Have you checked out our latest articles? They all want to say ONE thing: ATTRACTING USERS

Today we are going to talk about other elements which are important for this purpose.


The fact is that no one likes to use a website that is full of spam and pop-up ads as well as CAPTCHA. In fact, when filling out registration forms, sending emails, subscribing to newsletters, or anywhere else in the design of a site that uses CAPTCHA and asks the user to enter cluttered letters and numbers that are sometimes difficult to read, can damage the website conversion rate. The reason CAPTCHAs are used is to distinguish humans from cybercriminals and security issues so that spam emails are not sent or to ensure that forms are filled in by a human, not a robot. But this almost always causes the user more hassle and makes him run away from the website.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Temporarily suspending CAPTCHA, which may cause you to receive several spam emails, but most of the time this is worth increasing traffic and increasing the conversion rate of your store website.
  2. Using a more user-friendly CAPTCHA, two examples of which are reCAPTCHA (related to Google, free and limited performance) and NuCaptcha (Canadian company NuData and video).

Type and size of website fonts

The type and design of the font of a store website has an important effect on attracting the audience; Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the user-friendliness and attractiveness of the site font when designing the site.

When you are worried about the failure of your store site, you need to take a look at all the small and big aspects of your web design. One of them is the site font. When the font size of your site is too small, it causes users to bother to read the content of the site and soon get tired of it, the result is that they go to another website and make their purchase from it. .

Of course, most browsers today, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla, have the ability to adjust the font size of sites automatically, but many users have no idea how to do this. Experience has shown that users for each website react positively to a particular English font, even different headings and fonts can be used for headlines and different sections of the site (although using more than 3 different fonts in one Website not recommended). Identifying the appropriate English font requires experience, trial and error. Fortunately, Orangency Company, due to its activity and extensive experience in online marketing and website SEO, has obtained the necessary information and data about the appropriate font for any type of website to provide the best results to its customers.


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