In the web world, we all run away from anything that is spam. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spam email or a spam website. A spam website is a website that is not standard and usually uses black hat SEO techniques. There is no useful content for the user on these websites.

Since Google wants to display the best available content to the user as much as possible. So always fighting with these websites. How?

Google has released many algorithms to fight against spam websites. Some of these algorithms are famous like Penguin and Panda algorithm. While there are many algorithms that no one knows anything about. One of the algorithms that Google recently introduced to fight against spam websites is the SpamBrain algorithm, which we will introduce in this article.

What is Google SpamBrain?

SpamBrain is the name of one of the most important Google algorithms. This algorithm is designed with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The SpamBrain algorithm was launched in 2018. Although no one was aware of the existence of this algorithm, SpamBrain managed to grow over time. Google finally introduced it publicly in 2022. Google explains the SpamBrain algorithm as follows:

“SpamBrain is a powerful platform built to identify spam websites. Since we started using the SpamBrain algorithm, we have constantly updated it to identify and eliminate all types of spam websites on the Google results page more effectively and accurately.”

The purpose of creating the SpamBrain algorithm is to detect spam websites. When Google identifies a website as spam, that website experiences a severe drop in ranking. In some cases, it may even be completely removed from the Google results page.

SpamBrain is very important to Google. Since 2022 the emergence of tools based on artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT, has become a serious competitor for Google, it is natural for Google to use every opportunity to improve its performance.

What website is considered spam by Google?

We all know how much Google hates spammy websites. However, Google has not yet officially announced what features in a website make it a spam website. Experts guess that the following are considered spam by Google:

  • Low-quality content produced with artificial intelligence,
  • hacked websites
  • Websites that buy links
  • Websites that exchange links.
  • Websites that use a PBN or Private Blog Network.
  • And websites that do unnatural external linking.

How does Spam Brain work?

As mentioned, the Spam Brain algorithm is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In other words, the algorithm that enhances the detection of spam websites works based on machine learning algorithms. To determine whether a website is a spam, Google’s machine learning algorithms compare it with other spam websites it has detected so far, and if it finds a similarity between them, it recognizes that website as spam. SpamBrain’s machine learning algorithms learn over time what other factors might turn a website into a spam website, and from one point on, it works much better and more accurately at identifying spam websites.

According to Google’s 2021 annual report, Google announced that the SpamBrain algorithm in 2021 compared to 2020:

  • It has detected 6 times more spam websites.
  • 99% of SERP (Search Results Page) search results are non-spam.
  • The number of hacked spam websites on the Internet has decreased by 70%.
  • The number of gibberish spam websites on host systems has decreased by 75%.

*Gibberish Spam refers to any type of content without purpose, including meaningless characters, words, or sentences that are widely sent to people in the form of e-mails and text messages. The purpose of sending these messages is often advertising, increasing the rate of visits, and sending suspicious links.

How to avoid SpamBrain fines?

Google’s policy has always been to not release too much information about its algorithms and how to avoid website penalties. However, the good news is that, unlike other SEO factors that may be out of your control, site spam is something that you can control. It is enough to carry out the SEO of the website in line with the rules and guidelines of Google.

To prevent the site from being penalized by SpamBrain algorithms and jeopardizing the site’s position on the search results page, be sure to observe the following in the SEO of the site:

1. Produce quality and valuable content

We all know that recent Google updates revolve around producing quality and valuable content for the user. In addition, the best way to attract website visitors and improve SEO is to produce high-quality content.

Quality content is content that has the 3 important characteristics of E-A-T or expertise, reliability, and credibility.

The concept of E-A-T is very important for Google.

2. Do quality and principled link building

Link building is one of the most important steps in SEO. Links signal to Google bots that your website is authentic. Although many SEO experts believe that the site can be optimized for search engines without link building, there is no doubt that link building, especially in highly competitive areas, helps the site’s SEO to achieve the desired result faster.

Introducing the Link Spam update

Google constantly updates the SpamBrain algorithm to ensure that it displays the best results to users on the search results page.

On December 14, 2022, Google started rolling out another update called the Link Spam update. According to Google:

“The Link Spam update has been developed to combat unnatural link building with the help of SpamBrain.”

In other words, SpamBrain has been enriched with the Link Spam update to combat unnatural link building, backlink buying, and link farm websites.

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