As you know, website design is the first step to entering the digital business, a very difficult and specialized work that largely determines the success or failure of your business in the digital space. Because the SEO expert and digital marketer must operate on this platform and bring you income, if your site is not designed based on standard principles and a series of decisive frameworks, you have only two options, redesign your site or Think of another site that both of these things are equal to spending more money.

Although I do not deny the fact that, unfortunately, some website designers fail to design the website for a thousand and one reasons, in the meantime, employers also have wrong habits, and I have seen many times that the employer himself has caused these problems. Therefore, in this article, I am going to tell you some of the habits that many of us may have and fail because of them. These mistakes in dealing with site designers will lead to a disaster and make you think of entering the digital business!

1) The cheaper the website design, the better!

One of the mistakes of employers in handing over their projects to web designers is trying to find the cheapest designer, this is perhaps their most fatal mistake. Unfortunately, we all think that if we pay a small amount for a product or service or get a huge discount, we are successful, but in some areas, such as digital businesses, this can be equal to wasting money.

If you intend to deliver high-level and professional work, you must go to a professional expert and expert, and a real expert will have his price and in return, he will deliver what you need. If you ask the site designers to design a site for you at a cheap price that means you are asking them to deliver an unprofessional site to you and not spend enough time on it. We must be honest with ourselves that this will lead to our failure, and apart from that, it may trap us in the trap of non-specialists and waste our capital.

Remember that services such as website design, SEO, and digital marketing are long-term investments that will connect you to a very prosperous income network. In the face of these issues, enter into negotiations with a long-term view and deliver a standard work by presenting a reasonable figure, you can be sure that this work will ultimately end in your favor.

2) Failure to provide information to the site designer

Many website design experts have a checklist with them during the initial conversation and ask questions to understand the angles of your business, and many don’t do this and settle for a few trivial questions and quickly talk about the price.

In the first case, unfortunately, it has been seen that employers sometimes do not provide correct information about their business, what they are exactly looking for, and the long-term plan they have for using the site, and confuse the designer. In the second case, it is suggested that you reconsider your site designer or provide him with your checklist and everything that the designer needs to know. This closeness of the site designer’s point of view will help you to achieve your goals, and the lack of it will lead to the failure of the project, don’t neglect it.

3) Personal unwillingness to work online

Many people and employers have a habit of doing their activities in person and this habit and attitude are behind all their daily actions. Be sure that if you do not change these habits, you will not be able to have a successful website. Because your website is going to take the place of face-to-face work, customers can get to know you without traveling or ordering products or services from their homes or workplace. Mental preparation for this style of activities may be less noticed by employers, but it will easily tire them and the online business team.

4) Lack of technical trust in the site designer

Certainly, any expert in his field can comment. If you are not an expert in website design or do not have a complete view of it, it is better to trust your website designer. If you have taken help from an amateur designer in your work, be sure to consult with a professional website designer and convey his opinions, and if you have signed a contract with a design team or a senior website designer, it is better not to request unprofessional changes to the website. Because this messed up his mental plan and the result will not be desirable for any of the parties. In principle, providing the comprehensive information that was mentioned in the previous cases will guarantee this neighborhood.

5) Lack of realism

Time and time again, I have seen people who compare their websites and business with the world’s technology giants or want to imitate their behavior and get the same results. The easiest way to fail a business is to follow the example of great businesses.

Taking the example of big businesses usually causes the failure of small businesses because the budget, costs, and strategies of each are completely different.

Site designers with the experience they have in this field and measuring all the dimensions will design your site. If the professional designer does not follow some issues or implements some things on your site, be sure to It is for your benefit. In the course of development, the manner and behavior of a website will witness various changes according to its position. The strategy that is used in the early stages is different from the strategy of a site that has been growing for years.

Advice: If you want to compare yourself with the big sites in the world at the beginning of your digital business and are not realistic about your position on the Internet, the best way is to stop designing the site and all the issues after it because this is a waste of your money and time.

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