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Today we are going to talk about another successful factors that you can use in your website to have a strong web design.

Responsive E-Commerce website design

Responsive website design is one of the most vital issues in store sites. According to global estimates, more than 35% of websites are viewed through smartphones and tablets, and this number is increasing day by day. If your website is not displayed properly on your mobile and tablet (it is not responsive) and more importantly it is not Mobile Friendly, you will easily lose a large part of your potential customers. For this reason, in recent years, all websites designed by Orangency (store and non-store) have been done in accordance with the principles of responsiveness, and this is no longer considered as an additional option for the site; Rather, the Orangency website design team is required to comply with it for all websites.

E-Commerce website SEO

Today, due to the increase in search statistics among Internet users and especially Google search, E-Commerce website SEO has become one of the most important and even the most effective ways to increase sales. SEO means that by observing various principles and factors, both in the coding and behind the scenes of the site and in the content of the site, we make the site, when searching for a specific phrase, be on the first page of Google or other search engines. In the meantime, choosing the right keyword is also of particular importance.

Due to the huge competition due to the tremendous impact of SEO on sales growth, this usually requires a lot of money and a lot of patience and effort, but this amount of effort will definitely be worth it in the initial results of Google and more visibility of your website.

Organizing the comments section of the store website

How much time is usually spent reviewing other users’ opinions before buying a product online? The answer to this question will usually shock you. This is rooted in the history and past of human beings who have always considered the opinions of users and customers more honest than the exaggerated advertisements of sellers; Therefore, reviewing and organizing the comments section so that users can rate the products and express their opinions will make your store website much more professional and honest.

Also, the comments section will make more users stay on the website when reading other people’s comments, which will have a direct impact on improving your site’s Google ranking.

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