As you know, this article is the fourth in a series of articles on “How to Be a Good Customer?“.

There are two points left that we want to explain and explain to you in a completely clear way. Join the Orangency team.

You also do your job properly

This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest problems with web design companies is with customers.

Each professional web design company sets a deadline for itself and for the client to complete the work and each step of the design process. But we can stick to these schedules when our customers do their job well and on time. At the beginning of each project, the customer needs to be described and determined. One of these tasks is to approve the design and quality of the project at each stage. At each stage, we send the general view of the website to the customers so that if they see any problem or defect in it, they will inform us and in fact, by approving the stage, they will allow us to start the next stage of website design.

Photos and information

Sometimes it is agreed with the customer to prepare and send special photos of the company and employees or information about their products and services to our website design team, which is necessary to continue the design process.


Another part of the customers’ duties is related to the payment method, which if the agreed times are not done, the work process will face problems. This is especially important when it comes to optimization contracts and SEO; Because a large part of the money received is spent on advertising or purchasing content and visits and manpower, etc., and if there is an interruption in these payments, practically all previous work may be ineffective.

In any case, for the proper progress of any project, it is necessary for the customer to do the necessary cooperation, to fulfill its obligations well, and to fulfill the tasks assigned to its website in a timely manner. Failure to pay attention to any of the obligations by the customer It can jeopardize the whole project.

We want what you want

As much as you, we want the projects to be completed on time and with the highest quality. Friendly communication with customers is also very important for us, but the efficiency of websites and the correct execution of any project is also important to us, and one of the effective factors to achieve these goals will be customer cooperation as well as their timely payments.

Be friends with your website design company

Orangency website design team members always welcome friendly relationships with customers, and in fact, over the years, many of our customers have become very good friends to us. We are happy that many of these friendships have gone beyond work and many customers have become close friends outside of each of us at work and in our personal lives.


Of course, this type of relationship also helps a lot to make things smoother. In general, both parties talk openly about projects and trust each other. This level of intimate relationship with customers eliminates a lot of formality work and makes working on projects much more enjoyable.


Of course, forcing yourself to be in love with someone is very difficult; Therefore, we always recommend that you try to choose a website design company that you can like.


Designing a successful site should not be a project that is left to the design company and finally delivered after a while. A website, a software or a successful customer club can be designed when the project is completed with the full cooperation of both parties. In fact, the key to a website and software efficiency is the good relationship between the designer and the customer.

The company that designs your site has a huge responsibility for the quality and success of the final project, but given the above, customers also have an important role to play in the success of the website, which they must do well.

Better communication between the website designer and the customer will always mean smoother projects and their greater success. Orangency’s web design and optimization team, along with other programmers and employees of this company, are ready to help you achieve your goals in a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

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