One of the most important points in web design is to pay attention to the correct routing and menu structure of the site. Navigation on the website is actually the key feature to attract and retain the audience. If the menu structure and routing of a website are not well designed and it seems confusing and confusing to users, they will never be able to find the important content and topics of the site and they will probably get bored and leave it too soon.

Make the site menu available to the user

Users of the online world are very impatient and if the site is designed in such a way that the site menu is not available to them and is not found quickly, the result will be a feeling of dissatisfaction and possibly leaving the website. The website should be designed so that the menus are where the user expects to find them. Usually the main menu of the site is designed horizontally at the top of the page or vertically on the left side of the page and the user expects to find it in these two places.

Note that designing the site menu in a very unconventional way and in invisible places will not make your site design look creative, but on the contrary may make the website look inefficient and unprofessional. Make it possible for users, menus, and navigation elements within your website to see them as quickly as possible so that they do not feel confused.

Always place menus in a fixed place

Design your site menus so that they are in the same place on all pages of the site and look exactly the same. The shape and form, the font type and the menu color should be the same on all pages. This allows the user to get used to the design of the reform website, get used to it and feel comfortable in it. If the site is designed in such a way that the site menu suddenly jumps from the top left of the page, disappears or changes its color and appearance in any part of the site, it will cause confusion for the user and eventually leave the site.

Site menu items must be clear and explicit

Avoid making your site menu items complex and too general. Using terms such as “resources” or “tools” that force the user to enter multiple pages to find the topic they are looking for is not at all appropriate in the site menu. Site menu topics must be clear and explicit. Phrases like “Products“, “About Us” or “News” are good examples to use in the website menu bar.

Remember that proper website organization and menu layout are one of the key points related to SEO and site optimization. If you want Google to give you a better ranking, try to use explicit topics in designing your site menu.

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