The first time you used Hotjar, you were a teenager!

If you remember a boy, when the school was closed, you would surely go the way you were sure the girl you love would pass by?

If you are a girl, do you remember that you did not change your path without God, lest you lose the boy?

You were both strangers to each other, but you knew that your audience was always walking down a street instead of taking a taxi or a bus. This knowledge helped you to impress him every time with a new idea. You even gradually realized that he was interested in literature, for example, so you gave him a book as a gift until you finally turned this long-distance relationship into an intimate conversation.

You were equipped with Hotjar, when Hotjar was not fashionable!

Now what is Hotjar that gives us so much accurate information? What is its use? Where should we use it? You will find the answers to all these questions in this article.

What is Hotjar?

Well, let’s go … the first love was not useful for anyone … 🙂

We want to start with this sentence:

Everything that benefits the customer, that is, benefits your business. But do you have enough information / data to produce a product that will benefit your customer?

You may have a lot of numbers at hand, such as website traffic and bounce rates, which can be seen in tools like Analytics. But despite all these numbers and graphs, the main question remains unanswered.
With analytics statistics, you can tell when users are leaving your site, but you can’t find the reason. Where exactly do those who enter your site get into trouble when they decide to close the site and leave your web design alone?

With analytics numbers you can tell that your conversion rate is low, but why not become a customer? Why do users repeat a certain pattern of behavior? Well, you can easily find the answers to these questions using Hotjar.

Hotjar is a tool that analyzes user behavior and reports the results to you in the form of a thermal map, a recorded video (from the moment you log in to the site to the moment you log out), and so on.”

This tool can be considered as a complement to Google Analytics. Hotjar monitors user behavior and, with various poll plugins it installs on the website, shows you what a user has done on the site step by step.

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