost and high return on investment. Usually, in this type of advertising, people have given their permission to send emails, so it is easy to convert potential customers into actual customers, and emails can be personalized for different customers. It should be noted that emails must have a CTA (call to action) option.

Printed advertisement

It includes business card design and printing, flyer design and printing, letterhead design and printing, envelope design and printing, catalog design and printing, handbag design and printing, brochure design and printing, poster design and printing, etc. and has advantages. Such as increasing credibility, easy movement of all types of print ads, the shortest time to attract customers, etc. The remarkable point of this type of advertisement is that the readers of print advertisements pay more attention to the content and devote more time to it.

Environmental advertising

Environmental advertising is a type of print advertising on a larger scale and includes advertising outside the home environment, such as billboard advertising, advertising banners, advertising on buses, etc. This type of advertising must have a high visual appeal because it aims to raise awareness of the brand or The product or service is designed for many people and you cannot control these visitors (who will see this ad and who will not).

Video ads

This type of advertisement can be displayed on YouTube, social networks and television. This type of advertising is recommended for product introduction and how it works, brand awareness, pointing out brand strengths, increasing website traffic, increasing user interaction, etc.

According to statistics, about 78% of people watch online videos every week

55% of them do it every day.

Tips about advertising graphics

A good ad revolves around a good design and speaks to your customers, so its impact should not be underestimated.

  1. Get ideas from effective advertisements

Pay attention to the ads of other brands, get ideas from them and personalize them for your audience and according to your brand identity.

  1. Advertisements should evoke your brand

Create ads that match your brand identity and image.

  1. Create value

For this, you can show the competitive advantage of your products, point to the satisfaction of former customers and…

  1. Design the advertisement simply

If the ad has a lot of photos and texts or is designed in a complicated way, it cannot convey a message well and confuses the audience.

  1. be in touch with your audience

Connecting with your customers is your goal in any marketing effort. What do your customers care about? Emphasize them.

  1. Advertising must invite action

CTA options and links guide the user and the customer on what to do next, eliminating customer friction and increasing the effectiveness of the ad.

  1. Advertising must convey a message

A carefully selected image can replace hundreds of words and emphasize your intended message.

  1. Do not miss special days

Holidays, celebrations and special occasions are a good opportunity to communicate and interact more with the audience, and customers are often more ready to buy on these days.

  1. Pay attention to the place of advertisement

Be careful that every media, every place or even every country is not suitable for every type of advertisement. So take environmental research seriously for advertising design.

  1. Design attractively and creatively

In a world where we are bombarded with many photos and images, the need for extraordinary advertising graphics to attract attention is greater than ever.

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