How to establish a strong relationship with the Instagram audience by knowing Instagram algorithms and being seen more?

Nowadays, many businesses use Instagram as an effective tool for sales development and branding. Being seen in these channels is the first condition to increase the audience. Maybe you have seen a sudden decrease in the interaction rate of contacts with your page, in this situation you may have doubted the type and quality of your content.

In some cases, even after a good growth in the number of page followers, you may face severe stagnation and imagine that your page is not being noticed as before. In this situation, many people seek to discover algorithms and understand Instagram behaviors to be displayed more. In this article, we will teach you Instagram algorithms so that you can start increasing the engagement rate of your page right now. You can take an Instagram page admin training course to learn about Instagram algorithms and methods of increasing page engagement and page growth.

You are responsible for all the activities of your Instagram page!

Most people try to blame others when they are in a difficult situation, but maybe it’s time to be honest with yourself: you are solely responsible for everything you do on your page. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time designing a certain post but didn’t get the feedback you were hoping for after publishing it, you might have asked yourself, “Instagram’s algorithm hates me.” In this case, it’s best to stop and ask yourself instead:

“Is it just the Instagram algorithms that are affecting how much engagement I get on Instagram? Is there anything we can do to increase the interaction of my page and be seen more?”.

Many times, we see that people immediately reduce the engagement of their page, blaming the Instagram algorithm for this action. In this situation, first of all, we should review our strategy and check if anything can be corrected and improved. So after reading this article, check whether you are doing everything you can to improve your page performance and comply with the Instagram algorithm. Also, stop obsessing unnecessarily about algorithms and instead obsess over your target audience the most.

So instead of staring at the number of likes of your latest post every moment and blaming yourself for the decrease, spend your time and energy communicating with your contacts. Always talk to your contacts, interact with the content they publish, and reply to messages you haven’t checked in recent weeks.

If you are good at connecting with your audience, you are immune to the inevitable changes in algorithms in the future. In the following, we will explain to what extent creating a relationship with the audience can be important for Instagram and its algorithms.

Design posts that will be shared

One of the best things you should do to improve your page is to publish content that people will be encouraged to share and save by viewing it. When someone saves or shares a post, it signals to the algorithms that your content is valuable and deserves to be ranked higher and seen in the Explore section of similar people.

Note that likes do not have a high value in this case. This is because likes are a passive type of interaction that does not indicate whether someone found your content useful or not. But what differentiates shareable and saveable posts? What are the criteria for measuring each of them?

In general, savable posts are usually designed to educate followers and encourage them to save that post so that they can continuously use its tips and can quickly access it in the future if necessary. In using these posts, try to produce serial or slide posts to create more interaction and engagement with followers.

On the other hand, the posts that have a high sharing rate are usually entertaining, controversial and controversial, inspiring or motivational. In these cases, people connect with the content so strongly that they are encouraged to forward the post to their friends and acquaintances.

Of course, this type of content is also used in advertising content where people have to send the relevant post to their friends or share it in a story to participate in a lottery or a special contest. Try to include these two items in your strategy so that you can get the most out of both of them.

So you need to take the time and think about what tips and tutorials are there in your work that you can design a post about that people want to save for themselves. What interesting things are there in your business that will surprise the user and encourage him to share? In the following, we will discuss the issue of running contests and advertising campaigns and how to plan and manage them.

Use the Instagram Reels feature

If you are not familiar with this feature, Rails is the newest feature of Instagram and has a great impact on your visibility and placement in Explorer. Previously, this feature was similar to TikTok, a serious competitor of Instagram, which by copying and imitating, Instagram is currently encouraging its users to use Rails, and this is a great opportunity for your business to be able to Follow things that Instagram and its algorithm are interested in will be placed in Explorer and be seen more.

Now is the best opportunity to use this feature and surf on it. It may seem a bit difficult the first time you use it, but over time, when you get to know its details, it will be easier and faster for you to use it. Now that we have addressed the role and importance of using this feature on Instagram for its algorithms, we will explain how to design and make it. To create and load rails, you can use the program itself and there is no need to install additional software.

There are countless reasons to add rails to your social media strategy. Here we only mention a few things:

Rails give you a lot of freedom of action and creativity. Unlike posts that should be designed very formally and calculated, in Rails you can have a more intimate relationship with your contacts.

You can put any type of content on the rails, be it educational, personal, motivational, or even product promotion.

As mentioned in the previous section, algorithms attach great importance to rails, and using them puts you in the explorer.

So, if you want to increase the engagement and engagement rate of followers, be sure to use this feature. If you think this system has confused you, don’t worry, first spend some time looking at rails from different brands, businesses, and people. do. Then identify ideas that match your brand personality. Finally, set a few hours a week so that you can design some rails with the help of your creativity and innovation.

Focus on connecting with your audience

The online world is constantly changing and evolving, and we always see the emergence of new networks with advanced features. Therefore, it is not far from expectation that another channel will take the place of Instagram in the future. But are you prepared for that day? Suppose you wake up one day and find that Instagram no longer exists and no one has access to it. In that case, will the number of likes and comments on your last post matter to you? Will the sharing rate of the posts be practical in this situation?

In your opinion, how many of your followers will even remember your brand name in this situation? For what percentage of them will you be important and will they feel your emptiness?

The only way to matter to your audience is to spend a lot of time with them to build a strong relationship with them. This relationship does not only mean liking their post, but it is necessary to know their name, taste, and even their goals so that you can get a better understanding of the audience so that eventually a strong relationship can be established between you.

So if you are now frustrated with the structure and how the Instagram algorithms work, I recommend that you stop checking your page stats so often and instead focus on building connections and conversations with your community. These relationships protect you from future algorithm updates and help you stay in the minds of your audience even if Instagram disappears tomorrow. In the following, we will discuss how to know the tastes and interests of users through insight statistics.

Post regularly

In 2018, Instagram announced that one of the most influential factors in its algorithms is having the right timing when posting. In other words, newly published content will likely rank higher in the feed section. So by knowing the hours when the audience is most present on Instagram and publishing posts at that time, we will have a better chance to be seen more. To find these hours, just go to the insight section of your user account.

But the things that have been said do not mean that you should post continuously and daily or several times a day. However, in 2020 what the algorithms want you to do is to have a content calendar and be regular in your Instagram posting schedule. For example, posting on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday can be a good strategy for your page.

Publishing less but quality content regularly will have a much better effect than if you want to post every day, because in this case, in addition to reducing the quality of your content, over time you will fall behind your content calendar due to the delay in publishing posts. And you will feel disappointed. Therefore, by creating a regular schedule and designing an Instagram content calendar, do your work more regularly. When you know what content you are going to share on what day, you can start creating pre-determined group content so that you don’t have to worry about that day’s content.

Produce video content

By observing the process that Instagram has gone through in recent years, for example adding the story, IGTV, and Rails sections, we notice one thing: “Instagram’s goal and policy and of course its algorithm is to prioritize video content”.

Of course, the good news is that high-quality video content is no longer just for companies with big budgets. Today, anyone can hold a live whenever they want or use Rails to connect with a wide range of people. Instagram Lives increases the knowledge and trust of your followers towards you more quickly, gives your brand a more human face, and gives people the opportunity to hear your voice and your thoughts and concerns. to see

On the other hand, Rails provides you with a more interactive experience with the audience, and of course, Igtv and Story are other tools for producing video content that you need to use at the right time. So, increase your views by creating the type of content that algorithms love (video). By doing this, you will not only increase your engagement rate but also build stronger and better relationships with your contacts.

get live

In the previous section, I mentioned the benefits of sharing video content and why live streaming is a fantastic way to deliver this type of content. One of the advantages of Instagram Live is that when you start live, a notification is sent to your followers and your page is placed at the top of the user’s feed making you more visible.

It is interesting to know that during the first quarantine that was formed at the beginning of the Corona epidemic, only from February to March 2020, the use of Live met with a 70% increase in the United States. However, not only did we not see any slowdowns or disruptions in Instagram’s servers, but we also saw an increasing number of live streams around the world.

However, if the thought of going live and being in front of the camera still makes you anxious, follow the 3 solutions that we will discuss step by step. When you move forward step by step, your fear and stress will decrease.

Before holding your live, it is better to briefly introduce a list of topics you want to discuss to the audience in the form of a story.

Before you start, express your content in front of a mirror or to someone close to you and ask them to give their opinion about your presentation.

Make sure that your internet volume and speed are satisfactory and sufficient so that you don’t face interruptions during live.

By doing these things, you will have everything you need to perform an attractive and stress-free life. Holding live without prior planning and suddenly will not be of any benefit to you. Live is a golden opportunity to share your expertise and personality with your audience.

Having self-confidence is one of the important factors when going live, but it should not be an obstacle in your way, it may be a little difficult at first, but with repetition, the stress will disappear and you will become a professional in the field of online speaking. became. Finally, by holding live, the interaction rate between you and your users will increase and more content from your page will be displayed to them.

Hold an Instagram contest and give away a prize

One of the great ways to create interaction and attract more users is to create content advertising campaigns. To do this successfully, first, make sure that your giveaway and contest are both legally and logistically reasonable and workable so that you don’t run into problems. For example, make sure that if a large wave of users come to you to buy a product, you are ready to respond, can ship, or even have enough inventory to accept their orders.

Businesses often consider their products or services as giveaways for their contests. On the other hand, some service businesses, in partnership with complementary brands, create more complete packages as products or training to create added value so that there is a special opportunity to attract more audiences.

Collaborating with others is a great way to make a bigger impact and introduce you to a new audience community. For example, if you are active in the field of clothing, you can start a joint campaign with a page related to cologne and hygiene products and give the winners a package including clothes and cologne.

Once the giveaway is determined, choose a unique hashtag for your ad campaign and then set a timeframe and goals for the campaign. Your goals for each campaign are determined according to your organization’s strategy; This means that your goal of running a campaign may be to get more followers, be seen more, get input for your site, etc. Finally, you need to decide what people need to do to enter the contest.

Here are a few things an audience can do to participate in your campaign:

  • Like the campaign post
  • Like + comment
  • Tag one or more friends
  • Follow your page
  • Publish a photo with your product and campaign hashtag

One of the best ways to get more Instagram exposure is to focus on building strong and intimate relationships with your audience, but how? One of the ways is to use attractive captions. If you want to increase engagement on your page and show Instagram that your content is valuable and worth ranking higher in your followers’ feeds, you need to do something to get people engaged with your page and time. spend more time in it.

Make your content attractive with the help of captions

In addition to high-quality image and video content, you need to add descriptions to your content. The details you provide in this section should be targeted and describe the desired product or service in such a way that the user is first encouraged to receive more information (direct communication) and then make a purchase.

How is your description? Educational, motivational, direct, and first-person conversation or perhaps advertising? What is your purpose for that explanation? Do you want the people under that post to answer your possible question? Express your personal opinion about a particular topic. Or tag your friend? In any case, try to use fewer CTAs that lead users to the link in the bio.

If you don’t get any feedback from your content, then you won’t have a high chance of having an engagement rate and proving your ability and quality to Instagram.

To avoid this issue, be sure to write a well-thought-out description before publishing any content and make it understandable for your audience with proper paragraphing and short sentences. Also, always place a specific CTA in the final part of your content and Ask the audience a question or an action and ask them to answer your request in the comments. By doing this, on the one hand, you will establish a more direct connection with people, and on the other hand, you will increase the engagement rate of your page.

This will allow you to discuss the topic in the comments section. Also, with this method, you can communicate with different people and maybe in the long term, two-way cooperation will be formed.

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are a feature that Instagram has put in place to identify any post among other posts, but their excessive use may damage your page.

Using hashtags may seem a bit confusing at first:

  • How many hashtags should we use?
  • Which hashtags to use?
  • Is it better to use them in the caption or the comments?

In response to the questions raised, the following can be stated:

  • You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags (but do you have to use all of them?!)
  • Try to use niche and more specialized hashtags.
  • It depends on you. It is better to try both to see which one is better for you and will be more effective.

Regarding the first point, it can be said that although you can put up to 30 hashtags in each of your posts; experience has shown that it is better for the hashtags used to be lower in number and chosen thoughtfully. Although there are still differences between experts in the number of hashtags that should be used in posts, a range of 6 to 9 hashtags can be considered appropriate. But which hashtags to use for each post? Next, we will discuss the policy of choosing hashtags.

For example, as mentioned in the second point, you should use hashtags that show your expertise, even if not all users use them.

If your user account has less than 10,000 followers, using high-volume hashtags (hashtags that have been used by more than 5,000,500 posts) is completely pointless, why? Since accounts with a large number of Instagram followers Those hashtags are used and ranked if small accounts want to use it, it will not be seen unless someone wants to see that hashtag in the recent section, which will also be temporary and very soon among a bunch of Content will sink.


It is better, just as SEOs spend time researching keywords, you should also dedicate a part of your work to researching hashtags. Here are some short solutions to find the right hashtags for you:

To start, use hashtags related to your field of work (product or service).

If you face a lack of motivation at times and no more ideas come to your mind, analyze your competitors; To see what hashtags your competitors are working on and what results have been obtained.

You can also track people who you think are your potential customers and see what topics and hashtags they are searching for.

Make sure these hashtags have low to medium volume, so look for hashtags that have between 1,000 and 150,000 posts attributed to them.

Design a hashtag bank so you can keep all the relevant hashtags together at once. In this way, you can always monitor them and select and combine several of them for each content.

By repeating this strategy, after some time you will reach a group of hashtags that will bring you the most return.

Check out the Instagram Page Insight

The goal of Instagram, like all service providers, is to gain audience satisfaction. So, as a person who has a business, you must seek the satisfaction of the audience, and this satisfaction cannot be achieved unless you know the interests and demands of your target community.

So it can be concluded that getting customer satisfaction will lead to more Instagram satisfaction and as a result, more views of your page. But how to understand the taste of the audience? How to find out what kind of content the audience connects with more? The good news is that Instagram has done it for you! The best way to understand user behavior is to analyze and check the insight provided by Instagram itself.

By viewing the statistics of various posts and your page, check what type of content creates the most interaction for you, for example, comments, saves, shares, or referring to the website links in the bio can be criteria. be suitable for this work.

Write down topics that are popular with users and use them in different formats over and over again. For example, if you produced a series of posts or slides about a certain topic and received positive feedback from the audience, you can prepare a detailed live about that topic to show how much people’s opinions are important to you.

Understanding statistical insight will show you exactly which topics your audience welcomes and which topics they dislike. You will probably be a little confused when you first encounter this statistic, but be sure that the more time you spend studying the different sections, the more insight you will gain and the faster you will master it. Once you analyze this data, you can use it to your advantage to give your audience what they want in the first place, then increase engagement, and finally capture Instagram’s attention.


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