Google’s advertising service, which is called Google Ads, is one of the effective solutions for businesses to introduce themselves and their products. The working method of this service is PPC or click advertising, which means that payment is considered for each click on your website or product. This service is known to many, but there are still misconceptions about it that affect the strategies of businesses. Next, we need to take a deeper look at these misconceptions.

Its use is mandatory

Before anything else, keep in mind that the use of Google ads is relative and varies from organization to organization and from time to time. Business A may not need it, but Business B desperately needs it. It is even possible that A’s business, which does not need Google ads now, will go to Google Ads in the future by changing its strategy. In short, know your position and see if Google ads fit in your strategy or not

Google ads have an impact on SEO

This issue should be clarified once and for all. Google ads and SEO are two different topics, but in many cases they are complementary. SEO is the process of improving your website’s ranking based on specific keywords so that you show up whenever a specific keyword is searched for. This optimization method with SEO is known as the organic method, but another method is to use Google Ads. This time, almost the same thing is done by paying through the auction, but this optimization is temporary, not permanent. In simpler words, you temporarily dope to be on a higher platform, but this is not permanent standing.

Although Google Ads and SEO are different, Google Ads can help SEO by identifying user behavior. Using this service, you can identify popular keywords and optimize your blog based on these keywords. For example, how many were clicked on each how much impact they had and what was their conversion rate? By knowing these things, you can identify the most effective words and focus on them in the SEO process.

Google AdWords also helps you understand what other words are searched for besides the words you have specified and, as a result, identify related words. Identifying these words will reveal the user’s behavior more to you and help to complete the persona more accurately.

When the competition for some words is high, the related words that have been identified can be used as their substitutes. With this, both the advertising efficiency remains at a high level and the cost is saved.

The cost of using it is high

First of all, Google Ads is in the form of click ads, and the cost per click is deducted from your account. Even if your website is displayed for the word or words you want, but the user does not click on it, there is no cost to you, so don’t worry; the Google Ads method is fair.

Second, if you know your business well and are sure that you need Google ads, see the cost as an investment. If you don’t have an audience if you don’t have a good conversion rate, and if your site traffic is not good, how are you going to grow? Even if you are the best at what you do, you are not successful until someone knows you. See the cost you pay for Google Ads as an investment if done the right way.

I don’t see my ads, so Google Ads doesn’t work!

A large number of people still have this misconception in their minds. First, you should know that you and the device you are searching for are not the only Google users. Google displays ads based on user behavior. Many factors shape user behavior, search history being one of them. Along with the keyword, Google also considers the user’s behavior and then displays the search results, so if you or your friend can’t see your website for the keyword you paid for, you should first consider that your behavior was not such that Google will display your website. Simply put, your website has not been a favorite topic in your search history.

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The second factor is that Google Ads is an auction and you are not the only one advertising. There are your competitors and other businesses that may have paid more and are ahead of you (this is not always the case, but cost is one of the influencing factors. More explanations are available below). Plus, Google ads are pay-per-click ads, and if you show up for every search and every time your website is clicked, your limited budget will run out in a day!

We do not sell online, so there is no need for it

It is a common misconception among some that Google ads are only suitable for businesses that sell online, but this is never the case. Do all businesses that have a website necessarily have an online store? The answer is no. The website is a communication channel between the business and the audience that needs to be seen even if you don’t have an online store because the website’s visibility means your visibility. Many people find their desired service or product by searching the Internet, even if that product requires a physical and traditional presence to buy. Does an oil and gas company sell anything online? Probably not, but it still needs to be seen. In addition, you are not the only business in your field your competitors are also present and it is your challenge to choose your website among all the competitors’ websites!

The negative actions of competitors drive me away

This issue causes many worries and even panic. Your competitors may deliberately click on your ad and your account will be empty without any return, but this is nothing to worry about. First of all, thanks to existing algorithms, Google can detect unusual clicks and ignore them (at no cost to you). One of the types of unusual clicks is a high number of clicks in a short period, which may even be done by different bots, but when you are ready, there is nothing to worry about. One of the tools that can help you a lot in this way is Google Analytics. Using it, you can identify user activity on your website, classify users, and then prepare for malicious actions as much as possible. The following steps will help you optimize:

  1. Don’t click on the ad yourself and let the statistics you get be real.
  2. Group your traffic. By doing this, you can identify the source of the traffic.
  3. With this, you can identify the behavior of users in the way you want, and if there is any suspicious behavior, it will be identified.
  4. Be aware of Google’s rules and policies. The words you use may be restricted.
  5. If you are an ad publisher and use Google AdSense, use the authorization feature to remove unwanted ads.
  6. If you want to identify Google blocks, you can set a column for it in your Google Ads account. Google has 4 types of blocks for unusual clicks, you can see all of them.

Finally, you need to trust Google because it is highly accurate in identifying unusual activities. There are many additional tools that you can use alongside Google Ads. By optimizing and carefully monitoring the website, you can be prepared for malicious actions and stop worrying.

Higher price, more range

As you know, Google Ads is based on an auction and keywords are offered at different prices, but you should know that many factors determine the position of your website, and the bid price is only one of these factors, and a higher price does not necessarily mean a higher position. Every time your ad is displayed, it will be auctioned and ranked correctly. This rating determines whether your ad will be shown or not and how it will rank. In addition to the price, this rating is determined based on the quality of the ad, landing page, search topic, or the effect of plugins and advertising formats. It was said earlier that the user’s behavior is effective in displaying or not displaying the ad, so first of all, the user’s behavior is considered for displaying or not displaying, and then scoring and ranking is done based on the price and other factors that were mentioned.

Google Ads works wonders

Just as Google ads should not be considered useless, they should not be considered miraculous. Despite all the positive aspects that have been mentioned for this amazing service, it is necessary to know that Google ads do not work miracles. This tool is most effective if it is used correctly along with other tools such as SEO. Google ads, despite all the opportunities they provide to users, are only part of a larger strategy that serves site traffic and usually with a certain conversion rate (for example, the conversion rate for mobile phones is about 3 percent). Therefore, if you cover your weaknesses with this service, it is necessary to improve your weaknesses as soon as possible, especially the weakness in SEO.

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