JavaScript has been the only native language of the browser since 20 years ago. But the recent increase in popularity of this programming language is not because learning JavaScript is the only option in the browser. Several main factors are involved in the increase in the popularity of JavaScript, which we will examine in this article.

D.ECMAScript 2016 (JavaScript ES6)

JavaScript is one of the languages that is changing rapidly. Of course, these changes are based on the ECMAScript specification, which has undergone major changes in version 2016 and above. JavaScript provides classes, generator functions, arrow functions, a JavaScript extension called async/await, two new methods for creating variables in JavaScript called let and const, an interface set, and many other great features that the program provides. It makes writing enjoyable. These new features have been inspired by other languages and have turned JavaScript into a melting pot of ideas that many developers love.

Evergreen browsers

The fact is that old browsers are very inefficient. They are inefficient because they lack new features that make development easier. Internet Explorer was one of the most popular browsers for a long time. Users had to download new versions of IE and developers faced many limitations to develop.

But Chrome was the first browser to introduce automatic updates, i.e. evergreen… these updates also mean they update the browser’s JavaScript engine as well. Developers can also use newer features sooner. Finally, this feature has reduced technical errors in web codes by providing access to developers to fix bugs in newer versions of browsers.

Node.js in JavaScript

Node.JS was not the first platform to extend the capabilities of JavaScript beyond the browser, but it was one of the best ideas and had the most capabilities for building fast and extensible applications. By allowing developers to use JavaScript outside of the browser, Node.js took the learning curve out of programming for many people. As a result, people can learn about new technologies instead of new languages.

Projects like Electron demonstrate this functionality, allowing developers to develop desktop applications using a language they already understand.

Increasing the power of browsers

Browsers are now significantly more powerful than they used to be. To things like geographic location, notifications, desktop alerts, WebSocket technology (allowing two-way communication between client and server), WebRTC (RTC or Real-Time Communications technology), and actually, with the help of simple javascript commands, video, audio, or even call extensions Creates file transfers between browsers), service workers, web workers, etc. think.

All APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are exposed through JavaScript.

The impact of JSON

Although JSON is just a data format, it is also a very popular type of craze that was born from JavaScript and will play a bigger role in the future.

Although JSON is primarily used as a format and format for storing documents, with the rise in popularity of APIs and the decline in popularity of XML, JSON has also become more popular and also reinforced by NoSQL, as a result, the development world is more exposed to Java concepts. Script has been placed and this has encouraged more people to use JavaScript.

Special features of JavaScript

JavaScript doesn’t follow last year’s rules, it’s completely dynamic, it’s not very type sensitive and it uses primitive inheritance. Most JavaScript browser engines interact with a Document Object Model (DOM) and a Style Language (CSS). All these features make JavaScript an interesting language that some love and some hate, and this issue create many discussions among programmers, which itself is not without influence in marketing…

Game development, the NodeJS backend coding environment, the development of hybrid mobile apps, and many other factors have increased the popularity of JavaScript.

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