The call to action button or CTA (Call To Action) is one of the most important parts in website design, because the purpose of web design, SEO and online advertising campaigns is to convert a potential customer into a willing customer in order to grow. and encouraging the user to perform an action.

Note: Some think that this action must be a purchase registration, which is completely wrong. All the processes that we do on the website to attract the user and gain his trust and interest, such as downloading a file, subscribing to the newsletter, etc., require a call button.

These CTA buttons can significantly increase the conversion rate of your customers and make your business significantly ahead of your competitors. In this article, I am going to present important and practical tips and formulas for writing the CTA button and let you know the secrets of this very important task.

CTA writing prerequisites

To create and write the text of the call buttons, you should pay attention to the following points:

1) Determining the purpose of the CTA

You need to clearly define what your purpose is for creating a CTA button. Choosing the right goal will guide you in the best way in the next steps. These goals can include: getting contact information, branding, providing a gift to the user (such as downloading a free article), selling, etc.

2) The target community of the business

Suppose you have a cosmetics store and you plan to try online sales in your business. Let’s assume that 70% of your target population is women between 20-30 years old and your products mainly meet the needs of this group.
You definitely need to consider this important issue to design the purchase action section of your site and write your text in a way that has the most impact on your main audience.

People buy with their emotions and then match it with their logic.

3) Predicting the direction of movement

You must be able to predict the user’s path from the moment he enters the site, use different CTAs and finally reach your main goal and choose the most optimal way to increase the click rate of your calls.
For example, in the previous example, you plan to upload an article on the best way to rejuvenate the skin on your website and introduce your product to the user as a safe solution.

You should pave the way to reach this article with different CTAs, then place the call to introduce your product with the appropriate text and color in front of the user. After that, attract the user to the product purchase page with another CTA so that your interested customer is encouraged to buy the product.
By calculating the traffic conversion rate in a certain period of time, you will be able to find the best way to increase the efficiency of your calls.

Formulas for writing the best CTA

In the following, we will examine the best CTA writing formula completely. This formula is the secret of successful content writing for CTA buttons.

TPSC formula

T = Text

The content of your text is perhaps the most important part of creating a first-class call to action. Your content should have three important features:

  • Creating a sense of need and urgency in the mind of the audience
  • Presenting an offer that does not have the potential to be rejected
  • Be short, clear and direct


No matter how attractive your CTA button is. Without placement in the right place, it cannot bring you a significant conversion rate. The call to action should be placed where the audience will see it without hesitation at least once.

Note: The use of white space is one of the points that many websites do not follow. White and empty space makes your CTA button stand out and draw attention to itself.


Your call-to-action button should have a logical and specific size, neither big nor small, it should be recognizable among other content and make the audience curious about itself.


The color of the call button should be separate from the background color and have a small proportion with the main design theme of your site so that it does not lose its beauty in terms of user interface.

Reading the following two articles is recommended for a better understanding of the impact of website design on SEO:

The impact of interface and user experience on site SEO

The formula for increasing CTA effectiveness

Writing good content before the call can significantly improve the effectiveness of your content.
But what features should this content have:

  • Create a need for the audience or raise a common problem for him again.
  • Different ways of solving this need are invalidated.
  • Introduce yourself as the solution and the best answer to meet this need.

If your call-to-action button is in the sales area, the content should also have the following features:

  • Guarantee product warranty.
  • have a certain price and value.
  • If the user acts, offer him a small gift.
  • Reduce transaction risks (product returns, postage, etc.)

The RDA formula


Before reaching the CTA button, inform the user about all the required sections.

D = Desire

Get the audience interested in clicking your call to action


Put the action you want the user to take very short and useful in front of his eyes.

Additional notes

In this article, you got to know the definition of CAT or call-to-action button and learned the main and practical tips for designing and writing CTA content. I recommend that you remember the mentioned formulas when writing the content of the call button. But some additional and important points:

  • Write your content matter-of-factly and politely.
  • Use powerful words like free, last chance, best, etc. Apart from creating a sense of curiosity, these words evoke a sense of missing an opportunity in the audience.
  • Optimize your button to be displayed on different digital devices such as PC, smartphone and tablet with standard size.

And finally, before taking any action, search for your idea under A/B testing on the Internet so that you can improve the conversion rate of your call button by using other people’s experiences.

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