Web technology is constantly changing. Changes in technology and web development standards have become a big challenge for those who work in this field, especially programmers and back-end developers. This has made it difficult for some to choose an efficient and effective backend framework. The frameworks discussed in this article can have a positive impact on back-end development due to their easy access, capabilities and performance. In this article, we want to introduce 6 of the most popular backend frameworks in 2022.

Frontend and Backend

When it comes to the development and programming of applications and websites, we come across two concepts: front-end and back-end.

The back-end specialist deals with the server side of the web application. While the front-end is where users interact with the site or application. In other words, the backend developer is responsible for controlling and managing the behind-the-scenes operations of the website and web application. The backend must be connected and coordinated with the frontend. While the front-end specialist focuses on the appearance of the site and application and its user interface, the back-end developer deals with the database and servers and the mechanism that connects the two.

What is a backend framework?

Before we define the backend framework, let’s get more familiar with the concept of the framework itself.

Suppose the framework is a ready-made template for design. Without a ready-made framework, you have to design and build everything from scratch to design every element. Finally, check if these components work well together. But with the help of the framework, half of your work is done. In fact, the structure you need is there and you just need to customize it the way you want. In other words, the elements you need are pre-made and you just have to put them together.

According to the example above, the framework

“It is a collection of resources and tools to increase the efficiency of the website and application.”

A backend framework is also a tool that can automate some of the web development processes, thus making web development easier and faster. In other words, the backend framework includes a library of tools and modules that help programmers design websites, web applications, etc.

The most popular backend frameworks in 2022

Now that you are familiar with the concept of backend framework and understand the benefits of using it for programmers and developers, we will introduce popular frameworks in the world.

1. Django

If you want to design a website that is complex, you can choose Django. Django is a web design framework based on the Python programming language, focused on building complex database-driven websites. If having a high-performance website is a priority for you, then you should choose Django.

Django is the most popular Python framework used in web development. Django framework works based on the principle of DRY (Don’t repeat yourself). According to this principle, Django code is reusable. This feature increases the speed of website development and allows programmers to focus on more important issues instead of spending energy on writing repetitive code.

Other features of the Django framework include its high security, user-friendly environment, and easy learning. In addition, Django is one of the most popular full-stack frameworks. As a result, if you are familiar with the Python programming language and want to design a website with Python, Django is one of the best options for you.

Applications that use Django include: Mozilla, National Geographic, and Instagram.

2. Express.js

Another popular backend development framework for JavaScript developers is Express.js. As you know, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​used around the world. With the advent of Node.js, JavaScript’s popularity in the backend development community has grown rapidly. For this reason, the Express framework was released in 2010 for Node.js developers. In other words, Express.js is a lightweight and minimal framework for NodeJS.

Apps built with the Express.js framework: PayPal, IBM, and Uber.

3. ASP.Net core

ASP.NET Core was first released in 2016. It is actually the open source version of Microsoft’s ASP.NET. This framework uses C# and Java programming languages. If your priority in web design is a positive user experience, the ASP.Net core framework is the right choice.

4. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails, works as a dedicated server-side framework based on the MVC architecture. Like the Django framework, Ruby on Rails uses the DRY concept. If you are a Ruby developer, Ruby on Rails is the right choice for you. The easy learning and user-friendliness of the Ruby on Rails framework is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Ruby on Rails framework is used in applications like Github, Airbnb and fiverr.

5. Laravel

PHP programming language is one of those languages ​​that are always needed by software and website development companies. One of the best frameworks for complex projects is the Laravel framework, and at the same time it is very simple to work with. Other features of the Laravel framework include high speed, security, improved site performance, and high flexibility.

6. Spring Boot

Spring is another framework that works with the popular Java language. Of course, the spring framework is a world of its own. Many programmers get involved in configurations when using the spring framework, which makes the programming process difficult and slows down the work. To avoid this obstacle, Boot Spring framework has been introduced. The Bootspring framework helps programmers by automating processes and reducing repetitive steps and is known as one of the popular back-end frameworks.

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