Another framework that is very popular these days is the Laravel framework. Following the answer to the question “What is Codeigniter?“, We want to compare Codeigniter with Laravel. In a separate article in Orangency, we have fully reviewed the Laravel framework.

The first thing about Laravel Framework is that, unlike CodeIgniter, Laravel is never a simple framework to learn. You may be able to work with CodeIgniter with limited knowledge of PHP programming, but never with Laravel.

You can work and learn Laravel only if you are fully acquainted with concepts such as object orientation, MVC, Command Line, etc. For this reason, Laravel is never recommended for beginners and beginners.

Our suggestion is that before using any complete and advanced framework like Laravel, we need to be familiar with a very simple framework like CodeIgniter. This will allow us to work better with advanced frameworks like Laravel in the future. This is because while working with CodeIgniter, many concepts become clearer to us and we can better understand the structure of the MVC architecture. (Laravel is also based entirely on the MVC architecture.)

But in the trend of the world day, we see Laravel has more fans. But you should never go to Laravel when you are not very good at PHP programming.

Do we need to know PHP to work with Codeigniter?

Following the answer to the question “What is Codeigniter?”, The question arises that we must know PHP to start learning Codeigniter or not.

You can get started with Codeigniter without the hassle of studying PHP. But this is not a correct, logical and principled method at all. If you do not know PHP and go to learn CodeIgniter, Laravel or any other framework, it is like asking someone who is illiterate to read you a play in French.

It is possible that the person can memorize and read the play like a parrot, but he does not understand anything about it. To understand it, he must have gone through several previous steps.

You may be able to work with CodeIgniter without learning PHP, but you really do not understand anything about its structure and just memorize the code. Then you are a flash drive on which you have copied / pasted information, not a programmer!

Before you start working with any framework, you need to be somewhat familiar with its programming language. Now if you want to work with Laravel, you should be much more familiar with PHP than when you want to work with CodeIgniter. For programming with CodeIgniter, even a mediocre knowledge of PHP may suffice.

Is Codeigniter hard to learn?

The answer to this question is both yes and no.

If you are familiar with and well-versed in PHP before coding, it will be easy for you to learn coding. Otherwise, if you want to work with CodeIgniter without understanding PHP, you will have a difficult (and perhaps impossible) path ahead.

What do you think of Codeigniter? Do you have experience working with it on a web design project? How do you check Codeigniter and what do you think about it? Please write your comments to us.

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