You have probably seen on some Instagram pages that some posts have the names of 2 people next to them. Or that two people have published the same post on Instagram. Using the Collab feature on Instagram, which was recently added to this application, you can create and publish joint posts on Instagram. Instagram’s collab feature has been released in its latest update, and if you want to access it, you must update your software.

What is the new “Collab” feature of Instagram?

Instagram VP of Product Vishal Shah recently announced the feature. Collaboration is an abbreviation of collaboration. He said that collaboration and information sharing are a big part of many users’ activities. To test this process, we have also worked on the Collab feature, which people can use to participate in Feed Posts and Reels.

Does the Collab feature combine likes and comments from two accounts?

Keep in mind that using this feature, one post will appear on two Instagram accounts. But the question that arises here is what is the task of likes and comments?

This type of post contains both likes and comments from both accounts, so it can have more likes and comments than individual posts.

Putting together Instagram posts with Collab

This feature is currently being tested in the UK and India and may not be available to everyone in the UK and India. Sometimes Instagram activates new features only for some accounts and sometimes it does this for all people in a country. Of course, there is no more information available on how to publish Instagram’s collab feature.

If you are in one of the countries of India and the UK and the Collab feature is not activated on your Instagram, you can follow the steps below:

  • Enter the App Store / Google Play software
  • Search Instagram
  • If there is an update button, click on it

After updating, check if the Collab feature has been added to your Instagram.

If you still do not have access to the new feature of Instagram after updating the software, you should wait for this feature to be offered to more people.

What is the difference between collab and mentioning?

By mentioning, users have to tap on the photo to see the mentioned people, and the followers of the people you mentioned will probably never see your post unless the mentioned person shares the desired post in the story. share Although it has the same application, it is different from Collab.

However, in the Collab feature, account usernames are displayed above or next to the title (even in another person’s account). This feature has the potential to increase your following because other users will see your ID directly.

Should you use the “Collab” feature?

If you want to publish a joint post on two Instagram accounts, the best way is to use the Collab feature on Instagram. If you have entrusted the management of your Instagram page to a professional admin, this feature will be used for the following purposes:

  • Cooperation with influential brands
  • To post your post on valid pages
  • Collaboration between influencers to grow more followers
  • Share pictures of friends and family on Instagram

Does Collab work on Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can use the Collab feature on Instagram for Reels too. You can use this feature when you are collaborating with a brand or another Instagrammer.

How to put a post on two Instagram accounts?

If you want to post a post on two Instagram accounts, you must use the Collab feature of Instagram. Of course, this feature called “Invite Collaborator” exists in the software, and how to do it is as follows:

  • Upload a post to Instagram
  • Select the “tag people” option
  • “Invite Collaborator”
  • Type another person’s / brand’s username
  • Post
  • This post will appear in your profile grid
  • Also, the person with whom you shared a post will receive a notification and if they accept this notification, the desired post will be placed in the person’s account.

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