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Even though comment marketing is an old method, it never goes out of date but is updated. There are many clever and innovative ways to advertise your brand and business in the comments section of websites, and this topic is no longer as competitive as it used to be. Anyone can comment on a blog post, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Most digital marketers think of comment marketing as a link-building tactic rather than an actual marketing tactic. But a real marketing comment is marketing in which logical opinions and thoughts are shared to create communication, advance interactions and put people in the spotlight.

Commenting on blogs not only shows your identity to other people but also gives you a powerful presence that leads to increased traffic and leads to your site for months or even years. to be Angry comments are very effective in SEO and will increase the rank of your site. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the benefits of comments and contributions in this field, so stay tuned.

Comment Marketing

Comment marketing as a part of digital marketing in recent years, despite the downward trend of active users, has not lost even a bit of its influence and power. The effectiveness of this type of marketing in today’s digital world is increasing day by day. The number of sites that currently have audiences who are continuously active in the comments section is limited, but the same limited number is prone to finding potential partnerships and unique opportunities to influence links and increase the number of followers. In the following, it will be explained how it works, as well as how to make a suitable comment and a suitable strategy.

How do comments help our site?

First of all, why do comments help so much and how do they do it? For sure, if you post appropriate comments on other sites, those websites may follow your profile through the link you have placed in the comments section or through people who follow your profile from your link. Visit your website. This action can lead to the establishment of a relationship between you and the author of the site where you left a comment for the next posts of that site.

If they find your comment to be insightful, then you’ll become a great example of an exemplary source for industry activists to refer to, especially when you’ve placed your link elsewhere. And you also comment on some issues. The important thing is that you should do this in a very respectful and diplomatic way.

For example, one of the best strategies for commenting with a link inside it that I’ve ever seen is to say: I felt that putting a link in a comment seemed a little shallow; Or: We also do this on our site, you can check our site through the link we have placed to confirm its authenticity.

You say that to confirm the truth of my words, you can go to my site and see the other content that I want to show you through that, this action will create a constructive relationship in the future. Commenting can also lead to the creation of indirect links, which is only possible by posting durable comments, comments through which people will know you and be attracted to you.

This recognition will be in the form that they say, I know this brand, this profile is familiar to me, and I have already established a good interaction with it. This recognition will lead to an increased chance of interacting with you, your brand, or the brand you are involved with, which will subsequently lead to higher conversion rates in the future.

Another benefit of this knowledge is the increase in social network followers. People will check your profile through those comments, which will lead to an increase in the number of followers. Just remember that you should direct people to your social and public profile and not your profile, as this will reduce its effectiveness.

You can also use another trick, and that is to write in your comment, I am trying to develop my Facebook page, and then I will put the link of the page I just created in this comment. This trick is great and by using it you can see a significant growth in the number of your audience.

So you can reach your audience in the best and easiest possible way. You can implement this trick on any platform you want, including Twitter, Instagram, or websites. All these follow the same basic format and there is not much difference between them. People will see those comments and if they decide to interact, they will bring unique results into the entered profile.

What makes a comment unique?

Many things play a role in making a comment as effective as possible, we will get to know some of those things in the following.


You share the best content, use the best qualities, and do your work with utmost care, but you don’t use the right title! The result will not turn out as you want. The title is the most effective part of attracting the audience to the content at first glance. If you use the right title, you will significantly increase the percentage of views of your content, and this is the goal you are looking for, so take the title seriously.

Respect to the author and commenters

respectfully; Yes, you read that right, respectfully. Remember that politeness and respect are the first condition of anything. In the virtual space, due to the lack of face-to-face communication, the tone of speech and facial expressions and the main meaning of the words are hidden, what remains are the words. In this space, words are the first and last words and have an unlimited influence.

If they are used correctly, they sweeten the palate like lemon syrup, and if they are used incorrectly, they are like a sword, cutting the veils. So you can achieve all your goals by being polite and respectful, even if you disagree with someone. If you disagree, you can respectfully use the words, while defining praising, and expressing your agreement with some cases, you can also disagree with some limited cases. Don’t forget that expressing and exchanging these agreements and disagreements will strengthen communication and strengthen business.

Deliver value

The contents must be unique. They should bring value that the audience has not found anywhere else. You should not mention things that you have used before in posts or comments. Your statements should be new so that your audience has never seen anything like it before. This way, you can highlight your comment and indirectly attract the audience, make them click on the comment, and enter your profile.


After all these steps, it is time to write. Content writing is a very important part of the work that reveals your main purpose, way of thinking, literacy and information level, and some other things.


Writing format is another issue that you should pay special attention to. Spacing between words, appropriate paragraphing, and other writing items, if used correctly, add to the beauty of your text. If you write your text without any paragraphing and completely in one go, the reader’s eyes will get tired and the possibility that he will not continue the text to the end increases, maybe at the beginning of the reading, with a general look at the text, a desire to read it. do not show


You must be honest in your speech and express everything you want to say with complete clarity. If you want to post a line comment, it is better to get permission first, explain about its advantages and disadvantages, and then post it safely. Remember that in this way, the effectiveness of your work will also increase.

Organize your performance

One of the most suitable methods for this purpose is to use RSS Reader. I use Hootsuite for this, and I have created a separate window for it where I put my RSS feed. So I can look at it whenever I check my other accounts and post a comment as soon as a new post is published. You can register in Gravatar to plan and set goals before publishing a comment. By using it, you can organize all your comments and bring trust and credit to yourself.

Perspective marketing strategy

If you are going to do something, either do it 100% or don’t do it at all. You can’t fool yourself, so if you want to grow your business through comment marketing, based on the things mentioned up to this point, you shouldn’t think like this: Well, how many comments do you share every once in a while? I say No, doing these strategies correctly will give you very good results, results that require the following processes to happen.

1- Determine your goals

Your goal can be anything. Maybe cultivating a social audience or maybe finding an audience to interact with and become brand supporters in the future. Whatever it is, you must specify it to write a comment. Do you want to increase the traffic of your site or do you want to expose your opinions in the form of continuous activity?

An ideal target list should include blogs that publish regularly and have high traffic. If you are looking to increase traffic, you should find websites that provide a direct link from within the comment to your website (rather than placing a link from within the site to your profile) This can make a huge difference. increase the amount of incoming traffic to your site.

If your focus is on comment marketing, you should give more importance to increasing reputation and connections than clicking links. Good examples that can be referred to in this context are MOZ and Search engine watches. But in the meantime, the Quora website is also very important, although it is not a blog, but it has good comments that you can take advantage of.

When you start your work, you must constantly check these sites and spend time to leave logical comments on them, so first of all you must make sure that the target site is appropriate.

2- Measure

Determining metrics in comment marketing is very difficult because you never know how many people have seen your comment, but instead, you can see the results. You can find out the results by viewing the amount of incoming traffic to the site.

3- Identifying the list of sites to establish interaction

You should prepare a list of sites that you intend to interact with. We don’t mean to choose 200 sites and post one comment on each one, no.

What we mean is that you choose the top ten sites and post 15 to 20 comments on each one. Continuous commenting will strengthen your activity and the eyes of the audience as well as the author of that site will get used to seeing you, maybe interaction will be formed in the meantime.

4- Search

Before writing anything, first search and check. Go to the site you want to comment on and check it out. Carefully read the archives and other comments that other people have left and find out its strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to what other people have connected with in the comments and get to know them as well. Then you can increase the effectiveness of your action according to the information obtained.

5- Set a notification mode to publish new content

If you are looking for your comment to be seen by most people, you should leave it between 30 seconds and three hours after the publication of the post and no more. For this purpose, setting a notification mode that notifies you immediately after waiting for the post can be very useful. Remember that comments that are published earlier have a higher chance of being seen.

6- Use social networks to develop and publish your comments

Social networks work great for this purpose, especially Twitter, where most publishers are present. By placing a thoughtful comment in a post, you make the owner of that post think that you are not only looking to promote your business, but you are also looking to promote his post, and this is the beginning of a two-sided interaction. It is for the parties.

7- Restore your comment marketing strategy

When you start to evaluate your activities, you will realize that there are things that need to be tested and recovered. According to the popularity and freshness of the post you comment on, you can see the results in the first days of the post’s publication. Then you can use the goal evaluation section to evaluate how comment marketing affects your traffic.

If a series of sites do not bring you the amount of traffic you want, you can remove them from your daily schedule. Instead, if a series of sites bring you a high volume of traffic through comments, you can strengthen your activity in them.

Such sites help to increase traffic and business development, and as soon as you find them, you should increase the routine comments in them to increase your trust and credit in this way. Constant commenting can also establish a way of communication with the site owner because bloggers generally like constant commenters who are also chatty.

The best comments have a few points in common, which we will review together to increase the quality of your comments as well as set an example:

  • They are posted on the most popular blogs.
  • They are a direct link to the main site to which traffic should be directed.
  • They are published immediately after the post is published.
  • They are very useful for readers.

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