Google uses a set of rules to rank website pages, which are called algorithm rules. Google’s algorithms are not fixed and become more complex day by day. In other words, Google is trying to improve its algorithms to show the best and most relevant results to the user.

If you are familiar with SEO, you must know the Google Panda algorithm. The story of the Panda algorithm in SEO began in 2012, and as soon as this algorithm was published, the ranking of sites faced fundamental changes. In short, the Panda algorithm made the ranking of the site pages on the Google search results page more legitimate. That is, SEO experts who before the Panda algorithm could easily bring a site to the first results of Google even if it was weak and did not have high-quality content with Black Hat SEO methods, now they had to change their work method according to the Panda algorithm. And otherwise, the SEO of their site would fail.

In November 2022, about 10 years after the introduction and release of the Panda algorithm, Google announced the retirement of the Panda algorithm and introduced another algorithm instead.

This algorithm, which replaces Panda, is called Coati. In this article, we introduce the Coati algorithm and learn more about it. But before that we have to see what the Panda algorithm is?

What is Panda Algorithm?

The purpose of publishing Google’s algorithm was to fight against low-quality content. SEO at that time (10 years ago) was not like today. Perhaps producing quality content was the last thing on an SEO professional’s mind. For this reason, there were many black hat methods that the SEO specialist could use to get a site to the top Google results without trying to create content and relying only on these methods. The result was that the user was searching for a phrase, but the results displayed on the search results page were not what he was looking for. For this reason, Google got to work and designed the Panda algorithm. What happened was that many sites were removed from the results page and penalized. With the publication of the Panda algorithm, attention to the production of high-quality content increased, and SEO experts realized that the production of high-quality and unique content is the main key to success in SEO.

What is the Coati algorithm?

Most reliable SEO sources believe that the Coati algorithm is no different from the Panda algorithm. In fact, we can imagine that the Kwati is an updated version of the Panda, only the name has been changed. In addition, unlike Panda, the Kwati algorithm does not penalize a site. Kwati believes that ignoring sites with poor content is the best penalty.

Hyung Jin Kim, the vice president of Google, also announced that the Coati algorithm was implemented before its public introduction. This means that we all have worked with such an algorithm without being aware of its existence.

How does the Coati algorithm work?

Although the Coati algorithm has replaced the Panda algorithm, its function and purpose are the same as the Panda algorithm.

In other words, the purpose of the Coati algorithm is to remove weak websites and low-quality content from the SERP or Google search results page. Posting duplicate and copied content will no longer appear in search results. Google doesn’t like showing poor quality content to users on their results page.

As a result, the only way to be friends with the Kwati algorithm is to publish quality content and nothing else.


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