Today, there is at least one computer in every office, shop, store and home you visit. Also, wherever you consider, there is a device that is connected to the Internet and uses it. One of the most important pillars of the Internet and online services are active websites that have thousands of daily visitors. With each passing day, the importance of website design increases, especially for sites that generate revenue.

In this article, Orangency intends to explore this issue with a list of documents on the importance of ordering web design.

20 important reasons to design a website

There are many important reasons that you have to consider in this area. Here, we are going to check out some of them. So, stay with us up to the end of this article.

Cost & Price

Advertising on the website and the Internet can be done at a lower cost than methods such as television advertising.

Different methods

In the web space, there is a wide range and different ways to advertise and be seen.


The website is like a big canvas that can transfer complete information about the product and service.


By answering the questions of a large number of customers at once by the website and inserting related content in it.

Customer relationship

The website is designed in such a way that it communicates with customers better than any other way (for example, telephone training) and gives them the necessary training to use the products.

Contact information

For several years now, no one has been looking for the number to contact anywhere in the phone book. Rather, they are looking for ways to contact it on the Internet and through websites. So having a website is vital for a business.


Note that if once the big belly was the credibility of a businessman, today, with the advancement of website design technology, it credits a business.

The best places

It may not be possible for everyone to shop and operate in the city center, but in the case of the website, everyone has the privilege of being in the best place on the internet with effort and pursuit.

24/7 support

In the above case, 24-hour support 7 days a week is not possible for all businesses unless this support is assigned to a smart and fast unit such as a website.

Content publishing

One of the biggest advantages of a website is the simplicity of publishing its content and services among the people and of course by the people themselves.

New group of customers

No matter how successful and well-ordered and customer-friendly a business is, website design makes it possible to create a new group of customers.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods in the world. In this way, even if people do not visit your website, they can be informed of the latest news of your work through the emails they receive.

Customer club

In the continuation of the above explanation, another advantage of website design is the possibility of creating a customer club. After creating a customer club, other types of services can be provided to the audience. Such as sending a weekly newsletter, offering special discounts and…

Potential customers’ contact information

Through the site, information such as contact information of people who are actual customers of a business can be obtained and planned to turn them into potential customers.


From the past to the present, there has been competition between different firms in one field of work. Owners of different jobs have always been looking for ways to win this competition. In today’s digital age, this is a professional website design solution for business.

Earning money online

The website allows you to work and earn money online in addition to the available ways to provide customer service online.

Reviews and Comments

In the blog section of a website, you can publish additional content from your business, which in addition to creating a customer through that content, allows customers to post comments and views.

Speed things up

Website design and creation makes things much faster. For example, eliminating consecutive phone calls from customers and order registration paperwork multiplies the speed of delivery to the end customer.

Reduce paper consumption

Designing and printing brochures and catalogs While modern man is no longer interested in studying paper and printed resources, he has no choice but to consume paper.

Customer behavior analysis

A website, if designed and created in a principled and specialized way, provides a website with a high-potential platform for analyzing performance and understanding customer behavior.

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