As mentioned in the previous article, some of the Python frameworks are Non-Full Stack, meaning that they are only used for one-sided application development. In the following, we are going to introduce some of these frameworks.

Flask framework One of the best Python frameworks

Flask is a micro-framework for web development very close to Java that has a simple but scalable structure and is used by many programmers. The library does not have many libraries and tools, which is why it is called a micro-framework, but it has a set of libraries and modules that make it easy to work with protocols and some other details in software implementation. The ability to support cookies as well as having a quick debugger can be fun to use. If you are dealing with small projects, Flask will be one of the best Python frameworks in web design field that can well meet your programming needs.

Pyramid framework One of the best Python frameworks

Start the project small and finish big. This is the message of the Pyramid framework for programmers who are planning to develop an application and may not be aware of their workload. If you start with a small project, in the next steps you will find that the Pyramid framework provides you with capabilities that convincingly support your extended project. This simple, minimalist framework also has a lot of powerful and useful documentation for developers, and is supported in Python versions 3 and 4.

CherryPy framework One of the best Python frameworks

If you are interested in object-oriented programming, then it is better to use this Python framework. The framework can be used on any operating system that supports Python, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac, and uses HTTP protocols. Other features of this framework include having user authentication tools, caching system, plugins and flexible configuration. Also in the TurboGears framework, CherryPy is used as one of the main components.

Bottle framework One of the best Python frameworks

Another popular micro-framework used for small application development is the Bottle framework, which relies solely on Python libraries and does not require additional libraries. The framework supports various database features and allows users to access uploaded data and files. Bottle is supported in Python 3 and allows you to develop web-based APIs.

Which Python framework is better?

Python is a widely used language that will continue to grow in web development, data mining, and more. As we learned in this article, none of the Python frameworks are superior to the others. The Python language has many frameworks, each with different capabilities. It is better to choose one according to your need and start learning one of the Python frameworks.

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