When you decide to start a website and do web design for your business, you will have several steps ahead. Choosing the right domain name is one of the steps and it is important to choose a domain that stays in the minds of your audience and customers. In this situation, you have many options. In this article, we will help you use a creative way to choose a domain name and keep your brand in mind.

Combining top-level domains (TLDs) with the brand of your collection can be an interesting idea. For example, you can use TLD domains such as .blog and .shop to introduce your website activity before entering users. You can use different combinations to use TLDs and create your own brand. This method will be very effective in branding your business.

To choose a specific and lasting domain name, we suggest using top-level domains to create a creative and exciting domain for your website. Join us and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this solution!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a creative domain name?

Some people choose long phrases for a domain name or randomly put some letters together to create a weird domain. We do not mean to choose creative domain names in any way. Some people think that .com alone is a good option for building a domain, but you should know that there are several TLDs that you can use to create your website name. Creative domains can be part of your company’s brand that blends with high-level domains to create a short and interesting phrase. It is good to know that there is an internet company for assigned names and numbers called ICANN that regularly approves new TLDs. There are several benefits to using these alternative TLDs for your company, some of which include:

  • Reduce registration and domain renewal costs
  • Introducing the purpose and type of website activity to visitors: In this case, each user knows what content she/he will encounter before entering the website and will reduce the bounce rate.
  • Making it easier for users to remember the domain name: Using TLDs in a domain name is a new and creative way to provide a new factor for your website and make it easier to remember.

It should be noted that the use of TLD in creating a domain name, along with its many advantages, may have some minor problems. For example, people may forget that your .org domain was created and try to access your website using .com.

What points should be considered to have a creative domain?

In this section, we will introduce you to three important points for choosing a specific domain using TLD, which you need to consider when creating a creative domain:

Combine your company brand with TLD!

Branding is one of the most practical ways to achieve more success and profit. With a little care, you can create a lasting and interesting name for your business so that your customers will not forget it in any situation. Merging a domain name with a TLD can be a good choice for your brand. The simplest trick to building a brand with this method is to introduce the TLD you want as part of your website name. The driftaway.coffee website uses the same method and instead of just using Driftaway as its trademark, it introduces the whole phrase driflaway.coffee as its brand. In this way, users, while not forgetting its specific name, can quickly enter its website and become more familiar with this business. The new factor will also be effective here; Because many people do not know that .coffee domains exist. So such a choice will make your website memorable and interesting. In addition, you can often create this type of TLD at a low cost, as mentioned earlier.

To be more successful in using these types of domains, you need to choose TLD URLs that match the status and type of activity of your website and do not seek to create unnatural and difficult combinations. The simpler your choice, the more likely you are to remember it.

Use simple phrases and words!

Short domains are well-recorded in memory and can be easily integrated into a company brand. The shorter the domain name, the more it will be remembered. Also, typing it in the browser is easy and you will get more user satisfaction. Consider the name Amazon. If the Amazon Store chose a long, hard name, how likely was it to remember and type quickly?

So be sure to choose an easy domain with as few letters as possible, because a short domain name makes everything easier, especially in marketing and branding.

To choose a short domain name, it is better to consider the following to have a safe and correct choice:

  • Consider different names, then remove the ones you do not like or are not available from the list. Now you can choose the best possible option by checking each of the remaining names.
  • Choose names that are easy to spell and less likely to be misspelled. In other words, simplify everything as much as possible to free users from confusion.
  • By merging TLD and domain name, you can introduce your brand to your users and make it last.

By considering the above, you can choose a suitable and practical name for your website domain, but know that not all domain names follow a specific procedure. If you find a name that you feel is appropriate, pay attention to your inner sense and choose it. Of course, if this name is not long and boring.

Own similar names with your final choice!

This offer may seem strange to you, but it is better to know that this method prevents the exploitation of profiteers. Consider the Amazon Store website again. The store owns the .com domain, but several other forms have taken ownership of the name, such as Amazon.shop, to prevent the creation of profit-making websites under the Amazon brand. As a result, Amazon’s identity is more secure, directing users who misspell their original domain to the main site.

Google also uses this method and registers domains similar to its original name to attract incorrectly written examples and avoid confusing users.

Many people register domains to sell to you later; So it makes sense that other options that you think might be useful to you, be sure to register before others register. The only downside is that you have to pay for the ownership and redirection of another TLD; Of course, this amount is usually small.

Concluding remarks

Using .com in the domain name of choice is simple and most people consider it the only right option. But this belief is not true and there are many new TLDs for creating creative domain names. Therefore, when launching your website, it is better to put together the various options ahead and choose the best one. In order to have a specific domain name, it is better to consider a combination of domain name with TLD and choose a simple name. Also to avoid security issues it is better to own different forms of a domain name with different TLDs.

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