In this competitive world, finding the job we love is hard work. It can be argued that this difficulty is more difficult in the world of digital jobs, such as web design. Because both the market demand for such jobs is increasing every day and the competition between professionals. If you are new and want to enter this market, your job will be a little harder.

Sending a resume

Think you have worked hard for several years and gained skills. Your skill is website design. You are interested in what you do and you want to cooperate and develop with reputable companies. Incidentally, you have sent a resume to one of these reputable companies and have been accepted for a job interview.


Happiness does not fit in your skin. Of course, it goes without saying that you also have stress. Happy and anxious and worried. What if you can’t answer the interview questions? What are they going to ask you? If you already have a website design job interview experience, you are a little more relaxed; But you know, you may be asked new questions.

If this is your first job interview for a web design job, knowing what questions you are going to answer will be a big help for your psyche and, of course, your future career. There are only a few questions between you and your dream job!

Do not worry at all. You can easily skip any job interview after reading this article. Let’s talk a little bit about what a web designer’s job is and what companies are looking to hire a web designer (after all, knowing where to send your resume comes before interviewing). Then we go to the questions and finally we say a few points that will surely be useful to you before and after all the job interviews and that’s it.

Key questions in a website design interview

Before addressing these 10 questions, two other important questions need to be answered: First, what are the responsibilities of a web designer? Secondly, who are the potential employers of web designers? In answer to the first question, it should be said that website designer and programmer are two different job titles. They may have common tasks and responsibilities, but these two tasks require different skills. In short, a web designer is someone who designs and builds a site or page. The most important thing about website design is that the designer is a member of a larger team and must work closely with the rest of the team on the site design project.

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