The most basic form of content production is text content production. Today, producing textual content is one of the most essential parts of content marketing; For example, if you want to produce video content, it is better to write your text and talks first; Also, other activities carried out in digital marketing are somehow related to text and text content production. If you have just started designing a website or intend to make many people aware of your activity, following the principles of producing textual content can help you in this field. Without producing textual content, few people will know you, but if you have a basic plan for your site and start producing textual content in your field of activity, search engines can easily examine the words you have written. and help rank your site.

The importance of producing textual content

As you know, content production is done in different ways; From producing textual content to producing visual content; In general, content production is used in all industries, and according to the advancement of technology, the content production process and the techniques used in it have changed. Content production in today’s world, in addition to providing information, is mostly done to create value in the audience, and you can introduce your services or products in different media; In fact, content production is a way to create more communication with the audience. As a writer, it is better to be aware of various techniques of comparison, story writing, report writing, and many other things to be able to produce valuable content.

Stages of producing textual content

Creating textual content is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness among customers. If you also own a business and want to develop it, you will need content production. To be able to produce attractive and audience-friendly content, it is better to prepare a program before starting work. These steps are generally true for any business and you can use them to produce quality content. The stages of producing textual content are:

Content production strategy

One of the principles of producing textual content is the formulation of a strategy that is related to the beginning of content production. At this stage, you have to decide from which direction you intend to produce content and what are your goals for content production. There are different ways to find your way into the content creation competition:

  • Obtaining detailed information from potential customers
  • Analysis of competitors who are active in your field of work
  • Checking the channels where your potential customers will be present

After you have completed the above steps and become familiar with the ways of producing textual content and attracting more audience, you should not leave your audience alone; You should also plan for after the user enters. When you intend to produce textual content, you must pay attention to the issue of what keyword you are producing content for because if your keyword is not suitable, it will cause your content to be buried and users will not be able to see it.

Quality content production

To produce quality content, you need a person who is skilled in this field. Content production has its steps and principles according to what platform it is used for; For example, if you intend to produce content for the site, you must be familiar with the principles of text content SEO, and writing an attractive title to direct users to the site is one of the things you must do to produce quality content. The question that may arise for you is how to create content for the site. To answer this question, it is better to examine content creation for different parts of the site:

  • Creating content for the main page of the site: Creating content for this part of the site should be such that it attracts the attention of the audience; Also, the user should be able to find information quickly and easily.
  • Creating content for product introduction page: In creating content for products, it should be clear why the customer buys from you. In general, introducing a product if it includes product photos, features, details and benefits of the product can be considered a tempting offer.
  • Creating content for the About Us page: In this section, you should create content in such a way that the audience trusts your company, and the tone you choose in this section can increase users’ trust in you. An About Us page is one of the best ways to express why your company is unique.
  • Creating content for the blog: sometimes the audience will enter your site through the blogs you publish; For this reason, you should write articles about your products or services in such a way that in addition to providing information, you should encourage the audience to visit your site. It should be noted that for your article to be seen on the first page of Google, you need to follow and know SEO standards.
  • Content optimization: If you work as a writer in a collection, usually a program will be considered for you, which keywords should be included in each article, and you will produce content based on the desired program. How internal and external linking should be done is the task of SEO.
  • Publishing the post: At this stage, the written posts should be reviewed to be user-friendly. If the text is not organized in appearance, it will cause the audience to get tired after reading a few lines.
  • Analysis and review: After publishing the textual content, it is time to review its performance. In general, it will take a few days for Google to index the published content and display it in Google results; You can also use tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics to find out what keywords users used to enter your site.
  • Content rewriting: One of the things that Google will give you points for doing is content rewriting. In content rewriting, you can add photos, videos, or new text to your article; It will also be possible to update the content based on keywords that have a high impression rate through the tools that exist for checking the content.

How will the audience find my textual content?

There are different ways for audiences to find content, but if you don’t use these methods, Google will do it for you. In this way, it is enough to produce basic and attractive content and publish it on your website. If you follow the rules in creating content, your site traffic will increase over time; Also, to increase the audience, it is better to write content that is optimal for both users and Google search engines.

Types of text content production

There are many uses of text content and you need text content even to create video content. In general, textual content is one of the basics of marketing and you can use various types of textual content to attract your audience. The most common formats used for text content are:

  • articles
  • Site content
  • SMS content
  • Product Description
  • Sent emails
  • Electronic books
  • Press releases
  • Content of social networks

Using different formats of content can reach potential customers at different stages, so the purpose of using them is to direct customers to use your services.

Key points in producing textual content

To produce textual content like any other content, you must follow rules and principles to produce content that fits the needs of users. In general, the structure of textual content consists of three parts, which include: the title, introduction, body, and conclusion. In the rest of this section, we will discuss some points about the production of textual content.

Content production based on audience persona

Knowing your target audience can help you produce original content. At the beginning of your work, according to the services or products that you are going to provide to the customers, you must have a relative knowledge of the audience. This awareness of the target audience will help you to understand what your audience is looking for and what questions will come up in their minds so that you can produce content accordingly.

Start your first sentence professionally

Usually, the first sentences play a significant role in attracting the audience and encouraging them to read the rest of the text. If you do not use skill and creativity in writing the opening sentence, the audience will easily leave your site or page. To learn how to write opening sentences, it is better to check the contents of different authors to gradually understand how you should start writing the opening sentences of the text.

Use quality images

Creating textual content does not mean publishing long text that leads to user fatigue, but to increase the attractiveness of the written text, you can also use high-quality images. Creating empty spaces and filling them with photos related to the text will give rest to the audience’s mind and will make the content stay longer in the audience’s mind.

Identification of text content distribution channels

As we mentioned above, in addition to knowing the target audience, identifying different channels of textual content is one of the points that should be considered. This is important because text content that is going to be published for social networks is completely different from creating text content for email.

Creating textual content based on SEO principles

In addition to the fact that the produced content must be attractive to users, this content also needs to be optimized from the point of view of Google search engines to be on the first pages of Google. Adhering to the principles of SEO for the production of textual content will lead to its placement in the top ranks of Google, which will ultimately lead to more visibility for you.

Use subtitles

One of the ways that will optimize your content is to use subheadings that fit the topic. This work has made the audience not to be caught reading long paragraphs. The sub-headings have made the generated content to be categorized on the site and make it easier for the audience to access different parts of the article. If I want to say the principles of creating textual content in general, these items will be categorized as follows:

  • Writing a suitable, attractive, and audience-friendly title.
  • Each sentence should be about 15 words.
  • To make the text more beautiful, it should be bold between the headlines and the main headline.
  • The appearance of the content must be neat.
  • The written content must be justified.
  • Each paragraph should be a maximum of 85 words so that the audience does not get tired of reading it.
  • In writing the content, pay attention to the different parts of the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • It is better to leave a subheading for every 250 words.
  • The tone of the content should be determined based on the topic.
  • Try to write for the audience and not for yourself.

How to write attractive titles?

One of the ways to attract the audience to read your article is to write appropriate headlines. Writing attractive titles will create a sense of need to read your content. Here are some tips for writing an attractive title:

Creating a sense of fear or urgency in the audience

The secret of this trick is to limit the time for users by using different techniques. If you want to hold a webinar in the field of SEO, you must write in such a way that the audience feels the urgency to participate in your webinar at the same moment; For example, the countdown to registration for the webinar teaching 0 to 100 principles of SEO for people who are looking for top results in Google. This webinar will no longer be extended! Such content will create a sense of urgency in the audience to use your services or products.

Write about user concerns

If you want to communicate more with your users, it is better to write about their concerns. Try to discover the concerns and problems of users and write content accordingly; For example, what are the ways to recognize fake Instagram followers?

Using negative items to write the title of the article

Another way to write attractive titles is to use negative phrases. For example, if your activity is in the field of digital marketing, in addition to writing content about digital marketing methods, it is better to publish an article about the factors that cause failure in digital marketing.

Using question words in writing titles

If you want to provide your users with a solution, you can use words like how or how in writing titles. This type of writing title can have a high click rate because many users use question words to find solutions to the questions they have in their minds.

Use keywords in the title

If you want to produce an article for your business, you must use keywords that are relevant to your business. If you are looking for more attractiveness in the title of your article, you can use the same keywords in the title of your article; For example, a group that specializes in SEO can act like this to write the title of the article; Website SEO training or WordPress website SEO steps.

Important points in writing and producing different types of textual content

As we mentioned above, there are different types of textual content, each of which requires special knowledge and expertise to produce content that is liked by users. To produce different types of textual content, you must follow certain writing principles, which we will discuss further.

Articles, from all kinds of text content

According to a 2020 research on content marketing, more than 90% of marketers stated that blog posts are the main method of marketing. Having a coherent plan for producing textual content in the blog section can be an ideal solution to achieve success and improve the ranking of your site. For published articles to rank well in search engines, it is better to produce them based on SEO standards; For this reason, in the production of textual content, you must do the following:

  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Identifying the user’s search intent
  • Review competitor articles for your target keywords
  • Find people’s frequently asked questions and answer them in the article
  • Collecting original data and using them in the article

Product content

Another type of textual content is creating content for products or product content. If the product descriptions are well written, it can be more effective in attracting the audience. In this section, we are going to give some tips to help you write a suitable description for your business.

Provide value to the customer

Instead of constantly writing about the features of your products, it is better to include the value and goals of your target audience in the description. In this part, it is better to work on the value that the use of your products will have for customers.

Expression of customer needs

When you intend to provide services or products to your customers, it is better to state in the product description what needs of the audience will be solved; For example, if you intend to sell a website design package, you can write in the product description which people this package is suitable for and what results will be obtained for them by purchasing it.

Email newsletters

To maintain interaction with customers and retargeting, you can create text content in the form of email newsletters. In this way, you can provide users with a wide range of information about your company or organization. For example, if your collection has recently produced a product, you can send an email to users to let them know about this product. In general, the purpose of sending emails to the audience is to provide information about services and communicate with them.

To write effective emails, you can pay attention to the following points:

  • Write a suitable title
  • Clarity in content writing
  • Write about the benefits of your services or products to users rather than company features

How to start producing textual content?

One of the ways that can make you a professional writer is that you should first read the writings of different people so that you can learn about different writing styles. In the next steps, you should start transcribing and then free writing and taking notes on topics you like. From the last step, which was related to free writing, you can create textual content about the needs of users. Remember that the path to becoming a professional writer requires a lot of practice to become a professional at your job.

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