Using colored blocks in web design and choosing the right color for them is one of the website design trends in 2021 and one of the most difficult tasks that web designers undertake. Colors are considered the language of dreams and provide a context in which the website can establish effective and appropriate communication with its audience. It is interesting to know that when users enter the site, if they notice the inappropriate use of colored blocks in the website design and do not have a good feeling about the colors used, they will leave immediately and thus the number of visits to the site will be Significantly reduced. Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of colored blocks in site design that follow the appropriate color combination, can make the website design user-friendly.

Remember that the reaction to different colors used in colored blocks is a function of factors such as age, gender, culture and …. Therefore, it is necessary to research the age, gender and culture of your audience before designing a website.

Principles of choosing the best color combination when using colored blocks in site design

The following five principles can help you choose the right color combination to use in the color blocks available on the site.

  1. Remember that colors will have a big impact on people’s emotions in the first 90 seconds.
  2. Colors are able to persuade a viewer to buy goods.
  3. Colors, in addition to intensifying our behavior in the face of an issue, show their effect on our behavior well.
  4. Do not forget that different cultures like different colors. Therefore, the effect of colors can be different in any culture from another culture.
  5. Each color contains a different and special message for the viewer.

Choose the best color

As mentioned earlier, colors have a very direct effect on the audience. When designing a website and choosing colors to use colored blocks in site design, remember that your audience is human beings with perception and emotion, not emotionless robots. Therefore, according to the psychology of colors, it is necessary to choose the right color for the desired blocks in order to be successful in attracting the audience.

It is interesting to know that when the human eye sees a color, a message is immediately sent to the hypothalamus and then to the pituitary gland and finally to the thyroid gland. All of these events lead to the release of hormones that have a significant impact on a person’s mood and behavior. This is why sometimes when you visit a website you experience a negative and sometimes a positive feeling. More interestingly, it only takes 90 seconds for the logged-in user to judge the site and decide to continue or exit. It should be noted that 62 to 90% of the judgments made by users are related to the colors used on the site.

Suitable colors for using colored blocks

It is worth mentioning that many psychologists have done extensive research on finding the best colors to use colored blocks in site design and how humans interact with these colors, but they all believe that this issue People’s preferences and tastes come back.

People’s minds have a great impact on their perception of the desired color. For example, red can contain two different messages to people. Some people see red as a symbol of danger and others as a symbol of love, which are in conflict with each other.

Sometimes cultural considerations can affect a person’s perception of a color. For example, some believe that green is the color of money and sometimes the color of zeal. Another group believes that green is the color of good luck and others believe that it is the cause of bad luck. So before designers get involved in how people perceive a color, it is better to focus all their attention on choosing the right set of colors to use color blocks in site design, so they will be more successful.

It should be noted that considering factors such as the type of audience (male, female, child, adult, diverse demographic composition), cultural considerations, brand or product fit, accessibility and ease of use can choose colors to use colored blocks in site design easier.

Remember the following points!

Use white spaces

Keep in mind that adding white space between different sections of content and colored blocks provides the background that the intended user is more interested in staying on the site. To do this, you can select a not so dark screen and embed a light guide button in it. This can turn your user into a customer and attract his opinion and satisfaction.

Use web-specific colors

If you want the same colors to be used in different browsers and systems, using web-specific colors can be very effective. Because different devices have the ability to display different colors.

Do not use too much color variation

It is interesting to know that most users believe that simple color combinations are the best option for using colored blocks in site design. So avoid turning your site into a separate rainbow. Instead of using multiple colors, consider an appealing color combination to encourage your audience to do something specific.

Do not use contradictory colors

Would you like to see a yellow background with pink content when you visit a website? Undoubtedly, using contradictory colors when using colored blocks in the design of the site can lead to a very early exit of the user. So avoid using conflicting colors together.

Choose a color that fits the theme

One of the most important factors in attracting users to click on help buttons such as download button or purchase button is the use of appropriate colors with these themes. Red on a white background can be a successful combination for use in shopping buttons.

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