Most web design companies follow a similar trend when it comes to content. The customer (you) provides the content, then the company (us) builds the website. It makes more sense to work this way. We design the site based on what you provide.

This means that at some point in the process, you must submit your content to your web designer, which is usually in the form of a content document. There are more advanced (actually more sophisticated) ways to collect and produce content, but most of the time, these methods are not just worth the time or energy you spend. Learning a new system is difficult. People usually choose an option that they are already familiar with. Most of the time, their choice is Microsoft Word. By reading the following, you can send the necessary and sufficient information to  website design companies.

How should we prepare our content document?

Here are some tips to keep in mind before submitting!

Make sure it is the final version

Nothing delays the process as much as making major changes after building the website. Small tweaks here and there are no problem, but creating new pages or moving complete sections is time consuming and we charge you. It is easy to make big changes to a Word document. It takes time to make big changes to a website. It is very time consuming. Finalize your content before submitting to avoid further hassle in the process.

Start each page of the site on a new page

It may not seem very important, But every page on your site has to start on a new page of your document. The website is divided into separate pages. So it makes sense to split your content document in a similar way. This makes it much easier to browse the pages when looking for a specific page in your document.

Use a maximum of two colors

Use a dark color (black or dark gray) for everything and a lighter color (for example blue) for your notes. Just Like This! You do not need more than this. It takes time to figure out another person’s weird color scheme. If your content document needs a description or key, it means there is a problem.

Do not try to be a designer

All your web design company wants is your text. If you are trying to describe a complex element such as a slider or pop-up box, simply write “Pop-up: This is pop-up text“. Do not try to draw with a not-so-excellent Word drawing tool. You have more important things to do. So do not waste your time on design. This is what you give us to do for you! Shapes, charts, and other objects create visual noise that makes it difficult to read your document. If you have trouble describing an element, link to an example or contact us to talk about it.

The less the better

Bring only the content of your site and the relevant notes. Nothing more.

Be consistent

Keep the style of all types of elements the same. Unify the style of all titles. Match the style of the whole text description. Set the style of all lists to the same. Uniformity is very effective, especially in large documents.

Send pictures separately

Do not copy or paste images into your document. This creates extra hassle for you (paste them) and us (save them out of text). In addition, Word compresses your images so that they do not reach us in the original volume. Send images by email or any other cloud-based tool such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

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