Twitter has always been one of the most influential social networks. This issue has caused big brands to invest a lot in this popular platform in the past few years. This has made Twitter SEO even more important. In this article, we will discuss 7 steps for Twitter SEO and a comprehensive Twitter SEO training guide. Twitter’s impact on site SEO is also discussed.

What is Twitter SEO?

Twitter SEO is a set of optimization measures and techniques; that is done to improve the visibility of the user account on Twitter and related searches. The main goal of SEO X (Twitter) is to increase the access and attention of users to your tweets and content. By using the concepts of SEO training on Twitter, you can increase the influence and visibility of your user account and, as a result, attract more audiences.

Why is Twitter important? Many people post on Twitter to comment on a product or service they have used. Because Twitter is a content social network (albeit of a micro type), one of its most important features from the beginning of its construction was that people publish their various situations during the day in 140-150 characters. This culture led people to write on Twitter about all aspects of life, such as an opinion about a product or a problem they had using a product. For this reason, many people search on Twitter to choose a product course, or service and find different opinions.

One of the goals of businesses to be on Twitter is the same; that users publish their criticisms on Twitter. Brands are also on Twitter to be heard and well-supported.

The most important thing to point out is that SEO on Twitter has 3 main goals.

  • Seeing your tweets and user profile in Twitter searches
  • Visibility in Google search engine
  • The impact of Twitter on your site’s SEO

In the first part of this article, we refer to Twitter SEO, and in the second part, we refer to the impact of Twitter on-site SEO.

A comprehensive guide to Twitter SEO

Twitter is not just about reading tweets. Many people search for their desired word or hashtag in the search section of Twitter to find their favorite profile or content. Whenever it comes to search, SEO is included. For example, it must have happened to you that to research a brand, you searched for its name on Twitter, or that you were looking for a specific person whose field of expertise you only know; You search for it in the search field of Twitter. When a topic is trending on Twitter, you search for its hashtag. Now suppose you can offer your user profile and content to the user in all these situations. In this way, you can increase your contacts.

The advantage of SEO X does not end here. Another advantage is that they can be seen by Google. Google knows the importance of social network X for the audience. For this reason, many brand words, show the latest content written on Twitter by people or brands. The purpose of this work is to make better decisions for the audience; So that users can answer all their needs on Google

Twitter SEO ranking factors

Before we start the steps of SEO X; It is better to first take a look at the factors that affect the SEO of your Twitter profile and Twitter checks them. Of course, during the research, these factors are more effective on the contacts’ feed, but knowing them is not without grace; Because they are also important for Twitter SEO training.

  • Recency: The date and time of tweet publication are effective on its ranking.
  • Relevance: Twitter’s algorithm gives more importance to tweets that are related to the topic of interest, previous behavior, and previous interactions (likes, comments, retweets) of users.
  • Engagement: The more likes, retweets, comments, shares, bookmarks, etc. your tweet has, the more Twitter cares about your profile.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags define the topic of your tweet. Use trending hashtags in your field. But to make the tweet readable, shorten it to one or two hashtags.
  • Profile credibility: Factors such as profile age, tweeting regularity, and average past engagements signal the credibility of your profile for Twitter.
  • Photos and videos: Tweets that have photos or videos; are more likely to be seen.

You might ask yourself if these are useful for the audience feed and not important for Twitter SEO. We must say that these factors indirectly affect SEO X and cannot be neglected.

7 stages of Twitter SEO (X)

1- Selection of keywords

You have probably seen this step in all SEO-related articles. Finding the most searched keywords of the audience is one of the main steps of SEO for Twitter and other social networks. If you don’t know anything about keywords or how to find them, I recommend the article The Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research. But you might ask, isn’t choosing keywords on Twitter different from the website?

Yes; It is somewhat different, but the concept of work is the same. Here’s a way to choose Twitter keywords that you can do exclusively for Twitter. For this, we need Keyword tools. One of the advantages of this tool is the keyword analysis of Twitter and other social networks.

After selecting Twitter, write your important keyword and select language so that the tool will provide you with a list of good hashtags and words. You can find the best words to use in your tweets. In this case, use the website keyword selection tools such as KWFinder, MOZ, SEMRSuh, etc.

Where do we use these keywords:

  • From the main words of your brand in your profile and tweets
  • of the most searched keywords of your competitive field in tweets

2- Choose tweets with trending and relevant topics

One of the keys to success in SEO X is using trending topics on Twitter. Of course, do this very carefully. Twitter is a critical space and you may receive a lot of criticism with the wrong tweet.

Every day, many things happen in society, people around and different people on Twitter, which makes that topic trend on Twitter. If this event is related to your brand and industry, tweet creatively about it and use your keywords in its text.

Of course, don’t limit your profile to these tweets. Use creative tweets on important topics of your business space. Don’t forget that creativity is very important on Twitter. also; Do not forget to relate the tweet to the topic of your activity. Avoid dealing with other topics. One benefit of this is that Twitter’s algorithm will show your tweets to people with similar interests and behaviors.

3- Interaction with other users and accounts

Responding to the comments of the audience, welcoming new followers, commenting on quotes, respectfully responding to criticisms, etc., all apart from the branding task; also helps your Twitter SEO. How? The more activity and interaction you have with your contacts, the more you enter the feed of your contacts and the more your tweets are seen.

But it is not enough to interact only with contacts, but also interact with accounts that are in your topic and field of work. Don’t forget to comment, retweet, quote, and other accounts.

These two cases will make you more visible and the Twitter algorithm will give more importance to your profile and tweets.

4- Tweets are important

A tweet thread is a collection of tweets connected to one account. They are used for more detailed explanations or to tell a story. You should also use tweets in your program. Why?

  • You have more opportunity and space to use keywords.
  • You go deeper into the content you write.
  • Audiences are very interested in tweets.

5- Use text instead of image (Alt)

Use text instead of images in tweets that use images. It is the text you use to explain the image. This text is read by search engines and users for whom the image has not been opened, and it is important in the SEO of your image. Because Google understands and indexes the image better by using it.

6- The order and distribution of tweets

One of the most important factors of any social network is the order of activity in it. This problem also exists on Twitter and is one of the important factors of SEO on Twitter. Plan content for a month. Try to post a tweet every day or every other day. If you feel like this is too much, tweet once a week on Tuesday, but don’t deviate from this routine. Post a good tweet every Tuesday that includes keywords and hashtags.

Another Twitter SEO strategy to increase the number of tweets is to distribute them. The purpose of this work is to see more tweets and increase the audience. Publish your tweets on other social networks. Also, another powerful solution is to use Twitter ads.

7- Monitor your competitors

This is an important step in SEO X. Know your competitors on Twitter and monitor their tweets. See likes, comments, retweets, and other interactions of contacts with them. Use it to get ideas. Check out their best tweets and use their success factors in your tweets.

Of course, you can use social network analysis tools like SEMRush for this.

SEO X in Google

As we said, one of the strengths of Twitter is that they are shown by Google in their search engine. To do this, do the same steps as above along with the tips below:

User’s search intent

Google’s most important goal is to meet the needs of its audience; For this reason, the search intent of users is very important. If your tweets and profile on Twitter meet the needs of the audience in the searched word; Chances are your tweet will be seen.


Google measures content quality with 4 indicators experience, expertise, credibility, and trust. Try to post quality content in your tweets with E-E-A-T.


The user experience of your website is very important to Google. If your website has a low speed or an incorrect shape on mobile, the probability that your website and tweets will be displayed on Google is low. If you link to your website in your tweets; Make sure the website opens fast, responsive, and secure, and the user can easily move between different parts.

The impact of Twitter on-site SEO

As we said at the beginning of the content, one of the uses of SEO X is to help your site’s SEO. As you know, Off-Page SEO is one of the most important stages of your site’s SEO which Google uses to measure your credibility outside the website. External SEO is the catalyst of the world of website SEO; which increases the SEO speed of your website.

One of the things we do in foreign SEO is work on social networks and Social Signal. Of course, a social signal is not a direct factor in the SEO of your site. If you don’t know about Social Signal, read the following article:

Twitter as a social network with high domain power (DA) can be a good source for social signals and external linking. Do the following tips for the impact of Twitter on SEO:

  • Publish your best articles on Twitter by personalizing the text and link to the website.
  • Don’t link all your tweets. Act natural.
  • Act regularly and interact with your audience.
  • Do your best to increase your likes, comments, and retweets.
  • Don’t delete linked tweets.
  • Ask Twitter users or influencers to tweet one of their favorite articles on your website.
  • Tip: You can promote the last one with a good Twitter campaign in cooperation with the marketing team.

Most frequently asked questions about Twitter SEO

  • How long does Twitter SEO take?

Like site SEO, SEO X is also a time-consuming matter. It may take weeks or months. Follow the steps of SEO on Twitter, and be patient and persistent.

  • Do photos and videos affect Twitter SEO?

Yes, be sure to use images or videos in your tweets. Add alt text to your images so that search engines can see them better.

  • How to have better Twitter SEO?

Choose your keywords, and use them in your profile and tweets. Be active regularly, use a relevant hashtag or two, and monitor your competitors.

  • Does Twitter’s social signal affect site SEO?

No, a social signal is not a direct rating factor. But your tweets will be displayed on Google. So be sure to follow Twitter SEO tips.

  • What effect does Twitter have on SEO?

You can use it for external linking. Publish your best articles and ask users to retweet your best pages with Twitter campaigns.

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