When a customer tells their website design company, their needs and expectations of the website in question, they usually fall asleep to tell them the amount of budget they have allocated for this work. Some customers willingly announce the amount they can allocate for web design, while others prefer not to talk about it and keep it a secret.

Do you help the design company to find the best and most suitable solution for you by saying how much you can spend to design your site? Or by saying how much your budget actually gives you the opportunity to raise the price and receive more money from you?

The wishes of the designer company

Of course, all web design companies are different, but most of us are trustworthy and we really want our customers to have websites that work well for them and generate revenue. After all, the more successful we are at our job, the more likely we are to bring the customer back or introduce ourselves to others. There needs to be mutual trust between the customer and the web design company, and it is very important that this trust be formed from the beginning.

Example of buying a house

A good comparison can be an example of buying a home. When a buyer goes to a real estate agency, he tells them about the specifications and features of the house; Like a two-bedroom house, for example, says $ 1 million is the budget he intends to buy. In this case, the real estate company is looking for the most suitable item in terms of price and specifications.

Of course, the difference is that all the websites we design are completely proprietary and up-to-date. In fact, there is no old or second-hand work.

What offers does the real estate agency offer?

Well at this point usually the real estate agency might make two offers; One house is cheaper than the customer’s budget, for example, $ 750,000 with 2 bedrooms, and in a slightly cheaper area with less accessibility, and the second is a bit more expensive, about $ 1.2 million, and two bedrooms with parking, storage, and more area and better neighborhood.

Differences between offers

All the offered houses meet the main specifications requested by the customer, but one is cheaper than the average budget and has few additional features, and the other is with more but more expensive features.

Get prices from several places

But if the buyer just tells the real estate agency that he is looking for a 2 bedroom house and makes this request from 4 other real sates, the result is that he receives 5 offers, all of which are 2 bedrooms, but the prices are sky high. It is also different. If the buyer wants to choose one of them, he will see only the one that is closer to the desired budget or even less than that.

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