Certainly, when you enter different websites such as news agency websites or movie and music sites, you must have seen the suggested content section or sentences like “enter if you want to lose weight”. This type of advertising is called matching advertising.

What are Matched Ads?

Matching ads are a set of ads on Instagram, ads on Google, or similar to banner ads, whose content is compatible with the site’s content. This type of advertising is more based on content, like digital marketing training, but banner advertising has a more colorful advertising aspect.

Benefits of Matched Ads

In addition to being an advertisement, native ads create a better UI and user interface due to the appearance of coordination with the display site.

Another advantage of native ads is that they don’t look like ads, so they don’t disrupt the user’s interaction with the page. Native ads are often displayed as recommended content on websites, appearing below or next to the article you just read. Native ads even appear as part of your news feed on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

In addition to these native ads, it increases the site’s click-through rate (CTR) and is usually displayed in the form of an image with an attractive title. However, due to the coordination they have with the platform of the display site, it is mostly done to attract new audiences and brand awareness and has less of a sales aspect.

Native advertising is a pragmatic marketing tactic that works in the form of supply and demand. On the supply side, some publishers are looking to earn money from their sites. On the demand side are advertisers looking to reach more audiences, increase brand awareness, make sales, or collect leads.

All kinds of matching ads

Suggested content

It must have happened to you on various sites, when you reach the end of an article, you come across a series of suggested articles from all over the web or daily offers. Similar to this type of advertisement is the advertisement on online shopping sites. For example, you are going to buy a mobile phone, and at the bottom of the page, you will also see a series of similar products.

Google Ads ads

Search for the word “air ticket purchase”. The initial sites in the search results of Google, which are high with advertisements in Google Ads, were distinguished by only one-word “ad” next to the site link. But in terms of appearance and features, they are no different from other pages in Google search results. These types of ads are also considered as native ads.

Targeted matching ads

In targeted native ads, you create your ads on the target site either based on the topic, or based on keywords, or based on user interest. For example, you can publish your ad on sites with the same topic as your ad or choose a few keywords to be displayed on pages where those keywords are used in the title or meta description of that page.

You can choose to show your ad only to social media enthusiasts or tech enthusiasts.

In-content advertising

In-content ads are ads that are placed among the news content of a site, during the slides of a post or Instagram story. These ads direct the user to the target page.

Many platforms operate in this field and you can create native ads on the sites you want by registering on these sites.

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