Those who are involved in the world of technology know how much a moment away from the news and updates of this world is. Almost every day new news of changes and updates in various sciences related to technology is heard. In this article, we intend to review the most prominent web and application programming skills in 2023 that employers and the labor market require from web and app programmers and developers.

1. The first skill: mastering the JavaScript programming language

A few years after the invention of JavaScript, this language is still very popular among programmers. JS, which can do almost anything, is very popular with developers and companies. In a report, DevSkiller provides interesting statistics about the top programming languages in 2023:

On average, JavaScript has been the most popular IT skill for years, especially in the United States of America. This language is even higher than the .NET programming language. And it has #C.

JavaScript has long been the most popular web programming language among programmers and website developers around the world.

This programming language is considered one of the first solutions to solve technical problems or challenges in organizations. Due to the large amount of educational content about JavaScript and the many opportunities to improve the skills of working with this language, JS still enjoys strong support from the community and the technology ecosystem.

If you are among those who just want to enter the world of designing and developing websites and web applications and have a long-term approach to learning web programming, JavaScript is the wisest choice.

Of course, programmers usually don’t learn just one language. Because then the number of jobs and projects they can do will decrease. The full-stack developer job position is one of the most lucrative jobs in the field of programming and web development.

2. The second skill: is familiarity with data analysis

Currently, big data is present everywhere and in all industries. And somehow all organizations and industries use data to improve their products and services. With the advancement of machine learning, data, and algorithms play an important role in businesses building and improving products and services.

Although in the past, some knowledge of data analysis was considered a plus for IT professionals, today it has become a basic requirement in some fields. However, it should be noted that data analysis is a job in itself. So, as a programmer, you don’t need to become a data analysis expert and have deep knowledge of mathematical concepts. The ability to use data analysis tools and frameworks is sufficient for programmers.

The level of expertise in data analysis depends on your field of work. However, with the increasing importance of data in all areas of business, you should prepare in job interviews to answer questions with a data analysis approach.

3. The third skill: passing the interview and more challenging programming questions

Programming tests have become a natural way to select programming applicants. More seriousness in work and solving programming problems is very important for those who are preparing for challenges and interview questions.

Now, employers include more complex programming tasks in the interview schedule. Therefore, the expectations of the people who take the coding test are higher than ever.

Companies that didn’t pay much attention to coding testing in the past are now using it more actively. Because preparing for the technical interview will take more time than the entire recruitment process.

To perform better in coding tests and solve programming challenges, more skills than technical skills are needed. It is better to work for some time on studying the common patterns of questions of this type of exam so that you can appear prepared for the programming exam.

4. The fourth skill: Java programming language

Years ago, Java programming language was very popular among companies. Technology companies developed their products with this programming language and many people sought to learn it. But for some time the use of Java was less.

In 2022, many companies started hiring experienced Java programming language experts. This trend will likely be maintained in the following years.

For a while, there was an impression that the use of Java is only limited to the development of old software and support systems and has no place in the world of new technologies. In 2022, many new things and features have been added to the Java language, which makes it an up-to-date language for developing mobile software and applications. The main use of Java programming language is to develop Android applications.

These cases have manifested especially in the development of the Java language without the need for libraries of this language or the Java virtual machine, which will probably speed up the process of increasing the popularity of this programming language in 2023 with their expansion.

Programming languages must be updated. It is not only the Java language that new features have been added to it.

5. The fifth skill: is the ability to work with cloud computing platforms

Cloud computing or cloud processing is one of the most important technologies in the world today, which most of the world’s companies have turned to. In fact, according to their need for storage space, companies are migrating to cloud computing systems due to cost savings and better scalability. One of the most important skills in 2023 for programmers is working with cloud computing systems.

This technology is also very vital and practical for all-around development in the field of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Because only Cloud can provide the resources and space required for powerful calculations and heavy processing of these sciences.

Learning to work with cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure will increase your bargaining power in job interviews. Also, it greatly increases the possibility of recruitment for future work positions. Of course, you don’t need to master all of these systems. Learning one of them will help you to get to know the general work and understand the desired technology.

To get started, you can use Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s cloud processing system is one of the strongest cloud processing systems in the world.

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