In fact, the website is your biggest tool for increasing sales. Cheap web design will certainly not make you look professional enough. The fact is that a website should be considered more than a combination of beautiful photos and attractive colors. Although the appearance of a website has its place, but the most important feature of a website is its performance. You must first ask yourself: What is my purpose in designing the site? Does cheap site design meet my goals?

Every website has a main purpose. This goal is usually to increase sales, increase the number of followers and visitors, as well as introduce the brand to customers. Now suppose you link these important goals to a cheap, low-quality designed website that will make your brand and brand less valuable and unprofessional.

Professional Web Design

Professional website design is a science today. According to research, 50% of users leave the website after 15 seconds; So from the moment a user enters the website, you only have 15 seconds to impress them. This cannot be done by designing a cheap site; Because to create this impact on the audience, many factors must be considered that can only be done in a professional website, and the fact is that basically designing a professional website can not be very cheap.

Your website is a virtual representation of your brand, determines your credibility and professionalism, and will reassure you if your user and viewer recognize that you know what you are doing. Otherwise it will refer to your competitors’ website which is more professionally designed.

The cheap price of website design may be tempting at first glance, but in the long run it will cost you much more. There are always hidden and unexpected costs when designing such websites.

Who are our new customers?

In addition, it may be a little difficult to believe, but the fact is that now more than 60% of our customers are individuals or companies that in the past designed a cheap site or previously from ready-made template websites such as WordPress and Joomla and after a while they faced a lot of problems and finally had to design a professional site, which means cost again and a waste of time!

In the world of web and programming, cheap prices always mean a low level of skill and knowledge. Of course, this does not mean that you must spend thousands of dollars to design a professional website! But you need to do your research and raise your awareness of programming systems, modern and professional site design, modern technologies and also the average price of site design. Ignore any cheap website design ads whose advertised tariff is much lower than this average price.

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