Instagram has become one of the most visited social media, and due to the addition of different features on Instagram, many businesses are using it to sell their products and services. Business owners are trying to benefit from all the possibilities of this social network, among which, the most important influencing member is the number of followers. Falling followers on Instagram means the number of your followers is decreasing, which is not without reason. One of the problems of all businesses is the decrease in the number of followers, even though they don’t know why. Today, due to the increase in Instagram users and the number of people who are active in it as influencers, there is heavy competition between people. In such an environment, if you neglect a little and do not look for basic solutions to increase your visitors, you will be left behind. In this article, we will point out the reasons for the drop in followers on Instagram, and the ways to fix it.

Reasons for losing followers on Instagram

The reason for the drop in Instagram followers has various reasons, which are not limited to one reason. The loss of Instagram followers depends on the type of your activities and compliance with rules and standards. One of the mistakes that many businesses make is producing advertising content. Of course, it is important to note that simply creating advertising content is not bad, but if this is done repeatedly, it means that you do not value your users and are only looking to make money through content creation. Due to the update of Instagram algorithms, users who do not interact with you will be deleted by themselves, but the problem starts when the users unfollow you. According to the research, the reason for the drop in followers is due to two reasons: the user and Instagram. In the following, we will discuss in more detail the reasons for the drop in followers on Instagram.

Publish a large number of posts

If you prefer the quantity of posts to its quality, you will lose followers. Many Instagram pages are only looking for content production and want their audience to always be exposed to new content, while quality is more important than quantity for users. If we want to talk about content production on Instagram in general, I must say that having a basic plan for regular content production on Instagram is of great importance. Be aware of the issue of promoting quantity and quality in content production together.

Failure to communicate with the audience

One of the factors that is very important for Instagram algorithms is your interaction with the audience. Today, there are many ways to communicate with your audience. Among the factors that cause a decrease in audience on the page is not paying attention to the needs of users and not answering their many questions. For example, suppose you have a page on Instagram to sell your products, if you don’t communicate with your audience and answer their questions about your products or services, you will discourage users.

Followers being fake is one of the reasons for the drop in followers on Instagram

Many businesses follow fake pages at the beginning of setting up pages on Instagram. This will cause your followers to drop. Of course, it is necessary to mention that doing this work at the beginning can be useful to some extent, but when doing this work increases, it will cause users to lose trust in you and your social page. It is better to avoid doing this for the credibility of your page.

Follow the yellow pages

Yellow pages are pages that do not have content related to your field of work. If you are a business brand, sometimes followers look at your following to find other people in your field of work, if all your followers are on the Yellow Pages, this is another factor that causes the drop of followers on Instagram. will be

Introducing the vague identity of the page is one of the reasons for the loss of Instagram followers

One of the reasons why people follow your page is because they are looking for a specific topic, but if you start publishing unrelated content after a while, they will unfollow you. If you have a social page with ambiguous content, your followers will not be able to identify what the content of your page is about after a while and therefore will unfollow you.

Failure to use hashtags correctly

Hashtags will increase the number of your visitors when you are familiar with hashtagging methods in social networks. The content you produce is exposed to many people during the day, and with the help of hashtags, you can increase the number of visits to your page.

Not using the Instagram story optimally

One of the most effective ways to increase the engagement rate on Instagram pages is to use Instagram stories. When you don’t have a specific plan for creating your content and you don’t make optimal use of Instagram stories, your page becomes a dead page; And you will miss many opportunities to attract the audience. It is better to publish stories with suitable hashtags and locations so that your page visits increase and contacts can communicate with you better.

Content not valuable

One of the reasons for the drop in followers on Instagram is the lack of functionality of the content. First, you should determine the purpose of your page and start creating content according to your purpose. Plan your posts. In general, according to the experience of users, 3 of your 9 posts should be to communicate with the audience; These posts are published to build trust among users.

The incoherence of the page is one of the reasons for the drop in followers on Instagram

Creating social pages on Instagram shows your activity and gives a general understanding of your field of work to the audience. If your Instagram page has unrelated images with inappropriate colors, this issue will become a factor in losing followers on Instagram. Publishing quality posts along with having a suitable format will gradually increase your followers.

Not using catchy captions

Creating visual content does not always indicate the quality of your page, but in addition to publishing quality photos related to your field of work, you need to write textual content or captions. Captions are one of the factors that will increase your interaction with the audience. The poor quality of the caption can be one of the reasons for the drop in followers on Instagram. To solve this problem, you can ask your followers questions and ask them to share their opinions with you.

How to prevent the loss of Instagram followers?

So far, we got acquainted with the activities that cause a decrease in Instagram followers. The question that arises for many users is what not to do will prevent the loss of Instagram followers. To answer this question, it is better to pay attention to the following points.

  • Maintain your brand personality and credibility.
  • Note that social media is not just for advertising.
  • To communicate with your audience, use the appropriate language appropriate to your field of work.
  • Talk about the features of your products or services and do not directly offer to buy.

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