Advances in today’s world have made it easier to produce a website. In fact, doing web design is easy at the moment, but designing and creating a website with all the right sections and information is still hard work and requires high skill. Knowing “what pages does a website need?“, Or “what information should be included in a website to be successful in SEO” is not an easy task at all. Many designers make the mistake of building a website with all the necessary pages, which hinders its progress.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the essential pages on the website. Every professional website has 6 page models that are among its essential pages. In this article, we look at “What problems does deleting each page cause you?” And “Why should your website have one or more of them?“.

Privacy policies

The Privacy Policy page is often overlooked and users do not spend time reading this section. However, this section is one of the most important on the website. Of course, not all sites need this content, but if your website for any reason receives user information such as their name and email address, you should consider having a privacy page. Keep in mind that if you use cookies to track user behavior with a program like Google Analytics, you should also include this section on your website. In addition, in these cases, it is necessary to pay attention to international and national laws regarding the use of cookies.

Terms of Use

If your website offers services or products to users, you should consider a page for how you perform in providing that service or product. Content Terms of Use (TOU) are required on such websites. Some also know this section as the rules and regulations of use. Legally, TOU can protect you in any situation when you clearly explain your terms of use and how you operate to your customers. Some of the things you should mention on this page include how the invoice is structured, late payment costs and how to apply them, and any behavior that may result in the customer’s account being closed.

If you still do not know if your website needs a page to introduce the terms of use or not, pay attention to the type of service you provide. Do you charge users for your services? If so, you definitely need TOU.

Retell information

Pages of retelling and disclosing information are very important from a legal and moral point of view. If your website has an audience that trusts your expertise and advice, you need to let them know whenever a conflict of interest arises.

If you do not know if your website needs this page, check out the examples below to get the right answer.

  • Websites that participate in affiliate marketing programs should have an information retrieval page.
  • Websites that run background ads such as Google Adsense need to have a page to retrieve information.
  • Websites that charge users in any way must have an information retrieval page.

So far, we have introduced pages that had a legal aspect. In the following, we will review the pages that meet the needs of users and save them from confusion.

Common questions

Frequently Asked Questions page is required for businesses that are exposed to multiple questions. Such websites should provide some of the most frequently asked questions accurately and provide comprehensive and complete answers to each. Also, if there is more information about the questions, when answering the users, link to the relevant pages to get more information about it.

The FAQ page, also known as the FAQ, can be the most effective part of getting users’ attention. They search for important questions in this section and if you publish useful information in it, you will be able to gain the trust and confidence of your customers.

Positive customer feedback

Websites such as product or service providers, portfolio introduction websites as well as e-commerce activists are among the most important groups that need a page for positive feedback from their customers. As you know, word of mouth marketing is the most effective way to attract new customers to any business. Therefore, your current users and customers will be your most influential advertisers. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate well with them and provide your services in the best way. In most cases, having customer feedback on the homepage is great; But creating a separate page for satisfied customer feedback will probably be worth further consideration.

Therefore, we recommend that you create a page with the content of your customers’ positive comments as soon as possible.

Service details

Some websites offer multiple services, which may be different or may be different packages of a single service. These websites need to introduce their services in separate pages and provide clear details to users. In this way, the user recognizes your product or service and assesses its needs. Each service comparison chart can help you introduce your services, but providing specific and accurate explanations will have an amazing effect on attracting customers.

Therefore, it is better to provide a general table of all your services in the main part and state the main points of selling your business. Then direct users to the product detail pages for each product and introduce the exact features of each service in detail so that target customers can read the important points related to your services before making a decision.

Concluding remarks

You may think that creating these pages is time consuming and avoid creating them, but you should know beforehand that adding the right pages to the website has created a comprehensive and complete content from a legal and practical point of view and has a great impact on increasing your users. Will have. In addition, many repetitive tasks such as answering multiple questions about how to buy the product, its features or the terms of use of your services will be removed. So once you spend time, you will be able to earn more time in the future.

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