Imagine that one of the internal pipes of your building has burst. You call a plumber. The plumber inspects the damaged pipes, then puts on an old, slightly dirty pair of jeans, repairs the pipes, and leaves the building. Well, that’s probably what you expect. Now imagine that the plumber in question came to your building in a clean, ironed and expensive suit and worked in the same clothes. You must have been very surprised at this moment.

Now consider that you are in court and you have an important case that needs to be addressed and at this point your lawyer will appear like a plumber in dirty and oily clothes. You will surely lose all your confidence in that moment.

The impact of clothing on work

But this does not make sense at all. The type of clothing worn by a plumber, lawyer or physician has nothing to do with their ability to do their job. However, it is very effective in the initial and emotional impact that it initially conveys to the audience. Therefore, it is important that they present the correct image of themselves in the first encounter.

Is the impact of the website on the business the same?

In the above examples, when you come across a lawyer in old, oily clothes in court, or when you see a plumber coming to work in a suit and bow tie, it may be a little too late to dismiss them because of the choice of clothes. A website, like these examples, has an initial impact, an impact that the audience receives on arrival and the first few seconds of the site. But the difference is that in the web space, if people do not like what they see or do not feel good about it, they quickly reject it and leave the website, looking elsewhere for services, goods or even look for the content they want.

A website does not have to be fun, professional, friendly or have any other attributes in its design. But it should be able to portray the personality and identity of your company.

For example, if you run a toy store for children, you do not need to design your site like a professional, multinational import and export company. If you are running a professional service company, your web design should not give the audience an image of a non-professional home-run company.

Website design tailored to your business

We have seen many professional businesses and corporations that have very poor website design that presents an inadequate image of them. On the other hand, we see many smaller companies that spend a lot of money to design their websites, which is not necessary at all.

What does your website offer?

We suggest that all business owners and company managers completely empty their minds of what they are and their services and products. Take a step back and look at your website, then ask yourself, “What does my website tell the audience about me?

You only have one chance to make the necessary initial impact on the audience; Because otherwise your audience will refer to another website and may never return to your site. So try to make sure that your site design is done in such a way that this effect and the initial image is what you want.

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