All site designers and programmers, webmasters and programmers are familiar with text editors; Just as you need a good web designer and SEO to get your site to the top of Google results, you only need a system and a code editor or text editor to design web pages.

Considering that the code editor or the text editor is one of the basic needs of every webmaster, I decided to give a comprehensive explanation of 5 of the best text editors in this article.

Before starting the main article, let’s read a brief explanation about the text editor.

What is a text editor?

A text editor is a set of software that can edit simple text files. These software are used to write various source codes in programming, editing files, etc., in general, simple texts.

Text editors can display text files with different fonts and sizes, Although the features and capabilities of text editors are completely different, some of them have more advanced features that the webmaster or site designer can use according to their needs and activities. He can use the best of them.

1) Atom text editor

This editor is one of the popular editors for website designers, which is completely free and open source. Atom software is at your disposal with a pre-installed version with four UI and eight writing themes in dark and light colors. If you can’t find what you want, you can also use the themes created by the Atom community or create your theme.

Using the software in normal mode, you can edit source scripts and text files or view and manage other files. By switching to software developer mode, it allows you to edit programs and improve them by adding new features.

In short, the atom editor offers you more features than a text editor, because it can manage your files or edit their content.

This program also has unique features under the table:

  • File system browser
  • Fuzzy finder to accelerate the speed of opening files
  • Project searcher and replacement
  • Has different and multiple cursors
  • Pages piece by piece to do several projects at the same time
  • Has a folding code
  • UI settings and a very beautiful user interface
  • The possibility of entering grammar and text themes

2) Brackets text editor

This software is an open-source and advanced text editor that is provided completely free of charge. In this editor, in addition to the default applications of this editor, you can use the available plugins and implement a more professional editor according to your needs in designing web pages. Of course, the focus of this editor is more on the implementation of the front-end part of the website and it has interesting features in this direction.


Note: This is not a general text editor, and its focus is mostly on the side of client codes, such as website design.

The environment of this editor is very beautiful and professional, and you can use this professional editor in any operating system.

The following are the features of this text editor:

  • Easy HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding
  • Ability to debug and find program errors
  • Can be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
  • Folder selection and easy control of files
  • The possibility of installing the required add-ons
  • The possibility of changing the format and appearance of the program
  • Live preview of the project

3) Webstorm editor

Webstorm editor is one of the best and most professional web page editors.

Webstorm allows you to easily edit javascript / CSS / HTML files in the style you want.

By using the autocompletion feature of the program, you can edit and create your files faster with the ready codes of the software and greatly reduce the possibility of errors.

If your work is in the field of front end, this editor offers you complete facilities and capabilities. This editor is a multifunctional, flexible, and powerful software that will make editing web files easier than you think. One of the interesting features of this professional editor is when writing commands.

When you type the first letter of the command, the full names of the commands that start with those letters will be displayed for you.

Other features of this professional code editor include the following:

  • Completion of browser specifications based on DOM
  • Compatibility with Node.JS
  • Debugging of JavaScript based on Mozilla
  • Support for developed frameworks
  • Batch analysis of codes
  • Combination and injection of languages
  • Intelligent detector of multi-copy and duplicate codes
  • Synchronization of FTP and Remote files
  • Integration with the version control system

4) Visual studio code

This editor is an integrated and wonderful environment for designing web and cloud-based applications provided by Microsoft and is completely open source. The simple yet practical tools of this program are similar in functionality to Visual Studio but have more interesting and new features, and this program provides a set of useful tools in a modern and efficient user environment.

One of the remarkable features of this program is Git control capabilities, which facilitates the process of testing, building and even expanding various types of software.

Using this program, the user can create several different designs save them in his project, and configure them quickly and easily.

Other features of this program include the possibility of using sample snippets, as well as the possibility of creating and saving fragments or pieces of code by the user himself. This program can create the output of the project in the form of a text file. Other features of this text parser include the following:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Ability to edit and debug two code files at the same time
  • Ability to support programming languages C #, C ++, Clojure, F #, HTML, CSS, JSON, JAVA, Lua, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, Visual Basic, XML
  • Simple user interface

5) Adobe Dreamweaver editor

Dreamweaver is a practical software for professional web page designers and the reason for that is the various capabilities and features of this powerful software.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a powerful and rich software that most designers use for their web designs. With Dreamweaver, you can easily write the codes and tags you want, and the super professional editor environment of this program makes it easy for you to write codes by separating different codes. If you used to upload the file or place it locally to see what you made, now you can see the result with just one click.

The appearance and functionality of this editor are unique in their way, and if you are using a high-end system, I suggest that you use this editor.

Other features of this software include the following:

  • Support for various web page formats Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server, PHP, XML, HTML, JSP, CSS, ASPX, and…
  • Using the support of all tools available on web pages such as photos, animations, etc.
  • Full compatibility with the famous Adobe Photoshop software and PSD format
  • Increasing the efficiency of CSS on web pages with the help of Spry widgets components
  • Ability to add transitions such as grow, shrink, fade, highlight, etc
  • Compatibility and intelligence of the software and special coordination with PHP
  • Compatibility and possibility of intelligent coding of WordPress codes

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